A Dream: Obama’s Fall to Infamy

Update Nov. 1, 2013

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was startled by a vision of Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel laughing as they were talking about Pres. Obama’s blunders. I believe I don’t need to enumerate what those blunders are as they are all over the news.

As for the Obamacare flop, I recall the vision I had on July 22. BHO and company posed behind a banner for what looked like a picture-taking and I heard that his medical mission failed. Instantly I thought of Obamacare. As I wrote in the article “Repent, Repent America..,” the Lord impressed to me that Obama and his team are an utter failure. Now I realized that while it is true that the Obama administration is a failure, I didn’t quite fully grasp that the first thought about Obamacare as a failure is also very true.

It amazed me how quickly these revelations have come to pass. So far, my visions of Obama’s fall are consistently being fulfilled. But honestly, I am not delighted to see these things coming to pass (and these are not the only ones for there are others which I did not write about except in my journal), as this only means that the more sobering things I am seeing and hearing from the Lord will have their time of fulfillment.

Whatever Obama’s final fall will be, if any, I do not know. But what we are seeing now is only the beginning and that is what bothers me…

Get right with God while He is near. Only in Him is true security.

Love and prayers,



The title of this article is what I sensed in the dream. Obama has fallen into disgrace and infamy.

In my vivid dream this morning, President Obama was supposed to give a speech before a gathered group of people in what looked like a restaurant; but he was unsure of himself. He was not in the usual coat and tie but was wearing a casual attire with a leather jacket on. Everybody’s eyes were on him, anticipating and waiting for him to speak but he was fidgety and reluctant to say anything. He smiled and looked around as if looking for a nod from anyone to boost him up. A few minutes passed and still he could not say anything. The younger audience which I belonged urged the president to speak up whatever it was he had to say, while the older men began to move around dismissing him. The president finally got the microphone and spoke but it seemed too late for except for the very few, everyone else didn’t pay attention. To make things worse, the people’s chatter especially from the older group drowned his less confident voice. People moved around, some talking, some eating and drinking not minding Obama’s speech. I awoke from this scene. It was around 4:30 a.m.

I went back to sleep and the dream continued. Obama was still talking but no one was paying attention. I thought in the dream that it was because of his earlier inconsistencies in taking a stand on matters of global importance that people no longer believe what he is saying and not even interested to hear him now. I thought that his being uncertain of himself before he began to speak further gave away his unreliability as world leader. Then I saw some prominent men which I knew in the dream were world leaders. They came to him and forcefully sat him down on a wheel barrow; then someone pushed the wheelbarrow over to the trash. End of dream.

This wheelbarrow I found on Google Images is similar to what I saw in the dream.

This dream today is a confirmation of the vision I wrote in “The Fallen Obama and the Fall of America.” The message in this dream has been consistent with the messages the Father has given me of the imminent fall of America as the nation continues to depart from God and His righteous laws. Obama’s fall will bring America’s fall as well. The world leaders’ act of pushing him to the trash on a wheelbarrow could mean that the day is coming when the world will no longer respect Obama’s leadership which represents America’s leadership of the world. They will shove America’s leadership aside. Moreover, I believe that the wheelbarrow depicts how the world’s leaders regard Obama’s presidency.

When these things come to pass, we know that the world will not be the same anymore, therefore, keep watch and pray, brothers and sisters. But don’t despair for this only means that our redemption is truly nigh.

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Repent now for time is running short.

Love in Yeshua,



27 thoughts on “A Dream: Obama’s Fall to Infamy

  1. A leader’s weakness…reflecting America’s impending ruin and weakness.
    I often read Revelation chapters 17 and 18 and keep in mind that the world hates us as true
    believers. This will mount up in fury even in our America. Thanks Cynthia

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  3. I have to be clear that I have nothing against America, more so because the US helped my nation, the PHILIPPINES, gain back its freedom as a nation from the clutches of the invading forces of Japan.

