My Encounters with the Lord Yeshua

Joel 2:28-29

“Afterward, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on My servants, both men and women, I will pour out My Spirit in those days.”
Below are the instances I saw or interacted with the Lord in dreams and/or visions. In summarizing the dreams/visions I did not include any interpretation or impression but simply related them as they took place. Some of the dreams have other scenes but I chose to include only the main parts where the Lord is involved.


My first vision/dream of the Lord happened sometime in 1986 when I was in college. In that dream I was looking out the window of our boarding house when suddenly the sky became brighter than it already was. Then from behind the mountain I saw the big hand of God which beckoned to me 3 times. I called my roommates to show them what I was seeing. None of my 5 roommates including my sister ever saw the hand. I said to myself, “So it was me that the Lord was calling.” I woke up, amazed and joyful.


The Lord Yeshua reiterated His call for me on December 27, 2008 around 3:00 am. He said to me in His thundering audible voice, “As the Father has sent Me so I am sending you,” at the same time seeing the words in my dream. I awoke instantly and felt the strong presence of the Lord that brought chills to my body. I felt frozen that I couldn’t move. I simply said, “It’s You, Lord, it’s really You.”


Around 3:30 on one morning of May 2009 in Vietnam, I had a dream/night vision of the Lord Yeshua who came to me in my hotel room. From the bed I saw someone in the porch whom I recognized as Yeshua. I said, “Oh, it’s the Lord.” But as quickly as I recognized Him, I doubted. Knowing my thoughts, He gave me a sign. I saw blood like sweat on His face  reflecting on the glass wall of the room. I exclaimed, “Yes, it’s the Lord indeed!”

The Lord stood up, shining in His glory. Behind Him were two angels. They turned towards the door leading to the room where I was. The Lord came to me and without saying anything He touched me on the forehead. Immediately the Lord was gone. Then I heard a commotion coming from another room. I went to see what was happening. Someone said they were looking for the Lord. In the room I saw a man in white robe whom the people were acclaiming, saying he was the Lord Yeshua. I was disheartened because I knew even at a glance that he was not the risen Lord. He looked more like a wicked emperor of old. I told them that they were wrong- that the man was an impostor; that I just saw the Lord as He came to my room and this man they were venerating was not Him. Then I woke up.


On March 6, 2011, the Lord came to me while I was in bed around 2:30 am. He put something in my hands. I asked, “What’s this, Lord?” He said, “Rod.”  I said in excitement, “I want to see and feel it.”  I saw and felt the rod. It was a foot long, like a T but the horizontal bar was barely wider than the rod itself, luminous and very smooth. I said, “If this is real, I want to try it, Lord.” So, I tilted the cover of the lampshade with the tip of the rod and it tilted.

Then I saw before me a wide screen with a slideshow. As each image appeared I asked, “What’s that, Lord?” The Lord said, “Watch, the vision will surely come to pass.”

What I saw were scenes of chaos though I could not figure out what caused them. I also saw a man in one of those chaotic background. He looked dead but then rose up as if he just slept. Then I saw a bride.

Then my attention was drawn back to the rod, because, surprisingly and amazingly, my right hand was shaking it involuntarily and beating my left hand. I exclaimed, “Wow, what’s this?” The Lord said, “I am shaking the nations with my rod.”  Then I asked, “What shall I do with the rod, Lord?” The Lord answered, “Put it in your pocket.” I said, “How?” He said, “Just do it.” I obeyed; amazingly, the rod coiled in my hand. I woke up as soon as I put it in my pocket.


On June 1, 2011, between 5:00 to 6:00 am, I received the  “mighty rushing wind” anointing of the Lord. In the dream, someone announced that the anointing of the Lord was coming. I pursued the man in what looked like a maze because I wanted the anointing of the Lord. Suddenly I felt the rushing wind and I realized that was the anointing. Three times the wind hit all over me. Then I was lifted up and before I knew it, I was flying with Lord. First, I didn’t move from my sitting position, afraid that I might fall. But realizing Yeshua was with me, I let go of the struggle and began to relax especially when He told me to spread my arms and just soar like an eagle. The flying was so real. From on high I could see the clouds, the seas and mountains below, like when one flies in an airplane. After sometime above, we finally touched down in a rural area. Then I found myself at the door of a house that looked old and needed much repair. At the door I heard the family discussing in their vernacular about high tuition fee and school. They were discussing were to send their students to college. Immediately after hearing them, I found myself on the road. Then I asked someone what place that was. He said, “Balingasag”. Afterwards I found myself on a building that looked unfinished and abandoned. Then I heard that it’s a school, something like a Christian School. Then I asked the Lord what I am supposed to do. He said, “Intercede.

