Vision: Israel Through the Lens

Last night the Father reminded me of the dream/vision I received sometime in 2011 as I was praying what to do about the confusion on Israel. When I woke up this morning, the Holy Spirit prompted me to write about this.

The Lord started giving me dreams, visions, words on Israel around 2009 after I heard His voice in December 2008, in a dream or night vision saying, “As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.” (The audible voice sounded as John described in Revelation like the sound of many waters). But it was in 2011 when the frequency of dreams and visions increased that I began to seek and understand what He was trying to tell me. One of those dreams I had was about seeing the vision through the lens.

In the dream I saw vividly very beautiful flowers in vibrant yellow, something I’ve never seen or perhaps won’t really see in this world.  The vast array was glorious and heavenly. It was impressed in the dream that what I saw was someone’s vision and I heard this, “To see correctly, the vision must be seen through the lens.”

The message in the dream puzzled me for months until I read in the book ‘Praying for Israel’s Destiny,’ what James W. Goll said:

“If you want to have an accurate perception of life, Scripture and God’s purposes in the Earth- especially in the days before Christ returns- you must have God’s vision. You must see through God’s eyes and then hold dear to your heart the things closest to the heart of God. Since Israel is at the center of God’s vision, we will need to see through the lens of Israel’s destiny if we are to see correctly and clearly…” (emphasis added). Read the entire excerpt on Amazon.

On a side note, I bought James Goll’s books because of the vision I had of him during prayer. It was in one of my prayers about what God was doing to me and trying to tell me in the many dreams and visions He was giving me constantly that I saw James Goll with shelves of books behind him. Immediately the impression was that the Holy Spirit was telling me to read his books. Amazingly, this man of God discuss in his books many of the messages I received on the Prophetic, Israel, and Prayer and Intercession.

The Lord also prompted me this morning to check on another man of God, Derek Prince, who, throughout his solid years in ministry during his lifetime, saw Israel and the Church in the right and Biblical perspective. I am astounded by another confirmation of what it is about seeing the vision through the lens. His book entitled “The Destiny of Israel and the Church” depicts this image.

The Destiny of Israel


(Below is from a PDF file. Just google to get the link to the file and read the whole excerpt)

The Focus of World Attention

“Why is Israel the focus of attention in the world’s
media? Why do pragmatic and statesmanlike
world leaders erupt with emotional outbursts when
Israel is discussed? Why does the United Nations devote 30
percent of its time and one-third of its resolutions to Israel—a
tiny country with a population of only five million?
There is only one source for a clear and authoritative
answer: the Bible. Although it was completely written almost
two thousand years before the current problems in the Middle
East arose, the Bible provides a supernaturally inspired
analysis of both the issues and the forces that are involved.
Israel occupies a unique place in the current
controversies, because the place that Israel occupies in God’s
purposes is likewise unique. God’s prophetic Word reveals
that this present age will culminate with the restoration and
redemption of Israel. The nearer we come to the close of the
age, therefore, the more intense will be the pressures
surrounding Israel.

These events that center on Israel will also determine the
destiny of Satan, the age-old adversary of God and man. In
2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan is called “the god of this age.” He is
well aware that when Israel’s redemption is completed and
this age closes, he will no longer be able to pose as a god. He
will be stripped of his power to deceive and manipulate
humanity and will be subject to the judgment of God.
Consequently, he is at this time deploying all his deceptive
strategy and exercising all his evil power to resist the process
that will lead to Israel’s restoration and ultimate redemption.
Here, then, are the two main spiritual forces that meet in
conflict over the Middle East: on the one hand, the grace of
God working toward Israel’s restoration; and on the other
hand, the deceitful strategies of Satan, who is opposing this
process by every means in his power. This is the real but
invisible reason for the struggles and tensions which Israel is
currently experiencing.

A major part of Satan’s strategy against Israel has been
to obscure the truth as revealed in the Bible. It is amazing
that so much confusion has existed, and still exists, in the
church today concerning God’s purposes for Israel. The
battle for Israel is, in fact, the battle for truth. There are two
vital areas of truth that we will consider in this book: Israel’s
identity and Israel’s destiny. After we have examined these,
we must consider whether the destiny of Israel also sheds
light on the destiny of the church. Finally, we will discuss the
responsibility of the church toward Israel in this hour of

Essential truth is usually simple. And the truth is, Israel
is Israel, and the church is the church.
To recover the truth about the identity of Israel it is
necessary to go back to the actual text of the New Testament
and see how the apostles used the term Israel. This is the
only legitimate basis for a scripturally accurate use of this
term. Ever since the canon of Scripture was closed, no
subsequent writer or preacher has been authorized to change
the usage established by the apostolic writers of the New
Testament. Any writer or preacher who introduces a different
application of the term Israel forfeits the right to claim
scriptural authority for what he or she has to say about Israel.

I have discovered seventy-nine instances in the New
Testament where the words Israel or Israelite occur.* After
examining them all, I conclude that the apostles never used
Israel as a synonym for the church.
Nor does the phrase the new Israel occur anywhere in
the New Testament. Preachers who use that phrase should
take care to define their use of it. They should also state that
it is not found in the Bible.”

