A Quick Note and Testimony

It has been close to six months since the last time I published on this blog; and getting back is not easy. I lost my momentum although not the desire to write and share the things I learned from the Lord. Praise Yahweh for not giving up on me.

I want to thank all of you, brothers and sisters, who took the time to contact me through this blog or email and would like to ask your forgiveness for not giving you answers as I thought I would be able to write on this blog soon. But, obviously, it took me such a long time to sit down and write.

Anyway, I got sick last year and that’s the primary reason for my absence. It started off as  an unusual fatigue in the early part of June last year and gradually itensified as the days went by. Without detailing the symptoms, I was hospitalized in August and was diagnosed with Grave’s disease that caused hyperthyroidism. I was still sick when I posted the last article about the “Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem;” and praise the Lord, I was still able to attend and do my part in the event last October.

Although the medicines worked, I remained physically weak and didn’t regain the weight I lost which was about 10kgs because I would not take those medicines dutifully. In my last visit to the doctor over two months ago, he said that I would need to undergo radioactive iodine treatment to stop my thyroid from producing excessive iodine. He explained that it was safe though it meant causing the thyroid in the long run to stop working altogether thus creating the opposite situation of a hypo thyroid; safe in the sense that the lack of iodine is not harmful and can easily be supplemented compared to a hyper thyroid that could affect the other organs adversely when not treated. Both cases didn’t sound good to me and I thought I could pray and ask the Father to heal me.

Well, I returned to taking the prescribed medicine which was really effective. But as very typical of me, I rebelled against depending on pills to keep me in shape so I acted on my conviction that the Father could heal me. I went to the Lord in prayer, desperately asking Him to restore my thyroid to its normal function. Filled with the Spirit, my faith soared and by His leading I opened my Bible to see what He would tell me; and alas! I looked straight to the highlighted word in 2 Kings 20:5 that says, “… ‘I have heard your prayer and seen your tears and I will heal you.’…”

Yahweh gave me the word He gave Hezekiah after he desperately prayed for healing. I thanked and praised Him and told Him that I would just finish off the medicines for the next three days and won’t buy anymore but trust that He already healed me. From that day forward, about two months now, I never suffered from any symptom. I don’t look sick and feel sick anymore. I am physically normal and that’s all because of His faithfulness. Praise and glory to Yahweh!

I will end this note for now but will be back soon. Thank you for all your prayers and for remembering me during my absence. The Lord bless and keep you all.

Love in Yeshua,





17 thoughts on “A Quick Note and Testimony

  1. Greetings from South Africa. Praise be to our Lord and Saviour for your healing. God is true and faithful to His Word. Amen!

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    My heart rejoiced when it was warmed by your words. It had sunk like a weight, I must admit, when I began to read your note about you getting sick and trusting the world’s doctors to heal you, though I realised that you, like me and the rest of the body of Christ in our day, were raised believing that our God heals through medicine these days. In fact, I was a hard one for the Lord to get through to on this. Between the years of 2008 and 2011, He kept showing me that He heals the same way He did all along, the way He’s healed you and healed me, for we serve an unchanging God.
    The world evolves. The “art” or (witch)”craft” of medicine evolves. The Greek word that English “pharmacies” comes from even means sorceries, poisons, potions. But Our Yahweh’s promises,all of them exceedingly precious, remain the same. 93 times throughout the holy scriptures He assures us that He is our healer. He needs no help from unredeemed man nor his medicine with it’s symbol of a pole (tree) with a snake wrapped round it, or the cross sign that is used here in the UK to proudly point the way to the Pharmacy where you can get those prescriptions filled that might make you better, but never ever heal you completely. They are as Jesus reveals about the thief that sneaks his way into the sheep fold (and oh how sneaky this thief is!): “the thief does not come except to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come to give life and give it more abundantly.” He is our Yashua. He is Immanuel. “God with us”.
    Between 2008 and 2011, the Saviour healed me multiple times. I was healed by the power of speaking His living word which made alive the dead things and called those things that were not (in this world) as though they were (and they became). Not long after each healing, I would fall back into the same old pattern I’d been in before. My spiritual eyes and ears would close back up. I’d go right back to those old teachings and traditions and fables of man.

    I had many illnesses, I was on many medications, I had many addictions, but instead of trusting the same Yehovah Rapha (I AM the Lord that healeth you)that same one who healed me through the power of His living word mixed with faith,I went back to confessing the symptoms again (murmuring, murmuring, complaining, complaining–what’d do I do now???), gathering more and more of those sorceries, poisons and potions which could not heal me, but might, just might, make me better…maybe…someday. Like the Lord said to me later, after my eyes were open and have remained opened, “I kept spooning into you the truth. You’d take it and it would work, but then you’d go and spit it back out. I’d take it and give it back to you, and it would work again,only to watch you spit it back out.” The truth is that the lie is easier because we don’t need faith to work it. We only need to walk by the five senses, like the world does.
    In 2012, me, the murmurer, once again did not have long for this world, but I was in the Word and confessing it for hours every day, and He being full of mercy and patience brought me to the point where I gave Him everything–my entire SELF, all I had, and every single sickness and illness. I even gave Him those many medications (some of which I was on to counteract the symptoms of other meds, due to their thieving compositions). One of them was thyroxine, because the doctors had removed mine back in 2002 or 3. (By the way, “remove” to steal. And Iodine therapy “destroys”.) i was told that taking that thyroxine each day was a life or death emergency matter. I had to have it. but as I gave my all to the one and only Truth on the eve of 2 October 2012, I considered the thyroxine. Then I heard the devil speak up, “Don’t give Him the thyroxine. You’ll die without it.” Well, that did it for me. If I was going to choose the Lord and walk in His ways completely, and trust Him, I’d trust him all the way, just like you did, Cynthia, or not at all. So I said to the Lord, “Yes, even the thyroxine. I give it to you too.”

