An Abomination: Vision of the Popes

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On January 10, 1:22 a.m. I had a vision of the Papal parade and I heard, “An abomination.” In this vision I saw not one but two Popes, Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis. In front of me was Pope John Paul II in the Papal car and Pope Francis was to my right. The former Pope visited the Philippines in 1981 and 1995. Pope Francis arriving today, January 15. As I saw the vision the following words of the Lord came to mind:

Matthew 23:9, “Do not call anyone on earth ‘Father’ for you have one Father and He is in heaven.

Mark 10:18, “Yeshua said to him, “Why are you calling me good? No one is good except God!”

I used to wonder why the Lord warned us to not call anyone on earth ‘Father’ when that is what we call our earthly fathers; and why would He say to not call Him good? Those questions were answered as I pondered on the vision above. His warning is about referring to any religious leaders as ‘Father,’  and in the case of the Popes, ‘Holy Father.’ As I realized this, I heard the Holy Spirit said, ‘Blasphemy!’

This vision is a warning to my country which is predominantly Roman Catholics. We are committing ‘blasphemy’ for calling the Pope ‘Holy Father;’ for giving him such an honor as if he is God. The true Church, the true believers of the Messiah must stand in the gap and pray for forgiveness of this sin.

One of the Pope’s purposes for coming is to meet with the different religious heads of the country to discuss unity and religious harmony. The Evangelical Church is also represented. Let this vision be a warning to the leaders of the Church and the Body. When God separates the wheat and the tares, which type will you be?

Matthew 13:30

“Let them grow together until the harvest; and at harvest-time I will tell the reapers to collect the weeds first and tie them in bundles to be burned, but to gather the wheat into my barn.”

Matthew 7:21

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in heaven wants.”

May the Father open your eyes to see that He alone deserves the honor, glory and praise and adoration!

Love in Christ Jesus,




13 thoughts on “An Abomination: Vision of the Popes

    • Very much itching ears hearing what they want to hear. The pope is part of NWO plan for diluting & changing the word of God so that one world religion under Antichrist is possible. The Bible tells us it will seem peaceful but lead to destruction with much deception fooling even the elect if possible. He is a Jesuit which is the dark business order of the Catholics & now is trying to say we all worship same God (Adonai same as Allah) and now promoting Global warming agenda to delete middle class & control everyone’s travel & energy use. Don’t believe it. Bad fruit produced is from God. Don’t be deceived just look at what fruits are produced from their actions….not their words only.

      • yeah many many of all nations and worlds religions and status’ in life will say that there can be more then one way to the Father now which then is a denial of Christ and the word of God.
        In polls clear back from 2008 57% of those who’d say they were christians say that very thing. awful. And so how many today?
        Another thing about the one world religion that is already grown very large is that most ‘religions’ are just that as those in them have placed their trust/faith in men (which also goes with this article above), and when their men/leaders along with the main false prophet tell them that that brilliant man who just seated himself and declared he is god is indeed the one and they should worship him, they will, because after all they follow men who claim to represent God.., but coupled with all that and even more then that will be that at the same time the prophecy fulfills (2nd thess 2) God will be sending a strong delusion upon the world that they’d actually believe the lie’s.
        Now is the falling away, then the strong delusion, but sometimes it seems the strong delusion is already being poured out.
        I say the one world religion is large as even the strictly non religious will repeat many of the world religion mantra’s..we’re all children of God or we all worship God in our own way’s and all of those coined terms are much of what the leaders of inter-religious movement will say.
        But some are being saved truly in Christ and some more will be and we can rejoice and keep sharing the gospel.

  1. Very much agree. In US Duke Univ. just started Muslim call to prayer every Friday via overhead speakers on Campus in Arabic & it is a private Methodist founded university. Pope recently supports Islam also. Catholic hierarchy supported Nazis before during & after WWII (rat lines). Nothing seems to change except now more mainstream Protestant Christians are following false teachings & pagan traditions & holidays also. Albert Pike wrote a letter to the Italian Mafia head in late 1880s that really sums up all 3 planned world wars & is very accurate as to how & why WWIII will start & end with the planned clash of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and atheism into the culmination and worship of Lucifer. Pike was a 33rd degree mason, Illuminati member, Satanist, & founder of the Klu Klux Klan. It seems to be coming true since the New World Order has been stoking radical Islamic terrorists, funding, and training them. In know God is still on the throne & in control which is the only thing that gives me
    hope and peace. God bless you.

  2. I had read that passage in Matthew regarding not calling anyone “Father” except our God in heaven awhile back and have stuck to that since then. You know, if such demand to be called father just tell them that is blasphemy and worthy of being stoned to death, perhaps that will catch their attention???