I don’t, at this point, want to add more to the writers’ words. They both eloquently explained the destiny of Israel and the church and so I recommend the readers who want to see the truth in the right perspective, to read the books. You may also visit their websites and search on Israel topics.

Finally, I emphasize that the ultimate source of truth is the Bible and so read it over, asking the Holy Spirit to show you the truth from His point.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
“May they prosper who love you.
Peace be within your walls,
Prosperity within your palaces.”

With love, in Yeshua,






45 thoughts on “Vision: Israel Through the Lens

  1. This begs the question; “WHO is Israel”?
    What does Paul mean when he says; “Not all Israel is Israel”?
    This means there is a TRUE Israel, and a FALSE Israel.
    So who is the TRUE, and who is the FALSE?
    I think Paul answers that in this passage from Galatians 6:
    12 As many as desire to make a fair shew in the flesh, they constrain you to be circumcised; only lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ.
    13 For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law; but desire to have you circumcised, that they may glory in your flesh.
    14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.
    15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.
    16 And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the ISRAEL OF GOD.
    “Israel of GOD”, very interesting. This seems to imply that who MAN sees as Israel and who GOD sees as Israel are NOT the same. Look at verse 15. Being Jew or Gentile is NOT the Israel of God, but a NEW CREATURE.
    How does one BECOME a new creature? By being ‘born again’ through FAITH in the ONLY one one who makes it possible – Jesus Christ.
    The Israel of God is a SPIRITUAL nation, a holy nation, a CHOSEN generation, be they Jew, Arab, American, or Oriental, or WHATEVER!
    The church is NOT Israel, the “Jews” are NOT Israel. Most from BOTH of these entities are APOSTATE from GOD. But there is a REMNANT FEW, that have come out from all that religion who have RELATIONSHIP with the Father. Those are TRUE Israel, the Israel of GOD. God has ALWAYS had a faithful few, and always will. They are the “elect”, the remnant, and it’s not a flesh and blood thing.
    1Cor. 15:50 – “Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption”.
    If this is true, how can one base God’s favor on a bloodline?
    Until folks GET PASSED looking at the FLESH, and basing everything on the physical, they are gonna be just like Esau who forfeited his BIRTHRIGHT. If you are BORN AGAIN, YOU HAVE THE BIRTHRIGHT. Many so called Christians are just giving away their birthright, and not even getting a bowl of beans! How can we know who our Father is if we don’t even know who WE are?

    • Rolltide, I’m emailing Derek Prince’ excerpt. It’s not complete but it gives insight into your question. I suggest you get a copy of his book because he addressed the questions you have. It’s available on Amazon. Blessings.

  2. Thank you for the links. But you must understand, I already know what I’m gonna hear/read. It’s the same that I was programmed to believe all my life, and programming that I had to dump. I know what they say, but it’s NOT what the Bible says. The questions I asked in my first comment, I have already found the answers to, and they are in God’s Word. I put those thoughts in question-form because they are questions that WE ALL need to ask.
    The Israel of God are those who are REALLY “born again”. It’s as simple as that, and unfortunately, that doesn’t include most Jewry. I do NOT delight in this, nor do I delight in the fact that most of those who claim to be Christian, are NOT “born again”. Both entities that CLAIM God as their Father are really bastards. (That word is a Biblical term)

    The Pharisees who confronted Jesus claimed Abraham was their father, but Jesus, POINT BLANK, told them “Abraham is NOT your father, your father is the DEVIL”. Abraham was the father of those with FAITH, which they did not have, nor do they now. If Jesus were here on earth today, He would tell them the same thing He told them then, and He would also include the church in that. And He, of course would be right.

    You seem like a very sweet lady, with a heart for God. I just pray you don’t get that confused with a heart for fleshly Israel. They are polar opposites, but the strong delusion is blinding so many, they see them one in the same, and this is “the snare”, and set up for “the lie”. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual Kingdom. It’s NOT on a map.

    I think you are onto something about seeing it all through a different lens. WE need to look at it through the lenses of GOD, and God ONLY sees SAVED or UNSAVED. The saved are of the FREE woman, and New Jerusalem is our mother of all who are saved, and the unsaved are of the woman of bondage, the children of EARTHLY Jerusalem. The 2 sons are an allegory of the 2 covenants. Read Galatians chapter 4. You’ll see everything I just said is there. Most say Ishmael/ Hagar are Arabs, and Sarah/Isaac are the Jews; NOT SO. You’ll find that in this chapter. The Jews are children of the bond-woman, and they are tied to earthly Jerusalem.

    Thank you for your heart. I can see it, but I must stay my course. I didn’t start commenting at your site to stir up a fuss. It just breaks my heart that so many are deceived. Sometimes I just feel like sitting down and crying, but I’m afraid I’d never stop.

    God bless you, Cynthia

    • Actually, no one argues what the Scripture says as you quote them. The thing you miss is the whole counsel of the Bible about God’s plans and purposes for Israel, the church and all of mankind. Picture that God looks from above over the entire universe while you look from below at one point that covers very limited scope. What I am pointing to the readers is seek God to help you see from His perspective.

      It should be obvious to the readers that I am not writing things from my own understanding. I only did this blog when the Lord led me to share what He is showing me in the spirit; for by nature, I am not expressive of my thoughts. I am a very private person who would not want to challenge anyone’s opinion on anything.

