Israel at War

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With all that’s happening in Israel these days, it is noteworthy to share my dream of two days ago, May 12, 2018 at around 8:20 in the morning.

I was in a house in Israel and from where I was seated at the table, I could see through the window the exchange of fire between the IDF and their enemies from across the border. The blasts were so loud and smoke and fire almost enveloped the entire horizon. Sirens sounded everywhere. It was chaos. I saw at least three private vehicles emerged one at a time from the direction of the conflict. Each was filled with bullet holes. One driver slumped just as he was able to stop the car. A man walked down the street, pushing the stroller of his baby who was hit by a bullet and was bleeding. The fighting meanwhile got louder and closer. Three wounded people ran to the house and one of them, a woman, said one lady friend whom she hugged died in her arms. I soon realized that the battle was already right where I was. A few meters away, soldiers were positioned side by side facing one direction and each holding a bomb of sorts.

I believe this is a call to pray!



4 thoughts on “Israel at War

    • Hi David, thanks for reading. I think you missed it. I had the dream just two days ago, May 12. But your question is in place because I admit I don’t always publish my dreams or visions immediately as I have them. Sometimes I just don’t feel led to share and sometimes it’s plain uncertainty if I should.

      Truth is, I still struggle about sharing publicly my dreams because there are so many who do not appreciate me doing it. Most are church people who don’t want to see the reality of the times we’re in. In fact, when I tried to share this dream to someone, she cut me off even before I could relate it. She had so many words of accusation like why do I always have to brag of my dreams and visions when so many people are also having them; and why should I talk things like wars in Israel when it has always been that way since time immemorial or why do I think that my watchman calling is unique as she too is a watchman. She told me to stop it and mind my life instead. It was shocking and disappointing to me but I told her I will speak to those who will listen for that is my responsibility.

      • Thank you for sharing.. There is a gentleman that shares his dreams and he encourages his readers to pray about what he posts. I am sorry you had that experience. Yes, we are to pray..

  1. Also means that the war will be a respecter of no one, young, old, man or woman, so we had better know to Whom we belong to, as it may be sudden as a bullet in a blink of an eye.

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