  3. Hi Cynthia, Here is what the Lord has been showing me, in part. Beast One of Revelations 13 is the One World Order of man, united together in rebellion against God. The Church has been looking for One Antichrist, but John teaches that there are many, not one. Also, in the Greek Interlinear, Beast one and two are referred to as “IT” not he. John reveals that the second Beast is actually the head of this beautiful Image (the one seen first in Daniel 2). The second Beast is the tiny horn; the smallest kingdom in the world: Vatican City, and the Pope is it’s representative, the False Prophet because as we see even in ancient Israel when the people were following God, they begged for a man to be their king. God gave them Saul who was a bad shepherd first, then David, who was a good one. And the devil has given the world theirs too. I always wondered where all of those false gods were at in our day, and I asked God to show me. He showed me the Art of medicine with the snake wrapped round the pole as it’s symbol, and it’s pharmacies. The word pharmacies means “sorceries, poisons”. Here in Britain there is even a cross symbol by each and every pharmacy. He showed me that and if that wasn’t shocking enough because my mother was a nurse, and I worked in the field also for years. I also believed it to be THE WAY God chose to heal these days, until the Lord showed me it doesn’t heal at all, and never has. Jesus is the healer. The only one. The Only Abundant Life provider. The devil is a thief, a destroyer and a killer. Medicine is a delusion, and a very clever one, but God is waking up His body of believers nowadays. Daniel did say that “craft shall prosper in his hand”, and how true is this? Witchcraft is prospering. It is an age of predictions, predictions, predictions! You see, I had even wondered about that–where were the false predictions? My eyes were so very closed. Idols are everywhere.The Lord was the only one who could open my eyes so I could see it. When I asked the Lord in early 2013, “Is the pope the false prophet? Who is the Antichrist?” He answered, “You shall know them by their fruit.” A bit later as I studied His Word and prayed, He revealed, “The false prophet must rise first.” He gives us just the amount we can handle at any one time. Have you noticed? He has been revealing as I can handle it and remain humble before Him, as He is doing with so many others. And He was right, as He always is, about the false prophet rising first. First came the wolves to tear apart the church in the fourth century. Constantine started it all. He kept confessing that He was a christian, but even if you look at his vision, you will see that it is clever and sounds really cool, but look more closely, and the thing is not at all scriptural. It reveals that he once a sun worshipper (Eye of Horus), always a sun worshipper. Here is the one who started the Catholic church: the beginning of the unholy Roman Empire, that never died. It only appeared to. And now? Our Yeshua ha’Meshiach will be here so very, very soon, so that this Beastly System is almost at the fullest measure in evil. The Church is a huge umbrella bringing together, uniting all other religions now called “faiths”, and deluded Christians together in counterfeit love and false peace, preaching a false salvation: “many ways, one salvation.” I was stunned when the Lord showed me that Islamics worship the same god as the Catholic church and the world system, the same god Constantine worshipped back in the 300s A.D.–the sun god. No wonder it is so easy for them to unite together in hate against the One True Yahweh. The delusion is here, and has been for centuries. Like everything else, it started small and is now growing bigger and bigger. The hardest part is to see the coldness in the church growing bigger and bigger as the truth continues to be thrown down to the ground. All we can do is continue to pray for each individual, and for the different denominations to get out of the world, for their eyes and ears to be opened. Then as the Lord God said, “Each time you see the truth on the ground, pick it up and throw it right back in the devil’s face!” Keep it up, Cynthia. Keep it up, and know you’re not the only one. Love and Blessings for today, Pauli x

  4. Hi Cynthia, I miss you and I’m glad to see you well. I was a bit concerned after your financial crisis.

    How poignant a vision and thought. Considering that the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the USA has set up a time for the “Holy Father” to address our joint Congress,

    ““It is with reverence and admiration that I have invited Pope Francis, as head of state of the Holy See and the first Pope to hail from the Americas, to address a joint meeting of the United States Congress.

    “Pope Francis has inspired millions of Americans with his pastoral manner and servant leadership, challenging all people to lead lives of mercy, forgiveness, solidarity, and humble service.

    “His tireless call for the protection of the most vulnerable among us—the ailing, the disadvantaged, the unemployed, the impoverished, the unborn—has awakened hearts on every continent.

    “His social teachings, rooted in ‘the joy of the gospel,’ have prompted careful reflection and vigorous dialogue among people of all ideologies and religious views in the United States and throughout a rapidly changing world, particularly among those who champion human dignity, freedom, and social justice.

    “These principles are among the fundamentals of the American Idea. And though our nation sometimes fails to live up to these principles, at our best we give them new life as we seek the common good. Many in the United States believe these principles are undermined by ‘crony capitalism’ and the ongoing centralization of political power in the institutions of our federal government, which threaten to disrupt the delicate balance between the twin virtues of subsidiarity and solidarity. They have embraced Pope Francis’ reminder that we cannot meet our responsibility to the poor with a welfare mentality based on business calculations. We can meet it only with personal charity on the one hand and sound, inclusive policies on the other.

    “The Holy Father’s pastoral message challenges people of all faiths, ideologies and political parties. His address as a visiting head of state before a joint meeting of the House and Senate would honor our nation in keeping with the best traditions of our democratic institutions. It would also offer an excellent opportunity for the American people as well as the nations of the world to hear his message in full.

    “It is with deep gratitude that I have asked Pope Francis to consider this open invitation on behalf of the Congress and the millions of citizens of the United States we serve.””
    – See more at:

    Head of State? Rome lives. Very concerning indeed….

  5. Is there anyway I can email you about something? Please it is very important-vital even. God knows how vital this is. I’m asking on this blog because this is the last one you made. I looked and couldn’t find a way to contact you so I need to ask on here.

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