      God bless…

  3. God does have a plan for “Israel” in the end times, and all of Israel WILL be saved, but NOT the Israel you are talking about. I’m speaking of the Israel of God.
    God’s PURPOSE FOR ISRAEL has, and ALWAYS will be to bring the Gospel of TRUTH to the whole world. Do you agree with that?
    In the OT, that is, before Jesus came the first time, God set apart “Israel” to be a light to the rest of the world, and the children of Israel failed at this. But there were a FEW.
    They thought they had EXCLUSIVE rights, and that God was THEIR GOD….ALONE. You can see this in the story of Jonah. He didn’t want to go preach to a Gentile people. They were of the mindset that THEY were the ONLY one’s to receive the truth. Jonah even got mad that Nineveh repented!!
    Jesus, when asked for “a sign” said; The only sign you’re gonna get is the sign of Jonah. Yes, He was speaking of His death, but there was more.
    John 10:16King James Version (KJV)
    16 And other sheep I have, which are NOT of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be ONE FOLD, and one shepherd.
    Jesus came to die to bring about the New Covenant that was for “whosoever will may come”, just as Jonah was commanded to preach to non-Jews, Jesus came to make that possible, and to be the Good Shepherd of ALL the sheep; Jew and Gentile.
    God didn’t REPLACE Israel with the church, He inverted Israel from a physical nation to a spiritual nation, but most of the Jews wouldn’t have it.
    Israel is a people that God has set apart for Himself. A people who love Him and accept His only Son, and who will be a light to the rest of the world. Nothing has changed, and God hasn’t changed. He STILL has His Faithful few who walk with Him in obedience.
    The church isn’t Israel, and the plot of dirt in the Middle East is not Israel. Both are apostate. But the Israel of God will ALWAYS be Israel.
    Just ask yourself; What if, in 1948, they had decided to name this tiny country something else….ANYTHING ELSE; would we be having this conversation? I doubt it. It was given that name FOR A REASON…..DECEPTION. Satan has a masterful plan in place, and his henchmen do his bidding. There has been a plan in place for a long long time, and that is to deceive God’s people, and MANY are falling for it. It is a COUNTERFEIT. Doesn’t Satan fake EVERYTHING of God? YES, he does, and this is a biggie!! It is the snare, and strong delusion.
    JESUS is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the ONLY way. And neither most of the church, and most of physical Israel know Him.
    Many will say; “God isn’t finished with Israel”. Whether they realize it or not, they are calling Jesus a liar, when He said just before He died; “It is FINISHED”. He has paid the price, and it is up to us…ACCEPT or REJECT. This is God’s plan for salvation and redemption. He paid the ULTIMATE price. He’s given all mankind His very best, and He accomplished the work He was sent to do. It is FINISHED.
    Now the rest is up to us to take up our cross and follow HIM.

    This will be my last comment. I hope maybe just one will heed the warning.

    God bless you all.

    • That’s your opinion, brother, you’re entitled to that. I just hope and pray you will still consider to pray for Israel even if you see them as enemy for the Lord commanded us to love our enemies. If you are right that the Jews are not the ones referred to in the Bible as “all Israel,” then you lost nothing for praying. But if you are wrong, then you run the risk of going against God. As for me, I will continue to speak as the Spirit leads.

      • One final question that I’ve already asked, and one you didn’t answer. I believe you are a good woman and will tell me the truth. I ask ONLY for a “yes” or “no” answer.
        Whoever, or whatever you consider to be the “beast” or “little horn”, and you were 100% sure about it; would you pray for him/them?
        Thank you for your honest answer in advance, and it’s been nice chatting with you. You are one of the few I’ve talked to that hasn’t called me hateful names, and for that I thank you.
        God bless, Rolltide

      • Brother, I will pray still for the Jews assuming you are correct that Israel is the ‘little horn,’ after all, the Bible states that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,[a] against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. The inability to pray is a sign of prejudice towards a people which actually has a name- racism.

        I know where you get the idea that Israel is the ‘little horn,’ in fact you just posted another link of one of those that promote it. I have read some of those sites in the past and it didn’t take me long to see the writers’ obvious bias and prejudices. Makes me wonder what convinces you to believe the likes of Michael Collins Pipers and Willis Carto?

        The ‘Jewish world domination conspiracy’ and all the negative story about Israel has an origin. Did you ever check whether or not they’re fraud? If you did, then what makes you so 100% sure that Israel is the ‘little horn?’ Did you ever consider that Satan could be behind all the spins? If there is one most interested in foiling God’s purposes on earth, it is him. It’s simple truth that the devil uses human agents to advance his agenda, and he is very smart. He knows that his best tool to sow chaos on earth is the people closest to God’s heart- the Jews and the Christians. The best way to bring them against each other is to confuse them who is who before God. What Satan fears most is the Jews’ recognition and acceptance of the Messiah for as Paul says in Romans 11:15,

        “For if their rejection brought reconciliattion to the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?”