I woke up feeling the reality of the experience.


Sometime last year, between July and August, I dreamed that the sky was unusually bright. Looking up, I saw that the clouds were so fluffy. I looked intently when I noticed that the clouds were moving fast; then I realized I was not actually seeing clouds but angels. The multitudes of angels filled the sky so quickly, descending into the earth. The angels touched down and walked with men. I saw the feet of so many angels walking among the crowd before my eyes.


On January 12, 2012, I dreamed of the Lord in His human form. I was with Him, singing praises to Him while He watched and listened intently. I remember singing 3 songs to Him. When I sang “He is Exalted,” His expression changed. His meek human eyes transformed into the fierce eyes of a lion. Then I thought, “Truly, He is the Lion of Judah.” Then the Lord hugged me. Oh, what a blessing I felt!

In another scene, I saw the Lord lying in an enclosed carriage. His head was bleeding profusely from the crown which was the crown of the “Sto. Nino.”


My most recent dream of the Lord happened just over a week ago, specifically on April 20. I dreamed that I was outside in the front yard very early . I was lying on the grass when suddenly I saw the glorious image of the Lord in the sky with two others on either side of Him whom I knew were Angels. It was as if Heaven was opened and I could see through it. The Lord was extending His hands toward the flock of healthy sheep before Him.

37 thoughts on “My Encounters with the Lord Yeshua

  1. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    May the Lord make his face shine upon you
    May the Lord lift his countenance towards you
    And give you peace.

    The Lord is richly blessing you as a watchman but it also carries a burden. The Lord is faithful and you will be able to carry it,

    I have received your message about America’s murder of children (sugar-coated as “abortion.”) I weep. If I could overturn the laws allowing such, I would. China is also guilty of such, too. I will pray, and intercede for the children–as well as for the Lord to do what is best. Yet though he slays me, yet I willl trust Him.

    The Tribulation approaches. Yeshua’s return will be soon. Isa 17:1 is in the process of fulfillment now. Signs in the sun, moon, stars abound. The Revelation 12 sign of the woman will appear Sep 23, 2017, hidden by the brilliance of the sun. 4 consecutive lunar eclipses on Jewish feast days occur starting Apr 14-15 2014.

    Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh. Watch and pray to be accounted worthy to escape these things [tribulation/wrath] and to stand befort the Son of Man. The beast was allowed to make war with the saints and overcome them. They [however] overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. The beast caused everyone, great and small to be marked on the hand or the forehead. If anyone receives the mark, or the number of his name [the beast, that is,] the same will be tormented with fire and sulfur before the holy angels. The smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. This calls for patience and endurance of the saints.

    All glory and honor to Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach. We will soon be with Him, at the timing ofd the Father’s choosing (?Rosh Hashanah? maybe)

    God bless you, precious sister. You and your testimony, painful or joyful, is a blessing. Having done all, stand.

    -Gordon Wood

    • Hi Gordon,

      Thank you so much for the encouragement and prayer.

      Speaking of the timing of the Lord which you say maybe Rosh Hashanah, I was actually born on a ‘Rosh Hashana;’ and I believe He chose the time of my birth for a profound reason.

      Shalom, brother…

      • I know little. But I know Yeshua enough to not take any event’s timing lightly, although I know the significance ov very few such timings indeed. Your calling has been made CRYSTAL CLEAR by the King of Kings Himself. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated on two days since no one knows the day or hour–which is why I conjecture that is the time of His return. But I may be wrong. Sep 23 2017 is just after Rosh Hashanah and likely near the MArk of the Beast in timing. Go back 1260 days and youare at Aprill 11 2014 (April 15th is Passover) as a likely date near the beginnig of the Tribulation, the peace treaty of Dan 9:27, the ministry (including plagues) of the two witnesses (near Jerusalem?).

