The Bilderberg Doctrine (A New World Order Agenda): A Dream

I was reading this article from the Prophecy News Watch, “Palestinian Leadership Hijack Christianity: Jesus Declared a Palestinian“, which then reminded me of the dream I had last year. I checked my notes and alas, the dream was on Dec. 9, 2013, around the Christmas season. Since we are still in the Christmas season this year, which the Lord spoke to me and kept me awake all night of Dec. 21 by the way, that “Christmas is an abomination” (I’ll write on this separately), I felt the nudge to publish the dream. Below is what I wrote over a year ago.


Christmas Time

“Today, Dec 9, 2013, I have this very vivid dream and it was 3:00 a.m. when I woke up from it. There was a symposium in the university I was going to in this dream (the same university I graduated from), about something that the the global powers were introducing to the school system. I saw on the stage a picture of the Holy Family together with other saintly men on either side. The image was similar to the Christmas Nativity except that there was no manger and the child was no baby anymore. Below the image was this caption: “For the Promotion of Christ and Family.” The “Christ” was in italics. Below the caption was a big, oblong logo with the words boldly written “Bilderberg Doctrine.”

I knew very well in the dream that it was about the Antichrist, in fact, I looked at “Christ” intently as I suspected it could really be “Antichrist.” Since I saw only “Christ,” I thought, “What a deception, using religion and family to promote their agenda!” I looked around and saw how everybody was so ignorant believing that it was a noble cause to promote Christ and Family as a means to unite the world when this is obviously the cause of the satanic elite, the Bilderberg Group, to bring in the New World Order. I felt bad as I knew how the people have been so conditioned to accept the Beast System. I looked at one woman who has the handouts smiling as she was talking to another. I thought to myself that these people already have the Mark of the Beast so that the physical mark may not really be necessary anymore. I also thought and felt sad that the implementation of the Bilderberg Doctrine was very effective as they introduced it through the educational system, making it a part of the curriculum. As I watched the whole scene from the back were I was seated, I felt so alone and knew that anytime soon I would be singled out and perhaps expelled from school as I won’t submit to this doctrine. (Note: I am not familiar with the Bilderberg group and have no idea what their plans really are but I do know that this group is composed of those elites who I believe are members of the Illuminati and that they run the world behind the scene).

Then I was back in the classroom. I listened to my Muslim classmate talked to another classmate who was not a Muslim. They were both excited, praising the University President who is able to promote unity among students and professors of diverse ethnicity and religion in the campus, particularly between Muslims and Christians. My heart was very heavy because I knew that the One World Government was now in force and I felt very alone.”

This dream now reminds me of another dream I just had 3 days ago. On the night of Dec. 26, I prayed fervently, asking God to show me anything that’s coming in 2015. Around 4:00 a.m. of Dec. 27 I woke up to this dream:

“I was in a building that seems to be in its early construction as there were yet no walls around it. I was there with some others and we were trying to hide from the authorities who were rounding up Christians and taking them captive. I was going up and down, trying to find some place to hide. As I found no safe place, I ran outside and went to a one-storey building. A guy was already in there hiding. Others followed and while we were trying to lock the door the captors came and shouted, “Every body in the Synagogue come out!” I thought, “So this place is a Synagogue.” Then I realized that both Christians and Jews were their targets.”

Many are aware that there is already a growing persecution of Christians especially in the Middle East. Jews are also being attacked even in their Synagogues. Will the persecution spread and increase in 2015? I am not sure and this is a topic of its own so I digress.

In view of the upcoming visit of Pope Francis here in the Philippines, I believe that these dreams are very timely for one of his goals in coming to the country is to promote unity among the different religions. See here.

The true Church knows what these things mean. As we stand firm in the Truth in the midst of the ever increasing apostasy in the Body, we will soon be the target of persecution; for in these days we are the new radical extremists and bigots who don’t belong to the new world of unity and tolerance.