        Let’s be real. If Israel is actually in control of the affairs of the world, from economy to politics to media and God knows what else, then why are most of the the mainstream media so anti-Israel? That’s absurd. Israel isn’t that stupid to spend money to control the media only to be bullied. Are they so naive to understand the simple truth that a house divided against itself does not stand?

        These links show where those anti-Israel stories come from, although for the Christians who truly know the Bible should understand that behind all this is the devil whose interference in the affairs of man began in the Garden of Eden:

        By the way, thanks for the positive feedback on chatting with me. It’s all because of the Lord and so praise Him. God bless…

      • Well, Cynthia, the positive feedback came prior to your last reply, where you call me “racist”. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we first started talking, almost right off the bat, I stated that the COMMON person in Israel doesn’t have clue and are/will be victims, just like we, here in the US are the victims of our own governments actions; DID I NOT?
        That last link I provided was from Henry Makow, a born again Canadian Jew!! He knows what he is writing about.
        As far as the Protocols, have you read them? Do you know the history of them? What is ALWAYS the excuse, when something is exposed that they didn’t want exposed? It’s ALWAYS the same; “it’s a hoax”! Well isn’t that just convenient!? I have read them, and all you have to do is ask yourself; “has all this stuff happened, or is it in the process of happening”? I’ll tell you, YES, they are happening at cut-rate speed.
        The mass media that you mentioned are ALL OWNED by Jews. All 6 major news outlets, all newspapers, and radio, Hollywood. I don’t see what you’re talking about, or what news you listen to. If you knew some of the things about Israel that DOESN’T get reported, you MIGHT feel different.
        I also stated that Israel is the lynchpin for a family dynasty out of the City of London. When I say that, I’m not talking about the ACTUAL city of London. I’m talking about a city, within the city that has it’s own government, much like Vatican City. It’s the financial district in London, where GOG Rothschild reigns. From here, they use their lynchpin and puppet BIBI to terrorize the rest of the world. The Rothschild’s are Edomite Jews from Khazaria.
        Did you know the Balfour Declaration began; “DEAR LORD ROTHSCHILD”? It was the SynaGOGue of Satan that established “Israel”, not God!! The Rothschild’s wanted their own military, and they have it in the IDF. The Rothschild’s call the shots and puppet Israel carries it all out. The leaders of almost every country are slaves to the City of London through the central banks. Again, the ONLY 3 WITHOUT a Rothschilds central bank is Cuba, N. Korea, and IRAN! HMMMMM!! Isn’t it just a coincidence that for nearly 2 decades Bibi has been saying; “Iran is just MONTH’S away from having a bomb”!! 20 years, Cynthia!! It’s all lies!! Bibi has beat that dead horse, and people are tired of hearing it, I know I am!! Israel is the threat!! Did you know it was Israel that killed JFK? He wanted to prevent Israel from going nuclear, also he wanted to end the Federal Reserve. The Rothschild’s couldn’t have that, so who do they call? It wasn’t Ghostbusters!!
        Are you familiar with Brother Nathaniel? He is a Jew, raised as Jew, but accepted Jesus, and now he exposes the evils of Israel and the Jews, much like Henry Makow. His website is “realjewsnews”. You think I’m racist, you ought to hear Bro. Nathaniel!! Is he “racist” too against his OWN? He knows all about what they are up to. He’s a genius on the history, and he puts his life on the line exposing it.
        Are you familiar with Martin Luther? As a young man, he had a burden for the Jews and wanted to reach out to them. He went and live among them for several years. He studied them and their religion, all because he wanted to better understand, so he could reach out to them. After years of this, he backed off. Toward the end of his life, he wrote a book about all he had learned. Do you know what tha title of his book was, Cynthia? “ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES”. This all came from he being burdened for them, but he found out there was MORE to the story!!
        The country that you so ardently defend is the most vile, evil, and racist nation on earth. Do you know they HATE Christians. Do you know Bibi called Zionist Christians “USEFUL IDIOTS”? Not MY words, just making you aware. You can look up some of the quotes, you would be astonished, but I know you WON’T! Christians don’t WANT to know the truth. They CERTAINLY don’t “love the truth”; which 2Thes.2 says is the reason God sends “strong delusion”. And YES, even the “elect” are DUPED!!
        I am SO THANKFUL that the Father pulled me out of all that.

      • Rolltide, let the discussion end. You are talking politics. My writings are not inspired by politics. I have no interest in politics. The Rothschilds may be controlling Israel and yes, the world and I will not argue with you on that. But even if the devil himself openly sits on the throne in Jerusalem, God is more than able to kick him out when the Messiah returns. I am not defending Israel for Israel’s sake but for God’s sake. As Moses interceded for Israel, I will intercede and remind Him that it’s for His name’s sake as He declared or the world and His enemies will say that He destroyed His people for He could not actually deliver them from the power of Satan. Why should the devil have the last laugh? I don’t see God the way you see Him and that’s actually where our disagreement lies. I will continue to stand by God’s unchanging character and unfailing love. He is sovereign. Israel’s complete deliverance and restoration in both physical and spiritual is the one event that will confound both earth and hell and everyone will bow down and say, “Jesus is Lord indeed.”