        WATCH AND PRAY as you are doing.

        He and His timing are precious. It is not wrong to treasure this in your heart, as Mary also pondered “these things” in her heart regarding the angel Gabriel [“man of God”]’s words. (Not to worship any but Yeshua, but to respect as a blessed sister.)

        God bless you.

        -Gordon Wood

      • Hi Gordon,

        I am not good with numbers and counting days but your impression of these things bears witness in my spirit because of the revelations that the Lord has given me. The Lord gave me words on the peace treaty and the Psalm 83 war. Both are coming to pass soon.

        Thank you for the very encouraging comment. Yes, I treasure this thing in my heart especially when I remember how He saved me from death when I was about 9 months old according to my Mom.

        God bless you too, brother. Sorry for the very late response.


  2. I do believe in G-d almighty but for Yahshua to play singular games with just one person in this age I find this to be doubtful.

    One very good book to read that has recently been published is “Proof of Heaven”
    There are no Christians, Muslims, Jews etc in heaven.
    Deeper meaning of spiritual truth.

    • Hi Lola Hoi,

      Thanks for coming to the blog and reading.

      My visionary encounters with Yeshua are for real whether one believes it or not. It is not correct also to say that He plays game with just one person for countless individuals across the globe have experienced visitations from Him. Many even testify of their supernatural conversion through personal encounter with or revelation from the Lord. Muslims experience this. I know of some Muslims in my own country who gave their lives to Yeshua because He revealed Himself to them in dreams or visions.

      It is true that in heaven there are no Christians, Muslims, Jews or any other groups of people for such distinctions do not exist there. One can’t go to heaven by claiming he is a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim. The only identity acceptable in heaven is in being one with the Messiah Yeshua.

      John 14:6
      Yeshua said, “I AM the Way – and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.”



      • Hi Cynthia
        Blessed by your ministry, you just answered my questions today about the way that I should focus on.
        Thanks be to the Lord Yeshua!


      • Hi Joey,

        Thank you for such an encouraging comment! So good to hear your questions are answered here. I believe it’s the Father’s intervention and leading that you came to the blog and got your answers, so, all glory and honor and praises to Him alone!!!

        Abundant blessings,


  3. Hi Cynthia and my other beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    I ask you, on my behalf, to be as the Nehemiah commissioned Israelites with trowel in one hand and sword (spiritual) in the other. Trowel to pray that work – a job that I have known to have a deeper, end-time meaning – that I believe the Lord has for me will no longer be delayed. This work can be likened to building a protective wall – literally in getting them off the street and spiritually in surrounding them with prayer – of many dwelling in highways and byways in need to hear the Gospel. The coming forth of the posting of position has been constantly hampered. And, a sword. I just cannot tell all of the ways that the enemy has upped the ante to attempt to bring darkness, confusion, and outright personally-evil attacks on me and on other believers I am in contact with – and is deeply troubling my marriage. And, if anyone has been given insight – as in a sure Word, dream, vision – to “bridge over troubled water” ,”silver girl”, “high winds” and “October 1” or the airplane crash today of the father-son in Santa Monica – please post if you have the Lord’s permission to do so. May we keep each other lifted up. Hupomeno – endure with love and in faith to the end – my dear friends. Maranatha, Lord Jesus. Blessings, Debra

    • Hi Debra,

      Yesterday, October 1 here in the Philippines, something happened that only made my marriage look bleaker than ever. The very thing I noticed immediately is the timing of the incident with the USA government’s shutdown and the Lord’s strong impression again that my life mirrors the things that are coming to this world before the glorious appearing of our Lord and King, the Bridegroom who is coming for His Bride. I am waiting for the promise of the Lord for me and it is like waiting for Jesus’ return. Things will go even darker for me before the promise to be fulfilled. Similarly, we will see more of the spiritual darkness to cover the whole world before the Lord Jesus returns.

      I will do as you have requested. We need to keep each others’ back as we move forward and do the things we are called to do for the Lord, the Church and the world in these last days.