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy[a] to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man. (Luke 21:36)

Brothers and sisters, let us “work out our salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (Phil. 2:12-13)

Love in Yeshua,



17 thoughts on “The Bilderberg Doctrine (A New World Order Agenda): A Dream

  1. Hi Cynthia, Once again we are united in thought and judgement, speaking the same thing. I was struck by the fact that the Lord Yeshua has also revealed to you that Christmas is all part of the delusion that is gathering strength in this world. He has me writing on the same subject. Just finished one on Santa Claus, called “THE REMAKING OF SATAN”. Just posted it today in fact. I’ve never cried so many tears or experienced such heavy sorrow writing anything like I did when writing this. also, the pressure from the Adversary was horrendous. God told me, “He (meaning satan) does not want you to teach this.” I responded, “I know. I can tell.” The sorrow in my heart is so intense (all I can see are those millions of kids who have Santa enthroned in their hearts). My body felt so exhausted that I spent 12 hours in bed one day, and much of it was spent communicating with the Lord, and meditating on the Word in order to be strengthened in the spirit so I can do all that I am called to do. Your dream about the Jews and the Christians both being targets fit exactly with what John saw in the book of Revelations. But these dreams attest to the fact that this persecution is growing, and spreading throughout the world. it’s reaching full measure. It’s fulfilling God’s Word, so that our Lord and Saviour will soon be bursting through those clouds. Bilderberg. Yep, I recognise that name. The head of CIA for the past Bush administration in America once said, “We will know that we have succeeded in our disinformation program when the American people believe a lie.” Well, I’m here to say, they do, they do. and the educational system is a main area to target because as the saying goes, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” That’s an parody of what the Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he shall not depart from it.” I pray for you, Cynthia. For increased grace (Psalm 84:11), and for boldness to keep speaking the Word. I often pray the prayer in Acts 4 for myself and many others. “Behold their threatenings (and the blasphemies), Lord, against you and your Holy One, Jesus, and grant unto us that we may speak your Word boldly, stretching forth your hand in healings, and with signs and wonders following by the name of your Holy Servant, Jesus…” Praise the Most High God forever because He is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh now. We are seeing evil uniting, but even better, the remnant in the Church, all of us who make up Christ’s body, who have been stuck in the world’s vast religious system that makes up the head of the great image they worship is awakening and coming out of her, and the world will see God’s power like never before. His time is now, and His place is now. His power will move through us. God is having the last laugh. (Sorry, couldn’t help but preach.) Keep on listening, my friend, and keep on telling, teaching and waking up the Church and the world. Love from Pauli x

    • Hi Pauli,

      Good to hear from you again; and always, you bring confirmation to the message. Thank you, dear sister, for it’s an encouragement to me. Thank you for the prayers too. I pray the same for you. No need to worry about “preaching.” Just do as the Spirit leads.

      Christmas is a very controversial and sensitive topic but I do believe that it is no exception to the many feasts that has no Biblical precedent that the Lord wants the Church to stop doing. He spoke to me about this when I was writing the “prayer for the Church” during the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem” a few months back; and so this has become part of my regular intercession. (Personally, I have been teaching my children the truth about the origin of Christmas, Santa and the many Christmas symbols which are very pagan). In spite of it, I do believe that there are countless ways to make use of the season to bring the Gospel and share the love of the Father to reach out to the lost especially those within our families.

      Love and blessings,


  2. Cynthia my name is Cynthia to. But I go by Cindy. I have had dreams too. I think Jesus is coming soon. I have had dreams about the rapture, and six dreams about a earthquake. I live in CA. We may miss it if Jesus comes at that point. May God bless you. I love your web site. I love to look at old pictures.


    • Hi Cindy,

      Thank you for the very uplifting comment; all glory to Him. I do believe that God Himself is waking up His people and showing them things to come.

      John 16:13, However, when He, the Spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.