    But America, the world’s Big Brother and world’s policeman, and its leaders, had to fall into infamy. This is within God’s will. Their fall is not because of God’s doing but because of their far departure from all Godliness (I need to place that capital “G” to emphasize the God we refer to who is the God of Israel who also takes residence in my heart).

    The unbelieving, the disobedient and the ungodly America unknowingly is becoming the glaring sign to us that the LORD’s sovereign will over the affairs of the world and of Israel will be done sooner because the coming (but failed) invasion of Israel by Russia – a powerful nation that is referred as “from the far north” together with the other nations with them as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 can only take place if Israel will lose its great ally America to defend her. So time is coming for America that they will become too weak and too insignificant in world affairs, which is part of God’s judgement upon them.

    Time will come that America will stop issuing credit guarantees for Israel and they will stop supporting Israel’s military to defend itself because they will consider it too burdensome to their economy, aside from the internal political pressure and influence from the Muslim Americans who profess open hatred against God’s Chosen People – the Hebrews.

    Assuming that the United States of America will still exist and their States not be disunited and dismembered by a great civil war in their land, the total weakening of America will be a signal to the other ungodly nations who has the resources to go to war will unite to invade Israel.

    The “hooks in the jaws” of Russia could be the newly discovered huge offshore natural gas deposits that can make Israel compete Russia to become the leading natural gas supplier of the world, or to Europe specifically.

    But based on the accounts in Ezekiel 38 of future events, these invaders from the far north will be defeated, not by a single shot from Israel’s military forces, but by the “hot anger and fiery wrath of God that will be aroused” so that the invading troops will kill each other due to confusion while the torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur overwhelm the attacking forces of the world, while all the peoples of the world tremble at the presence of God to the point that they will know and realize that He is The LORD.

    The accounts prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 are already running parallel to current world events concerning Israel and the Middle East.

    Indeed our redemption is truly nigh. Maranatha! It’s only a matter of time. Let’s hold fast to our faith.

    • Hi Totie,

      Well said. I concur with your observations. America’s fall leaves Israel without a defender. It is necessary that Israel be left without any ally to look up to and depend for their fate and thus, they will look to Him whom they have pierced. They will cry out to Him and the Lord will come to their aid as has always been.

      God bless…


      • Thank you dear Sister Cynthia, and I never imagined that what you saw in your dream would unfold too soon. Read this political analysis published today: “US reliability questioned overseas” http://globalnation.inquirer.net/87145/us-reliability-questioned-overseas. I got chills that ran down from the top of my head straight down to my toes when I read it. I have goose bumps all over my body!

        A few days back, Obama was pushing for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact which he is supposed to discuss with 11 other leaders during the APEC Summit in Bali, Indonesia on Monday October 7, 2013. This new huge trading bloc, billed as THE biggest 21st century trade agreement which accounts 40% of the world trade, is vital to America’s rebalancing strategy towards Asia designed to counterbalance the growing economic influence of China in the Asia-Pacific region.

        But Obama cancelled his trip at the last minute, as if Air Force One got no money enough to fuel the jet, to the dismay of the APEC Leaders who are now questioning America’s reliability as an ally.

        Obama is not only so unsure of himself but he is fast becoming like a nobody in the world stage and it appears he is so confused and does not know what he is doing anymore as President. When he announced that he is cancelling his trip to the APEC Summit, he announced that he is sending John Kerry, his Secretary of State, instead of Penny Pritzker, his Secretary of Commerce who is the most appropriate person to take up this trade pact with APEC leaders! So surprising, but no, because we knew it in advance.

        Keep being faithful to the ministry that God has called you these days. God bless you and protect you.

  4. Hi Cynthia,

    Well, there is certainly much evidence that Obama is losing any standing he had on the world stage. His latest efforts have been much criticized by his own government. I read comments by 2 former defence secretaries saying he should not have consulted congress and needed to follow up after drawing the red line. He has been mocked by the Russian President. America is sure not looking good under his leadership.