      Abundant blessings,


  4. Dear Cynthia,

    Thank you for your reply. I am sorry that you are also suffering. Grace and peace to you. I have shared on here how my personally important calendar dates seem so entangled with or prophetic of world and biblical events. Yesterday, October 1, was my anniversary – and, though we had a “nice” time – that doesn’t change that there are underlying disturbing currents that have grown since I married this man who waited a year to kiss me on our wedding three years ago – part of a covenant we made to seek Christ in all things in our marriage. He is becoming a person whose commitment to Christ is waning in direct proportion to my increasing belief that we are in the last of the last day and growing urgency to “make the most of [our] time, for the days are evil.” That feels like I’m judging … I don’t mean to be. But the time spent/conversation about, and emphasis on seeking God when we face adversities that used to come from him is basically gone. And, yesterday, on our anniversary, we got back from dinner, and two of the tires on his vehicle had been slashed. As I said above, personal attacks in tangent with world events. October 1 was also the day before I remarried on which the court-ordered equity payments from the ex-spouse were to start … and proved to be yet another way in which his contempt for the law (lawlessness) and his depravity into sexual sin was “rewarded” by the corruption of the “family court” system in this country. “The enemy comes but to steal, kill, and destroy.” I am very much knowledgeable of the Affordable Care Act and the USA’s government’s shutdown – as it is a part of my grad school/practicum focus and I am reading up on it everyday… and, my personal “stance” about the ACA is: if the church in the USA had been/would be doing our job of caring for those found in the ditches of life, we would not be in this place of depending on a government program to take care of “those” people; but, we are in this place; and, though I have concerns (because I am a student of history and of human nature as revealed in the scriptures) about ANY government becoming more centralized/powerful, my Christian world view is that government has a biblical authority (and responsibility) to act on behalf of the people it governs, and I don’t see a biblical or Constitutional problem with the idea of a national government being involved in the regulation of insurance and health care … until that regulation crosses lines that are why America’s founders saw the need to balance “absolute power that corrupts absolutely” through the Bill of Rights to protect the individual’s ability to say “no” to having to do things that violate his/her conscience. Does/will the ACA do that? I don’t know. There are plenty who say it does – but in this country, that is the backlash to nearly every law – we are a Nation with a historical psyche of rebellion, and the effect is seen in a “pick and choose” which scriptures to obey in our churchianity approach to Christianity. Will I personally comply if it happens to be the ACA that is used in these last days to try to force me to deny Christ. No. But I haven’t been asked to do that. So, I guess a summary of Oct. 1 for me is that it reflects both the Laodicean “sleepy, naked, poor” state of the church that has resulted in the “dark, lawless, corruption” of our government…. and each individual – even spouse – is going to have to come to terms with their beliefs about and response to Jesus’ claim that He is the “way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes to the Father but by Him.” I loved my first husband. I love the man to whom I am married now. No matter what choices they make, I love Jesus Christ more. May I oerate in the love, power, and sound mind given by the Holy Spirit to be faithful to the end. Blessings!

    • Hi Debra,

      Thank you so much for the prayer and for sharing much of your own experience and struggles. I am encouraged by your boldness to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ in the face of adversity. Just keep standing for the Truth and continue loving your husband and praying for him. It is very common now that women are more attuned to the things of God in these last days. I have met quite a number of our kind both online and in the real world where I am, though in fairness, we have a lot of men also on the front lines. Praise God for them!

      Thanks for being a wonderful sister. Be free to email me should you like to share more in private.

      Love and blessings,


      • I have been weeping through this night. I am to end the pursuit of an endeavor that I have allowed to steal my joy and peace, but which the anticipated fruit of has seemed good and a righteous pursuit. The Lord has given me know five times in two days the admonition to pursue the peace that passes understanding, and quit being an anxious Martha! How I hate that I fall to this sin that so easily besets me; and the discipline of the Lord is not pleasant, which has included having to seek and include my husband’s input into this decision…I already knew what Hubby would say, and I didn’t want to hear it!

