A Quick Message and a Word of Thanks

As you all have seen, the Philippines has been battered again by the recent super typhoon Haiyan. It is very devastating to see the aftermath of the raging storm which left much damage and casualties in the areas most affected.

Bohol, our province was spared from this disaster (although there is one reported death in Danao) except that we lost power since the storm hit in the early morning of Nov. 8, Friday. I am now doing this post in an internet shop in Island City Mall (ICM) here in Tagbilaran City which, by the way, is using generators to power up.

As a result of the loss of electricity, the only source of news we have now is my father’s battery operated transistor radio. Thanks to his undying love for transistor radio which is the only unaffected gadget in this age of high technology. Another thing that is most affected is Bohol’s water supply. On my way here from Panglao, I could see people lining up with water containers on some generator-operated water source. Praise God, we have a deep well right in our backyard, a step away from our kitchen door. Drawing water manually from a very deep well isn’t as bad as looking for it elsewhere and lining up with many others everyday after the storm.

I am shocked at the photos of the damage caused by the super typhoon, particularly in Tacloban City. The images reminds me again of the 7.9 earthquake and the ensuing tsunami which devastated my hometown Pagadian City in 1976.

Yolanda’ Kills at least 10,000, official says

On the news today is another storm named “Zoraida” heading for Mindanao.  Praise God, this storm is not as bad as “Yolanda,” so they say.

Thank you everyone, for praying for us and the Philippines. Thanks for all the comments on the recent posts. I am sorry that I cannot answer your comments this time as my time is running out.

Please continue to pray for the Philippines as I had another dream yesterday of an earthquake and tsunami. I don’t know if that would be literal or that the Lord was simply telling me that more shaking is coming; and it was His way of assuring me that whatever happens, we (me and my family) will be protected. In the dream, we could not get out of the house anymore as the tsunami came right after the earthquake, but the waves, though they covered the two-storey house in my dream, didn’t get in the house and we were all safely tucked inside. This morning I dreamed again of an earthquake. There was nothing else in the dream but the strong tremor just like my dream sometime last year.

For my countrymen, please look up to God, call on His name. Give your life only to the Lord Jesus Christ and not to some saints or t0 Mary. Jesus is the only way; He alone saves; He alone deserves worship, praises and honor. Give him your life while you can. The shaking of the world will continue for the Messiah is coming very very soon!

Love in Yeshua,








6 thoughts on “A Quick Message and a Word of Thanks

  1. Praise God for keeping you in the midst of the storm! Praise His Holy and righteous name! While many lost their lives we are praying for you and the people in the Philippines!

    Yes, God is revealing to you more to come. This is not only for the Philippines but also for America and other surrounding nations. May those with “ears to hear” awaken and return now!

    I’m sure you have heard of Comet Ison which is now in the earth’s atmosphere. Some believe it will collide with the sun. If this happens major earthquakes, tsunamis, blackouts, and more will occur. We must take our eyes off of what is coming to the earth and look to Yahweh, the author and finisher of our faith like never before! In the meantime, we must work while it is still day and not lose hope! He is coming… SOON!

    Building to restore,


  2. FATHER please be with all Your people. FATHER show us how we can help. FATHER for all those who have wavered in their faith or those who are luke warm or cold, may this event wake them up as Cynthia has prayed. Strengthen Your people so that they are a light in this dark hour. Amen.

  3. So glad to hear from you, Cynthia! I have been praying for you and have had other prayer warriers doing so as well. I have two things from this storm to share to all who will hear. First, the death toll estimates of 10,000 … that number is found in Psalm 91. Also, the name “Haiyan” – sea birds. I believe we are being warned of the spread of the various avian bird flu strains on a level, like the storm itself, not previously known to mankind. The 1.75 billion (1/4th of humanity) of the Revelation 6 prophecy. We must protect ourselves and loved ones by the blood of Jesus – we must hear the full council of all that we are to do and we must obey it to have the protection of Psalm 91 – the Passover protection – over us and our families (and I don’t know what that means for those not under our own roof – may the Lord show us all that the “shelter” under Him means). We are to put our trust in the Lord and in His laws (Psalm 1) and not in “chariots and horses, gold or silver, houses or lands” – the equivalent of thinking that strong armies, supplies, etc. will save us. Those who love the Lord are promised deliverance from distress. Yes. Deirdre, there are many still who are lukewarm, cold, or asleep and will not hear this warning! Let the remnant sound forth the warning in all our nations, for our God is merciful to hear the cries of those who call while He may still be found.

  4. Hi Cynthia, My prayers for you and for the people of the Philippines are renewed each and every morning. When I reacted in sadness over all that has happened there in your nation, the Lord reminded me, “It’s to bring repentance.” We know that godly sorrow works repentance before the Lord. Time is short and grows increasingly short with each passing day. May God’s face shine upon you this day, PK x

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