  3. Hi Cynthia – It has been a long time since I have received one of your posts – glad to hear from you! There has been much in my journey that has puzzled me about what the Lord revealed to me in 2012-2013 when His call was for me to intently study the prophecies and the world events – and I kept asking Him to show me what to do with that information. He did not give me a lot of permission to share/post what He has revealed – and I trust Him in His timing for things that are, I will say, in line with what you have had revealed to you and when/where/with whom I am to share that. However, at this season last year, I had many family/friends angry with me and my posts and warnings about the worship of “idol in the red suit” that has replaced Jesus as an obecience-demanding counterfeit to true devotion. I had stopped celebrating any aspect of Christmas even before that. But this year, after reconciling my marriage and removing a great deal of dross and bitterness from both me and my husband so that our foundation is solid, we both felt that we were to witness to our hard-hearted children through the love language of gifts during this holiday season. I have prayed diligently that the enemy may not twist the spiritual intentions of this kindness into a comparison or extortion as is done by the extravagance and motivation of the non-believer Christmas-celebrators with whom they live. And, we started by the example of prioritizing our marriage and gifting to each other of wedding bands – after four years of not having these – that we might be bold about the witness of what God did to use His church body to reconcile us to our covenant and the priority He puts on the marriage relationship. My husband’s band has 3 diamonds – and I witnessed to my step-son that these represent Christ, hubby, and me. This Son of a tender faith that is tried by the unbelievers he lives with, suggested that they represent, rather, him, me, and his Dad, and the band is Jesus who keeps us together. Wow! And, two other children from whom we have been estranged have moved toward us in response to the gifts given – we are the only believers in their lives. Also, both family members who were so offended by my posts last year are posting things about God on their FB. I believe that this is all a lesson to remember that no matter how much of the ulterior evil is revealed to us in these end-times events and customs we are seeing, the God who used Joseph’s brother’s act of evil betrayal for good to save His chosen people – even through a man who, as 2nd in command in Egypt was participating in some customs contrary to the perfect will of God – will use what is intended for evil to bring the message of salvation. The message of grace is that it is greater than all our sin; that is the central message of the gospel that we cannot lose sight of as lawlessness increases and most people’s love grows cold in these last days. Blessings to you!

    • Hi Debra,

      I am very happy to hear of the healing of your marriage and family. I am sorry for the comments I have not responded to in the previous articles, can’t remember anymore which ones. When you first mentioned this though, I was rejoicing and praising God for working mightily in your life.

      I do agree with your insights shared above. Re-stating what I said in my answer to Pauli’s comment above, I believe that in spite of the pagan nature of the season, there are countless ways to make use of it to share the Gospel and the love of the Father to reach out to the lost especially those within our families. Like you I have long stopped celebrating the idolatrous Christmas in my heart though I always rejoice in the coming of the Messiah regardless of when that actually took place in our calendar. Praise God that we have been liberated from the idolatry of Christmas but as Paul says in 1Cor. 8:9, “But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak.” This said, I will continue to speak the truth in love but will leave the conviction to the Holy Spirit for those who hear.

      Love in Yeshua,


  4. Thrilled to hear from you again. I am always instructed by your posts. I too have felt unclean in the midst of this fabricated holy day. Always such twisting within our faith. Our Bible refreshes us with Truth in the midst of the lies of this world. So glad that you continue to speak your visions. You are not alone.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you; and praise Him. I am always encouraged by the feedback from brothers and sisters reading/following this blog. It strengthens my resolve to share the things that the Father reveal to me. I’d love to hear of your visions too if you may want to share them?



  5. Hi, helpful articles and things needed to hear. I’ve also been struck at just what it is to be a kid growing up in this end of age and along with it’s schools compared to the 60”s through 80’s even. So lots of praying for kids and the Lord knows and knew and has His loving way’s and mighty plans. Also for parents to be led of the Lord in things with their kids and for those stuck in the world to wake up wake up! your souls are required of you and your children need you and the truth taught to them with all grace and the schools do just the opposite.

    Their unity christ is not THE Christ but a false christ and a focus on this world and unity and peace at any cost and obvious the only way those of the flesh can attain peace if they insist on remaining of the flesh is to then not stop outward wars- but is to halt or cast out Christ in every way as the Spirit of the Lord brings conviction and a certain knowledge and fear of judgement and wrath to come and so much more, the truth and Spirit of God disturbs their “peace” as the peace they seek is one of the flesh, to be able to remain of the flesh and not feel convicted. Cast the true Christ away and have peace and party like it’s 1999 is the devils promise to them and there’s not conviction of sin and fear of God in today’s false unity christ and gospel, no need for repentance with the false gospel. And looking down or casting out THE Christ and word of God is what is shown to kids today by this world and it’s worldly gospel’ers. Pray for children. Also for those under persecution now, as if there with them…
    And the price of the party will be at the cost of their souls as united under the anti-christ and false prophet who points them to worship that anti-christ that will be the door of repentance that could have possibly come to them, instead being closed upon them.
    And no matter how they try there’s still no peace, the abomination causes, brings, the desolation, and the fear of judgement and conviction before God remains as shown in rev 6:16-17, there is no peace without the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ it’s as simple as that.