      • I received a comfort of the Lord through a Word that though there would be weeping in the night, joy will come in the morning. I wrote out a letter to the persone to whom I need to resign the activity, and the heavy spirit of anxiety started to lift off of me. I spent time weeping over and praying Psalm

      • Psalm 37. I asked my Husband to pray over us before we went to bed, and I added to his prayer a request that God confirm that I am making the right decision. I awoke a couple of hours later, and the name “Cynthia” was on my heart. I have an associate by that name who I saw earlier today, and about whom I know she has struggled with two deaths near her, so I started to pray for her…and then my tone on my phone sounded, and it was you, Cynthia, responding to post from last week. I believe your words, especially about loving my husband, are confirmation that I asked for.

      • Oh,my dear sister, you don’t know how this message from you is so right on for me also. I have been quite distraught that for days I seemed to be just floating. Before coming to the blog and answering comments I prayed and asked God if I am still relevant and He is still using me for anything as I have been discouraged that I couldn’t write the things He gave me to write, for one reason or another.

        Yes, there are so many things the Lord wants me to share but I am finding it very difficult with all the distractions that seem to have no end. I don’t wonder though, for the enemy is truly against me and is watching me constantly to distract and delay.

        Thank you, Debra, for being an encouragement at the right moment. Truly our Father is at work!

      • So I am posting to thank you for your obedience to post. You are being used by the Lord to encourage faithfulness to Him and His ways. The decision I’m announcing tomorrow will not make sense to many, and is requiring of me both to proclaim the faith-basis of the decision, and have faith for the best that is to replace good.

      • Just do as the Lord tells you to do, sister. He is with you and you don’t know who the Lord will touch with your testimony. Who knows, someone may indeed need to hear the message. I will pray for you on this.

  5. The Word to “press on toward the high calling of God” came to me as I just read your post. There is so much in the word “press”…as in, printing press, as in pressure, as in to impress upon. My decision comes after a prophetic message yesterday to our church by an evangelist that we are to stop filling beggars cups with what comes of our resources, and give the gospel in the power of signs and wonders…and that when Peter made that choice concerning the parapalegic whom he likely passed daily, he knew by example of Christ the persecution would be intensified. My burden for homeless

    • Whom are those living on the highways and byways in need of the Gospel has been hijacked by my pursuit of a job “serving” them in which I would gain financial security, benefits, and the “prestige” of a good job which matches my higher ed pursuits with a reputable agency. But I have grown miserable, prideful, and have let my love for the Lord wane in the pursuit

      • …of putting my resources into the cup, when it is the gospel with power that is my call to press on toward. So subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, are the constant attacks of the enemy. Yes. Praise the Father that He sends us to encourage and affirm one another. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Blessings,dear Sister!

      • Don’t be too hard on yourself now, sister. Praise God, He intervened as He doesn’t want you sidetracked from the high calling He has placed upon you. You will soon find yourself in the best place He has for you as you obey Him on this one.

        Love and blessings to you, dear sister….

  6. Today is October 13 … the birthdate of the Navy which I have an enlisted Son from whom I am estranged since the divorce with his Dad, my first husband, and about which I have had a dream of Naval vessels encircled by “water horses” creating a whirlpool, and out of which believers walked above the water from the vessels to victoriously ride these creatures, while the ships sank in the tumult… and now, today, October 13, is the day I found out about a situation involving my husband that may be the beginning of the end of my 2nd marriage. The beginning of the end of my first marriage happened on Sept. 17 …America’s birthday. Today, in church, I “heard” the instruction to pray that what is hidden will come to light. I did. Then, the “hidden” was revealed to me after church. My search today in prophecy led me to this site: The devotional passage: “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” (Luke 8:17). Please pray that what has come to light will be the rod that turns this husband back to the Lord before it is too late. Perhaps this is a parallel to the hope that there is still time for America to repent. Please pray for me to have grace and wisdom; and, especially to not let my anger run me… “the anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God.” James 1:19. “Be angry, but do not sin.” The situation that has come to light was happening last week even as we were communicating re the posts above. Knowing that. And knowing that God knew then what I was going to find out today, affirms me all the more that He is working on my behalf. He will never leave me nor forsake me. And, I know that I am not in this last days battle alone. Love never fails. It will be love and grace that works this out to the glory of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I am hurting. Deeply. But His grace truly is sufficient. It is the power to save, and of that Gospel message I will not be ashamed.