      • As you wish, Cynthia. As far as I was concerned, the conversation had already ended. That is until you called me “racist”. And things had gone so well!
        What you’re not understanding is the fact that the religion of the Jews controls the politics, they are interchangeable. The government commits genocide in the Name of God…..for land. You cannot talk about one without talking about the other.
        I think in the future, hopefully many will see, that’s my prayer. If not, there are headed for the belly of the beast. Bible prophecy is gonna throw MANY a curve ball that they didn’t see coming. I just hope they don’t strike out.
        I bid you ado, and pray that what I fear for most Christians DOESN’T happen, but with the mindset of most, I can’t see it NOT happening.
        So long, Cynthia.

      • Sorry, brother, I didn’t mean to call you a
        racist. I was merely trying to show that the inability to pray for Israel caused by prejudices may actually mean racism. As for genocide in the name of God, I don’t know what’s more horrible than the inquisition and holocaust, all in the name of Christ. Anyway, I hope you still visit the blog for I have yet to write another article about how the Jews and Christians see each other as the Lord showed me in a dream. Shalom and God bless..

      • “As for genocide in the name of God, I don’t know what’s more horrible than the inquisition and holocaust”.
        Apparently you’re not familiar with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, where 66 million Christians died HORRIBLE deaths, all at the hands of Jews. Lenin, Stalin, Marx, all Jews. 11 times as many people, but no body talks about that! Oh, and you won’t go to prison if you deny it!! Strange isn’t it?!

      • Also, a couple of little known facts: Adolf Hitler was the grandson of Edomite Jew Solomon Rothschild.

        The Nazi party received most of their $$$ from Jews, Samuel Untermeir, Jacob Schiff, and others. The Bush Family cabal also helped. Word also that Jeb has been selected to be our next fearless leader by the Rothschilds. Just what we need!

    • Cynthia. I do NOT approve of killing PERIOD. The Jewish owned media has lied to us. We get mistranslated, sketchy bits of propaganda, NOT TRUTH. I assume you are referring to statements like what that last Iranian president, and some present one’s have said.
      They are NOT saying they want to wipe ISRAEL off the map, they are saying ZIONISM. We get it MISTRANSLATED, we get LIES, and YES, I would LOVE to see Zionism GONE. Most of the world’s problems would be gone too!
      Islam is an antichrist religion, and I do NOT agree with it, but it is NOT causing all the problems.
      Who created ISIS? Who created Al Queda? Who funds them? If we wanted the “terrorists” gone, they would be gone!!. You are listening to LIES!

  4. Rolltide – My name is Pat. I am the one who asked you the question not Cynthia.

    Your disdain and hatred for the Jews has blinded you to truth.

    • Well, Pat; I guess that last comment was to YOU then. If you are of the mindset of which I’ve been talking with Cynthia about on this and the previous blog, then you are under “strong delusion” and the truth? You know nothing about, because you love it NOT. (2Thes.2)

      Sorry, Cynthia

      • Rolltide, you must have been looking in the mirror when you wrote this post to me.

        Your heart is not right with God.

      • Because you and I don’t agree, my heart isn’t right with God? Your audacity almost surpasses your ignorance. Pat, I think you need to examine yourself. You have NO IDEA of the condition of my heart. You are judging me, and according to scripture, you can fruit inspect, but you CANNOT judge one’s heart.
        Pat, if I were to say to you; The Muslim Obama is taking this country down”; would you agree? Would I be telling the truth? I think you would say; You are absolutely right, Rolltide”! Would it be a hateful statement that I made to you?I think you would say; “No, Rolltide, you’re telling the truth”. And you would be correct again.
        But if I were to go a step further and say; “Pat, the Muslim Obama is taking this country down, but he is following the script he’s been given by the Edomite Jew Rothschild crime cabal”. I imagine you would call that HATEFUL, wouldn’t you Pat? When does it CEASE to be TRUTH and turn to hate? When I mentioned they were Jewish? After all, it wasn’t hateful when I called Obama “Muslim”!! What’s the difference, Pat?
        I’ll tell you what the difference is. Most are PROGRAMMED to consider it “antisemitic” when Jews are portrayed in less than a GLORIFIED manner. That is the difference, you are PROGRAMMED. I used to be too, until God showed me the TRUTH.

        Pat, have you ever read all the confrontations Jesus had with the Pharisees? Can you show me JUST ONE where He DIDN’T SCOUR them? Do you think He was antisemitic? Do you think He was HATEFUL to them? HE TOLD THE TRUTH.
        Do you know what else He said? He said that they would get WORSE and WORSE. Even then He called them DEVILS!! Yet He said it would get WORSE.
        Matthew 23:15King James Version (KJV)
        15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him TWOFOLD MORE the child of hell than yourselves.
        If Jesus was right, how bad do you think they are NOW, Pat? Do you think He expects me and you to glorify them? He didn’t THEN, how much more should we tell the truth about them NOW?

        Don’t judge MY heart, Pat; look at our own.