    That night the Most High came to me and healed me completely as I stood by faith in His Word. That night He proved the world wrong and the Word right. He transformed me from the inside out. Like that fig tree He dried up from the roots.He cursed it then He walked away, because He believed God. He didn’t wait to see it or feel it or hear it drying up. His faith was the proof He needed. In this way, His faith working inside me was the only proof I needed.In a world that teaches, “Seeing is believing,” God’s truth teaches, “Believing IS seeing.” first we see it with the eyes of our heart by faith. We speak His Word. We believe. We endure (sometimes my symptoms do not leave right away, I have to endure and stand. That’s the way it was that night. The symptoms appeared to worsen even. But my faith was the proof and I refused to let go of His unfailing Word. And I got what I said and what I believed. (Mark 11:22-24) By His powerful Word, He loosed me from demons, He freed me from every addiction to those harmful medications, and He delivered me from all my fears. His living Word made alive the dead thing: me.

    Since that night (October 3) I have remained before Him day and night in prayer and in the Word. Since then, I have never again touched a single pill, potion or sorcery of man. The devil has tried often to re-oppress me, but in Yeshua, I am free, and I remain free. He and He alone is my healer. He is the one I go to. No matter what the problem, He is the Solution. He is Yehovah Rapha. He is the Lord that healeth me. So I rejoice, Cynthia that He has shown you this truth as well, cause you are showing it to many others and releasing them from the bondage of the lie into the liberty that only Immanuel, God with us, can give us.
    Thank you for this inspiring note. By way of your testimony, you are bringing life to many, and proving the truth of God’s Word. He does indeed back up His Word to perform it! Hallelu-JAH!
    So Be It!

    • Hi Pauli, thanks for sharing such powerful testimony as well. I have actually been trusting God for healing since around 8 years ago. It was my son (7yo at that time) who woke me up to such truth. He was suffering frrom toothache and I gave him pain reliever throughout the day. Around bedtime he was crying again and unfortunately there was no more medicine. He said to me between tears, “Mommy, why do we need medicine when we can just pray?” I was very reluctant as I had been out of His will and I didn’t even know how to pray at all; but I could not disappoint him as I could see his faith. I simply said above whisper, “Lord, according to EJ’s faith, please touch him.” Before I could even finish the very short prayer my son was already asleep. I watched him closely. half expecting that he would cry again but he slept well. In the morning I asked if his tooth still ached. Confidently he said no because the Lord has healed it. That incident turned my faith around and from that moment on my kids and I would just pray for every illness they got and every time, the Father healed them.

      The first and last time my son and I went to the doctor after those years was around January 2015. There’s a growth on his lower lip that’s been there for over two years already and it was causing him much discomfort. We didn’t catch the doctor and was advised to return on a certain date. On the way home I heard the Lord in my spirit sort of telling me, “Don’t you trust that I can remove the growth that you had to go a doctor now?” I repented and told my son about it. He’s more than willing to obey God and so we prayed that night. The following day the bump began to budge and in 3 days it was gone. He is truly great!

      Another amazing incident of healing was with my daughter. She was about 5 yo (11 today) when she fell from the slide and hit her lip on something sharp. She ran home crying with her playmates all scared as her lip was bleeding profusely, filling her dress with blood. Praise God, I was already steadily walking with Him so I didn’t panic. I brought her inside and told her to believe that the Lord would heal her. I prayed and rebuked the bleeding as well as the pain. I removed the cloth and her hand and truly the bleeding stopped instantly. She stopped crying and looked at herself in the mirror; and as if nothing happened, she and her friends ran back to the playground forgetting the incident as I could hear them laughing and enjoying the rest of the time.

      When I got sick and had difficulty standing and walking around, my son told me to see what the Father would tell me. He handed me his canister of verses which he made as a project in school and let me pick one verse. I could see his face lit up as I read Habakuk 3:19 which says, “The Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to tread on the heights.”