    • Hi Debra,

      Sorry that this response is late. I had been preoccupied with personal concerns, but rest assured, I prayed for you as I felt your pain when I read your message. I was in that situation not many years ago. But hold on, sister, God knows what you are going through and He’s with you. He has His reasons for allowing the situation. It may not be clear to you now, but it will be as He carries you through it. One thing I cannot forget with my experience was the Lord’s abiding presence. I had many sleepless nights but one night I prayed through tears that if He was truly with me and He understood my pain, that He would let me rest and sleep. Alas! I slept deeply that the sun was already up when I woke up. Another thing, God never panicked despite my very bad reaction. He was patient and allowed me to express my frustrations and still showed me He was there for me. It made me realize the great and amazing love He has for me. It was His perfect love that healed me, dear sister.

      Praying for you,

  7. Hi Cynthia,

    I seem to recall that you live in the Philippines? My prayers have been for you in regard to the earthquakes. It is not without notice that pictures of damaged church buildings are the predominant images available on the web. The true church is not the buildings. My prayers are for you and all true believers there to find comfort in the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The ground under my own feet continues to be shaking. Not the literal of the disaster that has toppled buildings; but, truly, that spiritual shaking of which we are warned is to come to the house of the Lord first is taking place in my home and marriage and financial security. It is just a matter of time, and shortly as such, that all those who proclaim their faith in Christ are going to be tested and tried. He deserves nothing less than faith that is refined greater than gold or silver. Blessings to you. You are in my prayers before the Father.

    • Hi Debra,

      Yes, you are right, I live in the Philippines, most particularly in the Province of Bohol where the epicenter of the earthquake was. Praise God, our particular place Panglao Island was spared. We are only about 20kms from the capital City of Tagbilaran which was one of those badly hit. We felt the tremor very strongly, in fact, I was very dizzy as when the house shook violently, I walked from the kitchen to the bedroom where my 8-year old daughter was yet sleeping. Praise God also that the EQ didn’t trigger tsunamis as we are actually near the beaches. Classes have been suspended and are set to resume on Nov. 5 yet so all kids (mine and 3 nephews) are home for the unexpected break. That’s the reason I haven’t written anything on the blog as I could not with all the restless kids around.

      I can relate to the spiritual shaking, dear sister. Yes, the testing and shaking will continue. Thank you for the prayers. I am likewise praying for you.

      Love and blessings,

    • Hi Engela,

      Wow, that’s an amazing dream of a rod. Did you ask the Lord for its meaning?
      Thanks for coming to the blog and reading. May you come again next time as I am posting more of the Lord’s messages here.

      God bless…


  8. I just wondered to this page tonight trying to learn more about a dream I had a couple of nights ago. I dreamed I was looking a man in the eyes, and he was looking right back at me. The man was being persecuted by other men, I was afraid/sad for him, longing for him. I wanted so bad to protect him, but I was being pulled backwards away from him. In my dream I was yelling Yeshua! Yeshua! over and over again. I woke up and knew exactly who this man was, but was unfamiliar with Yeshua. I googled Yeshua the next day, and God confirmed with me that this is his name. I haven’t been the same since. God is no respecter of persons, he has revealed himself to me as well in this dream and many other ways in my life. There was a time in my life were I doubted the very existence of God, Thank God he didn’t give up on me! I still have a long way to go, I’m far from perfect, but thank the good Lord for Being Perfect and shedding his blood for me and the whole world. Praise God!

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and amazing experience you have in the Lord. He is indeed no respecter of persons. He reveals Himself to whom He chooses regardless of who we are, praise Him! And yes, we are never the same once the Lord of lords and King of kings meets and touches us in such a powerful way.

      Be blessed in His enduring love and abounding grace!


