A Call to Intercede: Intifida is on the Rise!

Update: January 28, 2014

This morning, around 3:00, the Lord woke me up with this message: “You are not merely dealing with Muslims; you are dealing with a stronghold.”

When I heard it, I knew what He meant. The Lord was referring to Islam and I said, “Yes, Lord, I believe it is the stronghold of Islam that we are dealing with.”

It made me realize that the call to intercede is more than just praying against the ‘planned intifada,’ but praying against the stronghold behind it. It is not an armed wrestling with the radicals but rather fighting against it in the Spirit through prayer and intercession. As I pondered on the message, I remembered His Word through Paul in the following:

Ephesians 6:12

12 For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

For although we do live in the world, we do not wage war in a worldly way; because the weapons we use to wage war are not worldly. On the contrary, they have God’s power for demolishing strongholds. We demolish arguments and every arrogance that raises itself up against the knowledge of God; we take every thought captive and make it obey the Messiah. 

In obedience to the Father, I prayed in the way that He wanted. Every Muslim, moderate or radical, is in bondage to the spirit of Islam. God wants to free these people from such stronghold and the only way we can fight against such deep-seated power of darkness is in the Spirit through Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah. The Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our Father, is more than able to set them free as He will. But it is His desire that we, His children will join with Him by prayer and intercession. Prophetic intercession accomplishes the things that God desires. As the Father revealed His heart on this, He will certainly answer our prayers for the Muslims whom the devil has so deceived and used to fight against Him through Israel and the Jews; and yes, the Christians.

May the Lord bless and keep us all. May He find us faithful when He comes in His glory and majesty!


Update: January 27, 2014

These news stories on Arutz Sheva tell us that INTIFADA is truly on the rise as the Lord revealed on January 12.

Fatah Leader Calls for Armed Uprising

…Fatah Central Committee member Tawfik Tirawi reportedly told Al-Miadin that there will be no new Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza in the near future, and not even in 20 years. For that reason, he said, Fatah must resume the “violent uprising” against Israel – meaning terrorism.

Hamas Leader: Third Intifada ‘A Matter of Time’

…“The intifada will not wait for anyone,” warned Yousef. “If it doesn’t happen today then it will happen tomorrow, if not this month then next month. Eventually – just as the First Intifada and the Al-Aqsa Intifada broke out – another one could break out.”

Praise God for His undivided attention over His land, Eretz Yisrael, and for the watchmen whom He appointed to call on Him and not rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

Psalm 121: 4

No, the guardian of Isra’el
never slumbers or sleeps.

Isaiah 62:6-7

I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;
They shall never hold their peace day or night.
You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent,
And give Him no rest till He establishes
And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

Let us continue to intercede and pray that any terror plots from all sides be foiled just as the one in this news:

BreakingIsraelNews: Al-Qaeda Plot to Blow Up US Embassy and Jerusalem Convention Center Foiled

Could this foiled terrorism be the one that the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray in the early evening of January 12? Well, only He knows; but as mentioned in this article, the Lord intervened and shifted my prayer to pray for a certain terrorist. Before praying for the Lord’s intervention in the life of this terrorist, I heard myself praying that any terror plot be exposed and thwarted wherever and whenever it was going to be. And whoever the terrorist God wanted to touch, I am continually praying for him/her. I may not know who this particular terrorist is, but I believe that he/she will eventually find the Messiah. This is happening daily among Muslims because God is at work. Below are stories of Muslims coming to the Lord Jesus Christ:

A Collection of Videos of Muslims Coming to Jesus Christ

Truth Unlocked: Evangelists Say Muslims Coming to Christ at Historic Rate

The Christian Post: Tens of Thousands of Muslims leader-47265

As we pray for Israel and the Jews, let us also pray for the Muslims… Blessings to you all!



As the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon filled the news, the Lord gave me a message. On January 12, the day after the former PM’s passing, the Lord spoke this word to me very clearly as I was going to sleep after praying: “Intifada is on the rise.” On January 18, this news from DEBKAfile came out which obviously confirms the message:

Israelis engage in diplo-babble instead of preparing for Palestinian diplomatic intifada in April


Abbas is fond of telling everyone that he is against terrorism. He is therefore setting up a “diplomatic intifada” – without the violence the Palestinians demonstrated in their former assaults on the Jewish state. However, debkafile’s counter-terror sources have found that, in recent weeks, Abbas and his security agencies have lost control of suburbs in the West Bank towns under their rule, and especially the 19 refugee camps which have been taken over by local armed militias.
These militias, as well as Hamas, Jihad Islami and other violent bands, are getting organized for a fresh outbreak of terrorist operations including suicide bombers.