    And but some will be saved!, keep sharing with grace the good news of Christ and praying and also specially for kids today and get the word of God out in season and out, and rejoice always, bear much fruit whatever the the world is up to.

    • Hi Bread,

      Thank you for the input, as always. The world created its own image of the Christ and it’s not the Christ of the Bible. In the name of such false christ the world is bringing about false peace and unity as well.

      God bless…


  6. Hello again Cynthia. I wanted to tell you that I listen to the Southwest Radio Ministry and Dr. Noah Hutchins who is in his 80’s now speak on Christmas. He said based historical evidence available that Christ may have been conceived close to Hanukkah and born sometime around the feast of tabernacles (since many came to Bethlehem on feast days for census and tax purposes and the sheep were grazing which would not have occurred in December). I do think many important events seem to occur in association with Jewish holy days in the New Testament and related to bible prophecies (i.e. return to Israel and creation of a nation; blood red moons, etc). Therefore if you believe in life at conception which most Christians do then you could celebrate Christ’s conception on Hanukkah in addition to the Hanukkah traditions i.e. lighting of the menorah etc. I still believe all the commercialism, materialism, and pagan traditions around the winter solstice that is called Christmas is not how God/Christ intends us to celebrate Christ’s birth and I will not be participating in the future even though this creates some family conflicts but I feel over time they will be resolved. Regarding the Bilderberg dream I think you received a true vision of the future based on bible prophecy. I just read a great book available on the Southwest Radio Ministry website and Amazon (I downloaded in to my tablet and I-phone via a Kindle app). The name is “Blood on the Altar: the coming war between Christian vs. Christian” by several authors including Chuck Missler, Larry Spargimino, et al. It is an in depth study of end time prophecy as it relates to the mark of the beast, new technologies used such as the internet and eugenics, etc. The UN is setting itself up to govern the world with the head of the UN to be the world leader. There was talk of Obama heading it up after his presidency but I do not know if that will happen or not. Also if H. Clinton or Jeb Bush become president then they are New World Order members and Bilderberg/CFR/UN advocates as well. In private meetings it was said B. and H. Clinton were both picked for future presidential candidacy long ago when Bill was governor of Arkansas. The false prophet will likely be a false religious leader promoting unified worship of the “Beast” which is a world leader or system. The one thing I still cannot resolve and I have not been given a direct answer on is what will happen regarding the “rapture” as it relates to Christ’s second coming before, during or after the tribulation. I do not want to believe in something false and wonder if you have received any more insight into this lately. The more I read the more confused I am since to me the last trumpet is when Christ returns after the tribulation and the elect/saints are brought up in the air with Christ for every eye to see. Some think only the Jews and the new believers during the tribulation are the elect who live through it but several verses appear to contradict that to me. I just don’t know and maybe we are not supposed to know. Thanks again for your posts. Bless and pray for those who are being terribly persecuted and killed in Africa, Asia, and the middle east simply for their belief in Christ. Delia.

    • Hi Delia,

      Thank you for the comment.

      The Lord didn’t give me a revelation about the rapture, and honestly, I can’t see why it should be the Christians’ focus when the Lord Jesus will yet come to rule the nations in the millennial kingdom. If there’s going to be a rapture though, I believe that it is not for everybody but only for those who are truly prepared, those who follow Him diligently by the way of the cross and not for those who live the superficial life of Christianity. The danger of being focused on the rapture especially believing it will save us from the coming tribulation is that we may actually miss it when it comes. Every time I hear Christians say, “by the time the great tribulation comes, we are no longer here,” (and I heard it even from the lips of a missionary last Wed during our weekly Intercession when I shared what I wrote in this article), I cringe. Having been a recipient of many revelations of the ‘troubles ahead,’ I cannot imagine how people so think that they are so special from the rest of the Body who are now truly and literally suffering persecutions beyond comprehension in the hands of evil men. How can you tell the persecuted brothers and sisters in the Middle East and elsewhere that the tribulation is yet to come and by that time, we are already taken away so they should not worry? I can’t.