  9. Dear Cynthia – Since I posted here, I have been through a very deep “trial of deception” – I was astonished to read what I wrote in October 2013 – and understand that I got my eyes off of the Lord and was easily led to believe I was following the “open door” that appeared as a white light – but it was not the correct open door that the Lord had shared a vision of me walking through, and others seeing it to be the correct one following me into the Kingdom through the gospel. And, precisely at this same time (Oct 2013), my husband began following himself after a deception. Both deceptions were custom designed, subtle but maximum-destructive capacity weapons that would have destroyed us individually, and nearly destroyed our marriage because of how the barbs of our following after them affected the other. We joined our church in January – and two weeks later were living separately as a result where these separate, but perfectly designed weapons “exploded” in our home. For two months, the Lord has been using His kindness through our church and other believers to draw us to individual repentance, and orchestrated the most amazing events to bring us back together at just the time when we were realizing that we have been deceived. I believe we were both turned over for sifting – as was Peter. Praise the Lord! Our marriage is now stronger – spiritually – than ever before – AND WE DO NOT LET A SINGLE MORNING GO BY IN WHICH WE DO NOT PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD – this is the obedience that every believer in these last days MUST do, or you will find yourself caught into a scheme of the evil one. The Word is clear – even the elect will be deceived if possible in the latter days! It is with praises and thanksgiving that I report that what the enemy intended for evil, certainly God has used for our good and has purified much of the baggage of our pasts from within us – and is showing us the things in the natural that we have held onto that we are to separate ourselves from. Purification and sanctification by Holy fire is the result of the outpouring of the Spirit of God!

    Now, a warning to all my fellow believers who are being given dreams and visions! We all must make sure that any Rhema Word is in alignment with the Logos Word. The Holy Spirit will not contradict Immanuel – the Word made flesh – or the written testament to that Word over which the Spirit jealously keeps watch. Test the spirits! Seek confirmation in the Word and from at least one (I recommend two) other credible witnesses. The deceptions are real. They are destructive. It is an amazing thing to be in this generation of the outpouring of the Spirit, yes! But we are also easy to fall prey, as did spiritually-attuned Eve, to the craftiness of the enemy. We must be found doing our Father’s will – and that is the revealed will to love, protect, and serve those right in front of us in the Name and by the power of Jesus Christ!

    Having said that … I want to share the beautiful dream the Lord gave me in this two weeks since my husband and I joined together and have reconciled our marriage (under elder council in our church!) In the vision, I was shown that we had been building a shaky-shody house with wood, hay, and stubble – the usual of life as far as bills, meals, in-laws, etc. had become our focus. I saw this as a “mud room” in which we were dwelling – shabby, some shelter, but cramped and full of “junk n stuff”! We are now in a magnificent garden – a honeymoon period for sure – but a garden that we both recognize as “our” heart to be guarded – for out of it – out of the heart of love – flows the issues of life (this is the message to the church at Ephesus) And, as we are watching the Holy Spirit lay a new foundation – of repentance, trust, rest, agape love – we are seeing bricks of gold come down from heaven – they are the house being built on faith that is purified by trial – and bricks of silver – they are the praises of our lips to our Great God for the work He has done and is doing; and precious stones – they are the gifts and talents and creativity, and relationships, and resources He is bringing to us. Love is truly the mortar of this new house. And, within the rooms He is bringing wisdom, knowledge, understanding to fill each room with precious treasure. Most importantly, Jesus is at home in this house – He is enjoying dinner with us (and the Holy Spirit has rekindled my joy of cooking/serving my husband in this way that was stolen from me by my ex when he stole my kids). This is the message to the church at Laodicea! This house is, the Lord showed me, not only symbolic of the work He is doing in this mystery called marriage – the mystery of the Groom and His Bride -it is the work of the ministry to which He called me and my husband – gave vision in 2009 and repeated confirmation since – the faith-raised finances, the facility, staff, riches of others being donated, praises of children’s voices, and multiple giftings/talents of His servants coming as masons, carpenters, plumbers, doctors, clinicians, etc. to bring all that is need to supply for a refuge for women (widows and young mothers) and orphans (children whose fathers are derelict/missing from these abused, forsaken, abandoned women’s lives). Please pray for the protection of this ministry. The property on which it is to be built is being purified and we will soon have the finances and favor to purchase it – a miracle of God-size that will come by faith. With God, all things are possible! The key – with God, maker of heaven and earth, Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and giver of the Holy Spirit – lest we get our eyes on to a crafty substitute!

    Praise God for His loving rod that brings His sheep back into the fold when the enemy tempts us with “greener grass”! Halellujah!

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