A Prophetic Vision: America’s Destruction is at Hand!

For the past weeks my burden to pray more fervently and constantly for America has increased as I have not heard and seen anything but the “Fallen Obama and the Fall of America.” (This is a vision I received months ago which keeps coming to me recently. I will be posting the article in a few days as the Lord wills.) Meanwhile, my dear American friends also sent me messages that made my heart heavy with apprehension as to what’s really coming to the nation in the very near future. The overwhelming revelations have led me deeper into prayer and intercession that I could not get to answer those emails as I didn’t know how to answer then, and what exactly to say to them. In prayer I brought all my questions to the Lord, foremost of them is whether there is really no hope for the Lord to spare America even for the sake of the elect. I wasn’t really hopeful to hear a different answer than He has already given me when I asked Him if there is yet hope for America to repent as a nation, to which He answered me with one word, “Nahum.”

I am pouring out my heart everyday unto the Lord, and the other day was no different when I received a fresh vision of America’s destruction after a fervent prayer before going to bed. Realizing that the vision which came twice is highly significant, I got up immediately,  not minding it was past midnight here in the Philippines, to email my dear friend Carlos;  for I believe he could interpret the vision better than I could.

Here’s the vision as I related to Brother Carlos which he also published in his blog here:

Urgent Prophetic Word for a Sleeping America


I was already asleep when I heard “God Bless America.” I didn’t mind it but it kept coming so I asked the Lord if He wanted to bless America again. Then I saw a horrible scene of a train hitting a man who was oblivious to the surroundings. The man was walking, approaching the railroad track while the train had been honking, trying to get the man’s attention, but he didn’t seem to hear anything and so he met his horrible death. I gasped at what I saw and tried to shake it off my mind because it was so terrible. I prayed/interceded for the man whoever he is and wherever that (situation) is.

As I tried to get back to sleep (I didn’t open my eyes), I heard again the American song (“God Bless America”), then the horrible scene of a train and the man again struck me, and it came with this message; “Such is America’s fate, sudden destruction comes to those who are oblivious.”

Very quickly after the 2nd vision of the train and the man, I saw Obama and heard “Obamacare”.

(I wonder) why does God use the train as an illustration? I understand the honking to call the man’s attention to stop/keep him from crossing the railroad; but he simply was either totally oblivious and absent-minded, or just wanting to commit suicide.

I didn’t imagine this answer from the Lord. I prayed before going to bed, to show me if there’s yet any hope for America to be spared even for the sake of the elect. I know I asked a similar question about hope of national repentance which He answered me with one word, “Nahum,” so I wasn’t really convinced with my question this time. So I asked Him if destruction is imminent, then how soon and bad that would be?

There’s a detail in the vision . . . which I believe is very significant. The train was really close by and speeding when I saw it that it seemed impossible for the man to turn around to avoid it. Could this mean that America’s judgment is really close at hand?

Even as I am typing this email to you, I feel such pain in my heart. I can’t understand why the Lord has given me this burden when it seems that there’s really nothing I can do about what’s coming to your nation. I believe I’d be weeping when that day comes.

Here is his answer:

Within the framework of a dream, a train is the most powerful ministry of all, even more powerful than a large airplane.  A train is “on track” and is considered “Heaven-bound”.  The train was God’s judgment (on track), the man is America, and the song is what Americans wrongly still believe, i.e. that God will bless this nation despite our grave sins.  The man was oblivious, as is the average American.  Essentially, America’s spiritual blindness is indeed leading her to suicide!  The train horn was the voice of the prophets and watchmen whom God is using to sound the alarm!  You are one of His prophetesses who has been called to warn. 

You saw this twice, so God has confirmed His word.  Nahum is also a powerful word, for this shows us that America’s judgment is certain this time.  Recall that Nahum prophesied to Nineveh about 150 years after Jonah’s successful journey during which Nineveh repented.  No such repentance in Nahum’s time; the deal is done, sealed.  Likewise, America’s fate is sealed.  Cynthia, you have been the recipient of a powerful prophetic vision which has dire implications for this nation.

The train came from the North and as Brother Carlos said, “This is the direction from which God’s judgment originates, and especially we read in Jeremiah that His judgment of Babylon will be from the North. ”

Jeremiah 50:3; 8-9 (CJB)

For from the north a nation is marching against her that will desolate her land. No one will live there–

Flee from Bavel! Leave the land of the Kasdim! Be like male goats leading the flock; for I will stir up and bring against Bavel an alliance of great nations from the country to the north. They will array themselves against her; from there she will be captured. Their arrows are like those of a death-dealing warrior; none will return in vain.

This morning we had a brief chat about the vision. After the chat I decided to pray before writing this article to seek the Lord’s guidance and confirmation. What I opened to immediately in my Bible brought chills to my body as there lay before me Jeremiah 51, and highlighted is verse 6 which says:

Flee from Bavel, let each one save his life! Don’t perish because of her guilt. For the time has come for the vengeance of Adonai; He will repay her what she deserves.

What a confirmation from the Lord, I believe, of what Carlos and I saw and discussed about the vision. It should be noted that along with Jeremiah 50, Jeremiah 51 is among several chapters in the Bible that refers to America as Babylon of which Brother Carlos also wrote and summarized in his new post here:


My dear friends, brothers and sisters, please consider the message of the Lord in this vision. Do not be like the “oblivious man” who didn’t hear the warning of the speeding train which ended his life in a horrible manner. Check your spiritual condition. Know and receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Hear His call in Isaiah 55:6-7 which says:

Seek Adonai while He is available.

Call on Him while He is still nearby.

Let the wicked person abandon His way

and the evil person his thoughts;

let him return to Adonai,

and He will have mercy on him;

let him return to God,

for He will freely forgive.

Love in Yeshua,



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