A Quick Message and a Word of Thanks

As you all have seen, the Philippines has been battered again by the recent super typhoon Haiyan. It is very devastating to see the aftermath of the raging storm which left much damage and casualties in the areas most affected.

Bohol, our province was spared from this disaster (although there is one reported death in Danao) except that we lost power since the storm hit in the early morning of Nov. 8, Friday. I am now doing this post in an internet shop in Island City Mall (ICM) here in Tagbilaran City which, by the way, is using generators to power up.

As a result of the loss of electricity, the only source of news we have now is my father’s battery operated transistor radio. Thanks to his undying love for transistor radio which is the only unaffected gadget in this age of high technology. Another thing that is most affected is Bohol’s water supply. On my way here from Panglao, I could see people lining up with water containers on some generator-operated water source. Praise God, we have a deep well right in our backyard, a step away from our kitchen door. Drawing water manually from a very deep well isn’t as bad as looking for it elsewhere and lining up with many others everyday after the storm.

I am shocked at the photos of the damage caused by the super typhoon, particularly in Tacloban City. The images reminds me again of the 7.9 earthquake and the ensuing tsunami which devastated my hometown Pagadian City in 1976.

Yolanda’ Kills at least 10,000, official says

On the news today is another storm named “Zoraida” heading for Mindanao.  Praise God, this storm is not as bad as “Yolanda,” so they say.

Thank you everyone, for praying for us and the Philippines. Thanks for all the comments on the recent posts. I am sorry that I cannot answer your comments this time as my time is running out.

Please continue to pray for the Philippines as I had another dream yesterday of an earthquake and tsunami. I don’t know if that would be literal or that the Lord was simply telling me that more shaking is coming; and it was His way of assuring me that whatever happens, we (me and my family) will be protected. In the dream, we could not get out of the house anymore as the tsunami came right after the earthquake, but the waves, though they covered the two-storey house in my dream, didn’t get in the house and we were all safely tucked inside. This morning I dreamed again of an earthquake. There was nothing else in the dream but the strong tremor just like my dream sometime last year.

For my countrymen, please look up to God, call on His name. Give your life only to the Lord Jesus Christ and not to some saints or t0 Mary. Jesus is the only way; He alone saves; He alone deserves worship, praises and honor. Give him your life while you can. The shaking of the world will continue for the Messiah is coming very very soon!

Love in Yeshua,








Another Disaster Looming the Philippine Islands as Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Enters

Classes resumed today here in Bohol after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on October 15. School was supposed to resume yesterday, Nov. 5, but local authorities called it off the day before because of heavy rains caused by a Low Pressure Area locally named “Wilma.” While the children were all in school the authorities again announced this afternoon that classes in all levels, public and private schools are suspended tomorrow and Friday (Nov. 7 & 8) as Super Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) is heading towards Eastern Visayas. The Philippines is on for another disaster with the approaching super storm.

Philippines Braces for Typhoon Haiyan, Places 9 Regions Under Blue Alert, Likely to Develop into Category 4 Hurricane, Bohol Under Red Alert

 It was on July 10 this year that I heard a message from the Lord that there would be “many, many disasters across the Philippines.” I noted it in my journal but honestly, I have forgotten about it until I inadvertently saw it during the time that Zamboanga City was under siege.

 Since July 10, there have indeed been many disasters, natural and man-made, taking place in different areas in this country; the most recent being the earthquake that hit our province, Bohol. The province was the epicenter of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated many towns, claimed at least 200 lives, left people homeless and destroyed buildings and infrastructures including ancient churches. Praise God, Panglao Island where I live was spared from the tragic event although we felt the tremor very strongly.

Loon Town in Bohol Hardest Hit by Quake

God is shaking the nations as the day of the Messiah’s return is at hand. The Philippines is certainly not exempt from the shaking which is meant to wake up people to seek God while He may be found. It is my prayer that my countrymen come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, receive Him as Savior and Lord, the only way to the Father; and repent from all forms of idolatry, immorality and all manners of wickedness.

May the True Church, the Body of Christ wake up and stand up and be a true witness in purity and holiness for the One True God who is holy and righteous and just.

Love in Christ Jesus,



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