      I knew that the Father would heal me but the illness persisted until I decided to see a doctor to know what exactly was wrong with me. I believe that He allowed me to go through real tough time with sickness to experience first hand His power. Even after I knew what my problem was, I didn’t resign to trusting the doctor rather than God, and the medicine rather than His touch. After being hospitalized for 3 days, I only took the pills for two weeks because I wanted His healing. The symptoms return and I was weak again. I went to the doctor and gave me the same prescription. Again, I only took the medicines for a few days. The young doctor was wondering why I would not take the medicines regularly but I could not tell him that I just wanted God to heal me because, honestly, I wasn’t sure anymore if He would. That’s when the kind doctor told me that he would probably have to let me undergo the radioactive iodine treatment if my condition would not improve. For about two to three weeks I took the medicines again to alleviate the symptoms. I researched and studied the procedure and decided that I would not go through it. That’s then that I truly coveted His healing touch; so I pleaded with Him and pressed on, believing that He would. He didn’t fail me and gave me this testimony!


    • Hi again, Cynthia,
      Just wanted to make a correction about the location of my website. My wordpress blog is pretty much blank, yet I have been far from silent since the Lord raised me up in 2012. I was instructed to Isaiah 12 to shout about His wonderful works and to record them, and this is what I do. For anyone wanting to read more of my testimony or teachings, dreams, and visions our Yeshua ha’Machiach has given me please go to http://www.churchwithoutaceiling.com.

      • Hi Paula,

        Truly appreciate your sharing the post on FB; and also for linking your blog here.You have such a powerful testimony of healing and deliverance which is worth sharing to the Body of Christ. Thank you so much.


  3. Praise the Living Savior, the Lord Yeshua! I needed those words and testimonies from you both, Cynthia and Pauli. I have been under demonic attack and bowed down by the enemy, but I know His Word is true and no lie. “By His stripes, we were healed”. Past tense! Now, we just have to get past self and doubt and into the faith realm and receive it. That is the Key isn’t it?

    • Hi Scarlett, praise Yahweh for the encouragement you received from our testimonies here. Yesterday, as I prayed, the Spirit of the Lord actually encouraged me to write again and to begin with this testimony, telling me that there are those who need to hear this. Truly He knows what He is doing. Blessed be our great God!


      • Good Morning Scarlett,
        A few minutes ago the Lord said to me, “Now, go and see what I have done.” I could hardly wait. I knew He meant come online. What did He want to show me? What He is doing for you. Hebrews 11:1 in the Greek Interlinear is to me the best way to describe our faith. “Now faith is the REALITY of the things we hope for (it gives it substance and brings it into being), (Faith is) the PROOF of the things not (yet) seen.” Hang onto this, my friend. Hang onto that Abraham-kind of faith in Romans 4:17-21. You are going right in a going wrong world. You are believing God, and as the devil tests your faith, you are still holding onto the Word, putting it in your mouth and speaking it, “By Jesus stripes I am healed,” no matter how you feel or what you see. As I say, when the devil attacks me with sickness or lack or any other mountain, in order that I will be tempted to doubt God’s Word and choose the (temporarily) easy way of man–instead, no matter what I feel or see or hear, I go to the Lord. I run to Him, and I continue to do what you are doing. Never fail, I get what I say. Never fail, cause that faith in Him is the reality, that faith in Him is my PROOF that He will do what He promises every time, no matter how long it seems to take. So like Abraham, I hope against hope and expect the impossible from God. And like Abraham, “Not being weak in faith, I do not consider (dwell on) the body now dead…nor any of the thoughts that contradict God’s promises that satan tries to stuff in my head–but being strong in faith…I hang onto the living Word…and I do not decide against the promises of God, but am fully persuaded (in my heart, no matter what battle my head might be in) that God is able to do what He has promised.”

        By the time I meditate on God’s Word for a bit, my faith is strengthened. Then I do a David-like thing, I look back at all the countless miracles, both great and small, He’s done for me. I look back and take an inventory of God’s inability to fail, and the doubt thoughts in my head turn into a steam of praise from my heart that flows out of my mouth alongside His Word.
        Scarlett, I stand with you, dear one, in the battle through prayer. I am standing right here beside Cynthia facing the devil head-on through the authority in Christ Jesus: our Yeshua.

        Paul rejoiced in the attacks of the devil because they kept him humble, so that the power of the Messiah rested upon him. And he learned this too: through this testing, our faith grows stronger in the God we love and follow instead of in our-SELFIE or any other man. I cried with joy when I read your words and Cynthia’s continued testimony. And I am filled with joy because I am confident, Scarlett, that your faith is coming forth as gold. You are passing this test with flying colours!
        God bless you, Shalom!

      • Hey Cynthia, Funny that the Lord told you to give more testimony of the awesome healings He has done for you and your children. Double WOW! Last night the Holy Spirit led me back here, and told me to take you testimony and my own response, both of which are His words, by His power and for His glory, and post them to FB. So I did.
        Well, don’t know about you, but this has got me praising! Isn’t our God wonderful? =)

      • Thank you again, Pauli. I praise Him for healing me and I praise Him more for enabling me to share this with His children to encourage them to trust Him for their own healing. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

  4. What an AMAZING testimony to His faith, love and goodness!!! Praise Yahweh and His Son and Holy Spirit…praise His goodness and praise His Holy Name!!! HalleluYAH!!!!!

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