      My prayer for the Christians is that we all should wake up to the reality of our time. We must focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him diligently so that whether rapture or persecution confronts us, we are truly ready. Hope this helps, dear sister.

      Love in Yeshua,

      • Hi Cynthia – I have come to believe of the “Left Behind” type of rapture belief as a/the/The (not sure which – there have been many deceptions) deception, which if possible, will even deceive the elect. This idea is not discussed in the early literature of the 1st – 3rd centuries … when the understandings of the gospel message was been forged out in the daily lives of these dear sisters and brothers who were experiencing such heinous persecution as having fire-lit instruments of torture rammed up bodily openings! These were those closest in generation to the last Word of Revelation … and, surely they believed and would hope of His coming to be sooner, rather than this 2000 years later times we find ourselves in. Certainly they said “Amen” to the Lord’s promise to be returning soon… but they did not, nor did the prophetic Spirit in the warnings to the churches tell them to put their hope in the rapture, but the Word given was to “hupomeno” – to remain faithful even unto death – because of the example we are given of our Lord’s faithfulness borne of His love. I don’t find a “too-bad, so sad you have to suffer but I get rescued out” attitude as sending a gospel – good news – message at all – it is a message the reeks of elitism – and, I would not dare to be so brass to tell my brothers and sisters in the Middle East who have watched their children beheaded that they should put their hope in a doctrine of being rescued out of tribulation! Yes. Being ready for whatever is coming is the message to the churches … and the entire New Testament is a witness to us that whatever that is, it will involve persecution of those who will not deny that Jesus Christ is Lord.

        Blessings! Grace and peace in our Saviour!

      • Hi. yeah it seems like those who prepare to be as strong in the Lord as can be are on the better path, then if the catching up does come sooner they have lost nothing by drawing closer to the Lord for all things and strength to. And if no catching up til the last then may they bear much fruit of the Spirit even during the times, glorifying God even during the storms and persecutions.
        Being closer to the Lord with a more resolute heart we’d of lost nothing for sure. I aim for that, yet have a hope of when the catching up is, but it’s not as sure as the conviction that to grow diligently in Christ and endure til the end is the best. My hope isn’t a pre-trib hope, so yeah His strength will be needed and can be had and we won’t be the first to have not loved our lives even unto death, many have gone on already, I actually find some strength in that too.
        1st peter 4:14, the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you..
        Stephen was said to have had the face of an angel before he was stoned, moses was said to have had shone, the glory was upon his face, other accounts and maybe some have seen others or themselves have had some time of persecution where the glory of God came extra to you, fear is gone when that comes, replaced with a tremendous love and indescribable joy and peace, The Lord knows when things are going to take place and does supply grace. There are many biblical accounts of things relating to it all to look into, be strengthened by. Actually unknowingly have we already prayed for extra glory/strength/grace for those persecuted today when we ask for them to be strengthened with might?

        Your saying you hope christians awake to the times and the diligent walking with Christ is true, people can look into many things and with all the word and prayer and be surprised at what hope and strength they will find in all the bible and believers testimonies that relate to persecutions. The Lord in no way has left us alone!

      • Thanks for your reply. I totally agree with your thoughts on those killed currently in Middle East and elsewhere as likely already the tribulation which will only get worse and spread like labor pains referred to in scripture. I have heard those who say they will not be here for the tribulation also or are scared of end time bible prophecy & choose not to study or listen to those who teach of it. But bible prophecy that becomes fulfilled in our lifetime is a means of salvation to unbelievers & I think we are called to watch and warn believers and nonbelievers alike. The good news is Messiah is returning soon to bring peace and justice and love!

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