In the Nablus and Bethlehem areas of the West Bank, some Palestinian gangs are also preparing to shoot Qassam rockets at Jerusalem and other Israel towns.

In the year 2000, the Israeli powers-that-be, led by the IDF Chief of staff at the time, Shaul Mofaz, kept Palestinian preparations for their intifada away from the public notice, so as not to upset peace diplomacy.

Israel is living amidst terrorism and intifada so it is no wonder to me that God would speak those things. Former PM Ariel Sharon was Israel’s war hero; and he was in spite of the media’s reckless and biased stories about him. Now that the former PM who is known for his valiance during the past wars that Israel fought since its statehood in 1948, and the present security threats as the hostile neighbors continue to advance their agenda to destroy Israel, it is not surprising that another intifada would ensue. His passing away was greatly celebrated by the enemies and it is just normal for them to think of another uprising against Israel now that he is gone. I believe, however, that this is not what the Father wants and so the warning that we may intercede for both Israel and her enemies.

arielsharon1928-2014Ariel Sharon: Debunking the Media Myths

For those who understand how deeply rooted the hatred of the Palestinians and their kin towards Israel, it  seems futile and impossible to reach out to them in love and peace. And yes, the peace negotiations that the US Secretary of State John Kerry is relentlessly pushing falls short of the kind that the Lord wants. Peace with Israel’s determined enemies is beyond human ability to attain and it is a Biblical fact that such peace cannot be achieved since this hatred towards the Jewish nation is born from the pit of hell. This is not simply a struggle between two conflicting people but one rooted in the devil’s hatred for God.  It is Satan’s hatred and rebellion towards God through these people against Israel with whom He made an everlasting covenant.

Genesis 17:4-8

“As for me, this is my covenant with you: you will be the father of many nations. Your name will no longer be Avram [exalted father], but your name will be Avraham [father of many], because I have made you the father of many nations. I will cause you to be very fruitful. I will make nations of you, kings will descend from you.

 “I am establishing my covenant between me and you, along with your descendants after you, generation after generation, as an everlasting covenant, to be God for you and for your descendants after you. I will give you and your descendants after you the land in which you are now foreigners, all the land of Kena‘an, as a permanent possession; and I will be their God.”

1 Chronicles 16:13-18; 36

13 You descendants of Isra’el his servant,
you offspring of Ya‘akov, his chosen ones:
14 he is Adonai our God,
His judgments are everywhere on earth.
15 Remember his covenant forever,
the word he commanded to a thousand generations,
16 the covenant he made with Avraham;
the oath he swore to Yitz’chak
17 and established as a law for Ya‘akov,
for Isra’el as an everlasting covenant:
18 “To you I will give the land of Kena‘an
as your allotted heritage.”

36 Blessed be Adonai, the God of Isra’el,
from eternity past to eternity future!”

As is written, the battle of Armageddon will take place and its purpose is to wipe off Israel from the face of the earth. Although the result will be victory for Israel as the Messiah himself will come to rescue her, we cannot just sit down and relax and wait for it to happen. The Lord wants us to do something – to pray for the peace of Jerusalem; to pray for them that hate Israel. God who is merciful and just is also concerned for the salvation of these children of Abraham whom the enemy has so deceived. I felt the burden of the Lord for them when on the same evening of January 12 as I was praying, the Holy Spirit took over and led me to pray for a terrorist. I paused as I became aware of what I was praying for. Then I realized that the Lord was praying through me, for a certain terrorist. Whoever he is, I do not know; I just let the Lord move. What seems impossible to us is possible with God; what we cannot naturally do, God can, supernaturally. So, as we pray for Israel in this critical hour, let us also Pray for the Other Sons of Abraham. Let us pray against the real enemy behind all these conflicts among Abraham’s blood descendants.

Psalm 122:6

Pray for shalom in Yerushalayim;
may those who love you prosper.