    Cynthia, I went to the Lord today for a word of encouragement for a friend and He asked me why I had not sent out this prophetic warning He had given me yesterday. I am looking at it, hesitating out of fear, thinking is this right? Well, who am I to question what the Lord God Almighty says? So here it is and you and the readers must discern for yourselves if I have indeed heard from the Lord. It does seem to line up with your last posting about preparing for war.

    Lamentations 1 Please read this chapter as it came first before the word.

    I will remember My people in America/Babylon. I will remember My faithful. And I will lead them out of the land. For it is soon to become a ruinous heap. That great land that once flowed with milk and honey is now in shadow. For I speak not just of America. But of the Holy Land given to the tribe of Judah. She now flows with the preparations of war. And so too does America. Very shortly will come the complete destruction of Damascus. And all who know their scriptures will pay attention to this. For they will know that these are the final days and the countdown will have begun. What the saints do not know is that the one is linked to the other. For when Damascus falls, so shall America have a fall. She will fall in the Fall. The retaliations will begin. And Israel will enter the war. She has not been at war with Syria but at this point there will be a World War. Russia will arm Syria as always. The Palestinian people will see this as a good time to take what they believe is theirs. I will not tolerate for them to take the land which I promised to the tribe of Judah. Therefore I will fight for Israel. There will be much tribulation upon the earth.

    Perhaps other readers have had words or dreams along these lines? I would certainly welcome comments, positive or otherwise.
    I don’t put this out there lightly. I am aware that we are accountable for what we say while at the same time, required to be obedient to His voice.
    You are so bold and faithful to write what the Lord gives you, sister. You have emboldened me to do likewise. Keep at it. The Father sees your faithfulness and He will reward it. Much love and blessing to you.


    • Hi Alison,

      Sorry for the very late answer.

      Thank you for your obedience in sharing the message. God has been warning and we know that each day that passes brings us closer to the day of reckoning. The timing, however, we really do not know at this point. If America falls in the Fall, we don’t know which year that specifically is. Last year when Fall was approaching, I kept hearing about it in the spirit. I thought that Israel would destroy Iran’s nukes in the Fall and indeed, Netanyahu was on the verge of ordering a strike in October if not for Obama’s intervention. So many things took place and so many false alarms. Now we are seeing another twist again in the Middle East but we have to be careful to not be carried away unnecessarily as God is in control. The very thing the Father impressed to me as I was praying about two weeks ago was that we must pray against the counterfeit prophecy of the coming of the Islamic Messiah which Iran is so entrenched with. It is not their prophecy that should command the events of the day but the coming of the true Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua, to accomplish the Father’s established will and purposes for the salvation of many and the punishment of those who stubbornly reject Him and all doers of wickedness.

      Thank you for the encouragement, dear sister.

      Love and blessings,


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  6. Dear Cynthia,
    We see this kind of thing in corporations. They will hire a man to be the ‘big guy’. To fire people or make their lives miserable until they quit. Then when he is done doing all the ‘dirty work’ they let him go. It’s actually a sad kind of thing, to think that your the ‘big guy’ when all you are is a dirty rag being used. This is why we pray, “FATHER have mercy” on all of us because “all fall short of the glory of YAHWEY.”
    Peace sister,

  7. American leaders are now trying to find a common ground between Capitol Hill and the White House to come up with a financial solution to America’s deepening economic woes but their problem is not really about the economy but it is about their rejection of God.

    Ron Kenoly said it well in his soulful song ‘RETURN TO RIGHTEOUSNESS AMERICA!’ [see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17YSPnW4lTQ%5D.

    • Hi Toti,

      Thanks for the comment and for sharing this link to Ron Kenoly’s timely song. I concur and it’s sad as we can see and hear almost everyday how America is headed fast to her destruction.

      God bless.


  8. Unfortunately, nowhere in the Biblical “End Times” prophecies is there any mention of the “King of the West.” Couple more notable current events. Even America has seemingly turned her back on Israel. Never thought I’d see it happen. Also, Egypt is now attempting to align with Russia. Israel is slowing being surrounded…

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