      • Roll tide, there’s no indication Pat judged your heart. No one argues with you about the Rothschild’s being Jews and no one denies what Jesus said of the Pharisees and yes, he is not antisemitic. But Jesus didn’t generalize all Jews to be like the Pharisees. He was not angry with all Israel, in fact, He wept for Jerusalem. He told the Jews they won’t see Him again until they say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Do you think He doesn’t mean exactly as He said? Back to the Rothschild’s, isn’t it prejudice that you won’t pray for Israel because of them and all others you say are evil Jews. It’s actually like saying you won’t evangelize because you don’t know who will receive Jesus or not. Can’t you still see the point? You can’t get your mind out of politics and the spinning of who is he that controls who. God is above all. He is in full control. He raises kings and kingdoms and brings them down. His ways and thoughts are much higher than ours. Stop thinking that you have it all figured out because you’ve known a lot about history and some inside stories that others don’t know. Remember that only God knows the whole truth and everyone knows only a bit. Focus your attention on Him and not on the writings of the historians and the so-called guardians of truth in the media for they are spinning stories one after another that suits their tastes and agenda. In short, look up and beyond politics. This is my last message to you in this post. May you be blessed with discernment that comes from Him alone. Thank you for the time and effort to express your heart on this matter. This actually makes me realize how important the things God showed me that I kept to myself all this time. The Spirit of deception and delusion is trully fully engaged.

  5. Cynthia, I apologize to you. I said I was “outta here”, but I let myself get drawn back in by Pat’s retorrick. Do you see now how people can be that disagree? They STAUNCHLY DEFEND evil, seeing it as GOOD. Do you see why my heart breaks?
    Everything I’ve said in all my comments can be backed up with scripture and/or history. They are FACT, yet people rather believe lies and propaganda. Anyone with eyes to see should be able to see how STRONG this delusion is.
    With that said, I’ll AGAIN bid you ado. Please DO NOT FORGET the things I’ve told you, even if you put them on the back-burner. I wish you well, and I wish you TRUTH. God bless; Rolltide

  6. Jesus said- if God were your Father you would love Me..did that apply only to the pharisee’s standing in front of Him or all people? it applied to all.

    and people were dead in sins and trespasses, all are born in line of adam and by nature since adam sinned and sin entered the world are of the flesh/fallen nature, children of wrath, do not have faith, are not saved, do not love Christ in the fleshly back to john 8 and all people, God was not anyone’s Father until faith was granted to them. Many are saved today-they were once not saved. Christ loved us before we loved Him..and not loving Him, then God was not our Father then.

    Israel today is not saved as a whole but will be at an appointed time, sins will be removed, is it any different then what happens when anyone from anywhere and any race gets saved, faith granted?
    We look at folks today and say-sinner! and if leaving it at that then we’re condemning, but we ought to judge rightly and say sinner, here is the way Jesus Christ is the way….
    We look at today and not tomorrow after all we can’t naturally see tomorrow, but God see’s both today and tomorrow and has revealed what tomorrow holds.
    We might have a beloved family member unsaved, and hope and point to Christ for them but not knowing their future…will they receive faith.. but the future is shown for one group, sins will be removed. (and by the way, do we still work with patience and grace towards our unbelieving family member, or do we simply call them sinner and never point them to Christ?)
    But sins removed from israel shows faith being granted at an appointed time..zech 13:8-9 shows 1/3rd will be refined as fine silver..
    Today, do we know which individual will be refined,..of course not, and it’s the same with all treat all with patience and grace pointing them towards the Lord Jesus.

    off topic but I see here and there news articles on how many in israel are receiving Jesus Christ as Lord-good news!

    • Thank you, bread, for the comment. It’s actually not off-topic but merely putting the focus on God’s ultimate purpose, salvation through the Messiah. God bless…

  7. Hi Cynthia,
    quite a discussion has been going on here. I have just been reading this: Be interested to see what you and the readers think of it.
    There has long been a question hanging regarding what the Christian attitude toward Israel and the Jewish people should be.
    I myself am still coming to a proper understanding of this.
    Thanks for sharing all that you have been shown.
    Blessings and love in Christ Jesus

    • Hi, Alison. Thank you for your comment and for posting the link. Mr. Herrin and I had some recent discussions about all of this. In fact the audio he mentions in your link; “Jewish Magic” by Dr. Micheal Bennett, I sent him. It’s the same one I linked to for Cynthia. Whether she listened or not, I don’t know, but one WELL worth the listen. I wish every believer could/would listen to it.

      The title of Mr. Herrin’s post is: “Israel – Holy Nation Or Synagogue Of Satan”. Herein is what I consider to be error on Mr. Herrin’s part. Peter tells us EXACTLY WHO that “holy nation” is. It is the “Israel OF GOD”.
      1 Peter 2:9King James Version (KJV)
      9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an HOLY NATION, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

      Peter isn’t writing this to his fleshly kinsman. He is writing TO BELIEVERS. If you believe on Jesus, YOU are part of that “holy nation”. Jews who have excepted Jesus are part of it also. It is NOT exclusive to a bloodline. It is “WHOSOEVER shall call upon the Name of the LORD”. Mr. Herrin believes that all of the nation/state of Israel will be saved. It is the “Israel of GOD that will ALL be saved. (the holy nation)

      How do we “bless Israel”? By giving them JESUS. But as mentioned in your link, and referenced by Dr. Bennett, THEY DON’T WANT JESUS PREACHED. They want MAMMON.
      Is there an example in scripture? YES, there is:
      Acts 3 King James Version (KJV)
      3 Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.
      2 And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ASK ALMS of them that entered into the temple;
      3 Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple ASKED AN ALMS.
      4 And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.
      5 And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.
      6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