Love in Yeshua,



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12 thoughts on “A Call to Intercede: Intifida is on the Rise!

  1. Hi Cynthia, Did you ever take a look at the prophecy Rabbi Kaduri made just before his own death concerning the death of Ariel Sharon? He made it before Sharon suffered the massive stroke which resulted in the long coma. If you haven’t, take a look on Youtube. May our God and King shower you with His continual blessings, Pauli x

    • Hi Pauli,

      Yes, I have heard/read of Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy. It seems that prophetic events are converging fast and I believe that the Messiah’s return is closer than ever now.

      God bless you, dear sister.


  2. yeah keep praying for any and all. I hear/read that many muslims are being drawn to Christ and that’s awesome.
    The world is passing away and the lusts thereof and the things will end at the return of Christ but many will be brought out of the world the flesh and the snares of the devil so they don’t have to end on that day aswell, there is much rejoicing in heaven when even 1 sinner repents!

    • Yes, you are right, Bread; many Muslims are getting to know Yeshua/Jesus. I actually met one Palestinian believer in Yeshua in Manila back in 2011 during the annual prayer for Israel. There was also a young Jew who spoke during the event. It was a beautiful thing to witness a Jew and a Palestinian together without the hostility. That’s what the Lord wants to do- bring them together in Him.

      Thanks and blessings…


      • yeah the Lord Jesus’ prayer in john 17 about being one in the Lord and each other..and 1st john and loving one another, and 1st cor 13 and 7, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things..love overcomes the fact that many we encounter daily are outside of Christ..then they are in need of Christ, and there you are as a vessel as led of the Spirit..
        There are many snares of the devil, religions of works, and there are many along with islam, prides, drunkenness, sins of the flesh, all ensnared can be unlocked and set free in Christ and the Lord knows just how to do it too, rejoice always as many will be saved and keep working because many are being saved even now!

  3. Hi Carol, I’m not Cynthia, but this is the prayer that I came up with. It’s printed in this fashion because I print them out on paper and then attach them to index cards and just add them to my daily prayers. I’m sure others can come up with something better, this is what I came up with using a spiritual warfare style of prayer. I’m thinking of doing something like this to pray against Buddhism. I, too, hope Cynthia responds to your question, I’d like to see what she says.
    Father God, I declare that satan & any principalities, powers,
    strongholds, rulers of darkness, religious demons & spiritual
    wickedness in the heavens covering the nations of Islam, I
    bind & cast you out in the name of Jesus. By the Blood of the
    Lamb of God, I bind & cast you out into the abyss & into the
    chains of everlasting darkness in Jesus’ name. I sever the heads
    of these evil strongholds in the name of Jesus & command you to
    GO NOW! Father God, in Jesus’ name, send down Your Holy
    Spirit upon the followers of Islam, upon every moderate &
    every radical terrorist, man, woman & child, whom satan has
    deceived & used to fight against You & our glorious King of
    kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. Father God, please cont-
    inue witnessing to them through powerful dreams & visions in
    the day & in the night. I lift up all of the Muslims in Jesus’ name.


    • Hello John,

      Thanks so much, brother for answering Carol. As I said, I was praying that the Lord would touch someone to answer as I could not get through with my connection problem. Truly He is awesome as He answered by sending you here. Praise His wonderful name. Thank you for posting the prayer.

      God bless, John…


  4. Hi Carol,

    Sorry that I was not able to answer quickly. My internet was performing badly that I could only approve but not able to reply to comments. I was praying that that the Lord would touch someone to answer and praise God, John did. He said the things I would have basically said if I was able to post my answer to you. I am using my tablet as I am out today so it’s difficult to type more. I may post an answer to your question probably in another article as the Holy Spirit leads.

    Blessings in Yeshua,


    Thanks, sister, for coming to the bog and responding to the call to intercede.

  5. Pingback: A Call to Intercede: Intifida is on the Rise! | thefloridianguy.com | Independent Christian News & Views

    • Hi sister,

      Yes, the Muslim’s Islamic stronghold is very much a demonic spirit. Thank you for expressing this truth. Thanks also for sharing with the readers about the ‘demon of spiritual death.’ I encourage everyone to read.

      Blessings to you as well.


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