      Here we have a man BEGGING FOR MONEY. Peter didn’t have money to give him WHAT HE WANTED, but he had what he NEEDED; JESUS!!
      Today they want money, weapons, they want our sons and daughters to fight their wars. These things are what they WANT and we give it to them, but they won’t ALLOW JESUS to be preached to them, and that’s who they NEED!! They will never be able to “RISE UP AND WALK”, as long as we give them what they WANT.
      If this same event happened today to most Christians, the same that happened to Peter and John, about all would say; “SURE, here you go” and he would REMAIN CRIPPLED. The same thing is going on SPIRITUALLY, we give them what they WANT, and their hatred for Jesus and His followers remains.
      It’s way past time to either give them JESUS, or give them NOTHING. And with their hatred for Him, I assume they would choose nothing.

      God bless you, Alison. Keep fighting the good fight of FAITH!

      “Jewish Magic” Micheal Bennett –

    • Hi Alison,

      I’ve been reading Joseph Herrin’s writings and I agree in his observation on this particular issue. He’s right about the ultra-orthodox Jews, in fact, I witnessed that attitude during the time I was in Israel. The Pharisees are very much alive and active in Israel today as it was in Yeshua’s time. Their religious pride and superiority are quite obvious. They won’t look the gentiles in the eye. I saw them avoid even their own people who are non-religious. And yes, the Gospel is a ‘no no.’ The religious Jews hate the followers of the Messiah and the Messianic Jews are looked down as a disgrace. They are persecuted. But in spite of that condition, the Lord is still in the business of saving the Jews even the rabbis. Recently, another Rabbi met the Messiah. He came to a Messianic Pastor whom we know personally, relating how Yeshua came to him and that he knew without a doubt that He is the Messiah. He was so overwhelmed by the revelation and was fearful of the religious community that he would not go home and stayed many days in the Messianic Congregation, listening and learning more of the Messiah, devouring the New Testament that he once hated.

      J.H. also nailed it when it comes to the right attitude that Christians should have towards Israel and the Jews. I am grateful that the Lord opened my eyes to see clearly through the lens and I know that He has called me to stand on this and help others to see. It’s very sad that many Christians even here in the Philippines do not truly understand what it means to stand and pray for Israel. Filipinos flock at pro-Israel gatherings but only a handful come to the intercessory prayer, in fact, we are almost the same number as my Mom-in-law started it five or six years ago- barely 10 in every meeting. Ironically, most of us who are praying for Israel do not even attend the pro-Israel rallies. I’ve never been to any gathering except the “Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.”

      Although the preaching of or sharing the Gospel to the Jews is prohibited, the born-again Filipino caregivers actually have the unique opportunity to be witnesses to their Jewish employers; and I praise God for this.

      Thank you, dear sister, for the contribution. I’m sorry that I haven’t answered your latest emails yet. I’ve been busy as I’ve taken charge of the intercessions since my Mom-in-law left for Israel almost a month ago. She and her team are evangelizing and training the Filipino caregivers in Galilee so that they in turn can be Yeshua’s witnesses to their employers. Please include this in your prayers.

      Love and blessings…


  8. Rolltise

    You said, “Today they want money, weapons, they want our sons and daughters to fight their wars. ”

    Every nation needs money to operate. Israel is no exception. The USA gives money to every nation, Russia included, on the planet and China gives money to the USA so we can somewhat stay afloat. If you are going to condemn Israel for wanting our financial help then you have to condemn every nation who wants our financial support so they can stay afloat. Most of these nations, like Arab nations, are not Christian and they are not interested in our Jesus and what He can do for them. As a matter of fact they are hostile to Christianity and slay the Christians in their land.

    If you criticize Israel then you must also criticize them.

    Some Arab nations want our son and daughters to fight their wars and we have done just that.

    When did America fight Israel’s wars since they became a nation in 1948? I don’t know of any. Israel fought their own wars with their own people.

    We give/sell weapons to Israel so they can fight their wars against any enemy that is bent on their annihilation but so do we give/sell weapons to many other nations so they can protect their homeland..

    Be consistent in your judgments and apply the same judgments against all the nations that are recipients of our generosity and technology.

    • Pat, I agree… and as I told Alison, I’m very sorry for not having answered yet your emails. Please know that in spite of my inability to get back to you soon, I truly appreciate every email you send. Love and blessings to you, dear sister.


      • Yes, Pat. Thanks for being so patient. I wish to make it up with you and everyone I owe an email. Have to say goodnight from the Philippines now. It’s 11:40 p.m. here.

        Blessings and shalom everyone, in the name of the Prince of Peace, Yeshua HaMashiach.

    • “Be consistent in your judgments and apply the same judgments against all the nations that are recipients of our generosity and technology.”
      I AM. We need our $$$ here.
      You need to do your homework about Israel espionage. You’ll see that Israel has STOLEN much of our technology. Google this name for starters JOHNATHON POLLARD.

      Then you can look up this quote from BIBI, who visited Pollard in prison in 2002.This is what he said as he was leaving:

      “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

      • Rolltide, you will never see correctly because your focus is wrong. Please let me tell you once again that what I am writing is not about politics. Keep digging deep into politics but I will keep on digging deep into the heart of God. What the Lord will show me I will write and definitely His message will never align with politics. They cannot go together and so there is no point of arguing here. Still, I send you blessings in the name of Yeshua.

  9. Rolltide,

    Espionage is done against America by many nations. Russia is one of them. America does espionage against other nations as well.

    Netanyahu’s comment to Pollard hurts but then Russia is bent on destroying America and will attack America on our own soil with nuclear weapons in the near future. Their intent is to wipe us out as a nation.

    Our administration knows this but yet they give Russia money.

    Where is your condemnation against Russia?

    • To Cynthia, Did Pat NOT ask me a political question? I simply answered her question. As far as Israel, you cannot talk about the religious aspect WITHOUT politics being involved. If you don’t believe me, believe Bibi:

      To Pat, Israel is SUPPOSED to be our best buddy. Read that Bibi quote again. Does that sound like a friend? We KNOW there is a new cold war between Russia and the US, and we know what to expect from them. It’s the best friend we need to watch out for. When it all boils down, ALL world leaders are the stars on the world stage. They do what they’re told by the Synagogue of Satan, who rules the world for their master. Now, Cynthia doesn’t want any more politics talked about, so I won’t answer any more of your questions.

  10. Rolltide – Your focus has been on politics from the very beginning before I ever entered into the discussion. Gird yourself up like a ‘Christian’ man and admit your failures and shortcomings and stop trying to pass the buck. Your ungodly attitude, biased judgments, and downright hatred for the nation of Israel speaks volumes to me that, spiritually, you too are of the Synagogue of Satan.

    Speaking for myself only, please, take your bitterness and your poison to another website, perhaps one that is in line with your corrupt thinking.

  11. Rolltide – I will ask the question again, “Do you approve of Islamic folks wanting to wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the earth?” …………. You have yet to answer. However, based on your comments regarding Israel, I believe you do.

    • Pat, I will address BOTH of your last comments to me, and this will be my last. The one I made comment to this morning was Alison, and AGAIN, you butted in. I made the comment to her because of the link she posted, of which I made a contribution. I do NOT wish to have dialog with you. You judge my heart and that’s a NO-NO!

      I will have to say YOU ARE RIGHT about one thing; from the very first time I commented at this blog, it was about politics, and the blog that I first commented on was of a political nature. It was called “Netanyahu Will Be Removed”. If that’s NOT political, I don’t know what is!! To say politics isn’t discussed here is just NOT TRUE. And I’m not just talking about the comments. That very blog was ALL ABOUT POLITICS!! Elections usually are!!

      I have stated from the beginning that I hate NO ONE, and that the “common” man, walking the streets of Israel, I am NOT talking about. Go back and check. This is about the 3rd time I’ve stated that. And YOU want to point a finger at ME about JUDGING? You’re the one who said the MY heart wasn’t right with God. You need to look at YOURSELF! And I fully intend to leave this site, shaking the dust from my feet when I go.

      For your 2nd comment, I DID answer your question the first time you asked. Go back and read it. That’s STILL my answer.

      Sorry for any disruption here Cynthia. Carry on……

  12. I could not escape the feeling when I looked at all these comments, that we are all saying similar things. We are just using our own words to express something we are passionate about. Knowing that this comment may make some want to beg to differ, I took this to the Lord and I asked Him what He would say to us. He gave me this word:
    I would have it that all peoples would dwell together in peace. My peace. The peace that passes all understanding. But My peace can not reign until all sin has been dealt with. This is the season of judgement. Divisiveness reigns. The enemy of My beloved has come to divide and to destroy. But his days are numbered and I will not tolerate this any more. When I come, I will judge the churches for their lack of love toward one another. When I come, none will dare raise their voices in dissent. Think on these things. Think on your motivation for commenting. Do you wish to build the church or do you wish to judge it yourself? I have called you to love your neighbour as yourself. Make your motivation love.

    This kind of left me with nothing more to say. Except may the Lord bless you all, may He make His face to shine upon you and give you Peace.

  13. Cynthia,

    I hope all is well with you. There is so much going on in and around the world. So many views yet so far away. what is the Lord’s heart regarding all the banter? Is He happy with what is being said and done here? Here in America we have lost our way, yet no repentance!! The supposed religious leaders are not real leaders/teachers for we don’t hear the Heart! Ecclesiastes 12:10-14. Will we hear, truly hear The One True Shepherd!!?? I we/I can in time. I hope all will hear the trump in time repent and be saved.

    Shalom my Friend,

    Mark P.

  14. Not all of ‘Biblical Israel’ reside within its geo-political borders. But many in the State of Israel will be restored to King Jeshua in upcoming years. Praise God in his forgiveness. The souls of men are stubborn.

    After Christ sits in Jerusalem, I think there will be another ‘exodus’ to him of both orthodox and (sigh) reformed Jews, i.e., within modern State precincts. These folks will provide excellent and detailed information to visitors to Millennial Jerusalem, and to others who (suddenly!) desire as much knowledge as possible about the background and ways of this astonishing King. There will be lots of interest, to say the least.


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