Peace, Be Still! Know that I AM God

Vision: 3:58 p.m.

I closed my eyes and told myself to be still in the Lord. I recited and meditated, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul…”

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While meditating on the Word and focusing my thoughts on the Lord, I drifted into a vision. I saw and heard myself talking to a child, telling her to be quiet and listen. Then I saw the Lord as He held the hands of a little child (I knew that the child was me), looked at her reassuringly, while I heard myself said to the child I spoke to, “Heard the sound of heaven’s bells?” My spirit heard a beautiful sound that I knew was from heaven though I didn’t hear it with my ears.

I snapped awake. Peace flooded my troubled soul.

I have struggled and my mind could not rest as I keep remembering the things I thought I did wrong to someone. All this gift of discernment, seeing beyond and hearing things in the spirit sometimes make me shudder as it did recently. It is especially difficult when the revelation affects someone close to my heart. The spiritual person in me knows the voice of the Spirit and I cannot resist what He shows me and tells me to do. The natural man, however, is resistant and fearful. In this incident I obeyed the Lord and did what the Spirit commanded me to do, that is, to speak of what I saw and heard from the Lord. I have no doubt that I did the right thing. But the natural person remains opposed to what I have done. I struggled and battled with the conflicting thoughts between my spirit and my flesh.

The fearful natural person that I am keeps telling me to hide and quit, stay away from the things of the spirit and go, find a normal life to live. This war within has caused me much strain. The natural seemed to have gotten an upper hand as I kept telling the Lord that it must have been better if I just lived my life quietly with my children; it would have been better if I would not be involved with anybody and let me see anything I have no pleasure of seeing; and yes, I said I’d quit all this prophetic ministry, get out of everybody’s way and move on with no one but the Lord alone.

My mind was in this state of turmoil when the Lord gave me His word, “Peace, be still! Know that I AM God.” It was then that I told myself to be still in the Lord and recited and meditated those verses above from Psalm 23. Such message from the Lord and the vision are His wonderful way of pacifying my troubled heart and mind.

To my dear friend whom I have caused much trouble by the things I saw and shared with, thank you for understanding. I know you have been so affected but I will not be a true friend to you if I kept them to myself. If anything happens to you because I did not tell you those things you are unaware of, I may not be able to forgive myself, and worse, I may indeed quit.

Proverbs 27:6

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”

Love in Yeshua,



8 thoughts on “Peace, Be Still! Know that I AM God

  1. We have died to this world. As Apostle Paul, we boast of the Cross of Messiah in every practical way as we walk about in our body. Years ago I saw myself being tortured in a type of
    domestic prison. Death was near. Years before that I faced possible death through a “normally” fatal heart attack. But our Lord is in infinite control for His abundant purposes.
    We live in Him and for Him.
    Thank you for your honesty and courage in sharing your Spirit experiences..

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    Cheer, I got email from you… I was in peace while I clicked it, and opened up, I read the words you shared us… I knew exact what you mean, I have been there and gone through the same… He keeps speaking me to be strong and courage… He said I shall not failed… I knew what you wrote about… it is has nothing to do with you, but in battles from satan trying to make you guilty…

    I am in peace what you wrote the articles what God showed you… those messages were for them, and me too… it was His Warning… yet you had nothing done wrong… you did and had to do with led by Holy Spirit. Remember Jesus said not to judge another, included yourself…

    Sometime I thought and hated what I did done to another, but later found out it was fed my thought by satan, I resisted and overcame it. I keep going with leading by Holy Spirit and make it with my faith and confidence in Him.

    I tell you truth that you are indeed Child of God and I perceived His Anointing in you completely… Like He is in you, and you are in Him also, Remember of Jesus’ Testimony speaking about it.

    Look at me, I wrote in this message while I am deaf, spite that I am uneducated, communication barrier, timid, imperfect, not very well with English writing due to lack of communication and picking the words in my thought… my thought and write like child way with basic words something like that…. I am 48 years old, but He answered and responded saying “YOU CAN DO IT!” I was surprised and wondered after I told Him what I was and I had… it was in 1998.

    Weeks or months later, I was led by Holy Spirit with miracles to encourage and heal another I wrote what He showed me. Amazing how His Ways led me to many people… some of them rejected me, I forgave and thanked Him for them… it was their choices not me or Him… He showed exact what He wanted me to write note to most hearing people, and very few deaf people I met from VA to CA for 15 years…

    It was most painful path and have been torment by satan who has been fought me constantly, but God is faithful and never leaves me alone nor let me fall off… Now I am survived through my faith in Him daily without ceasing.

    I am rejoiced in Him always while I have good or bad times…. With Rejoice lifts me higher to sky like Eagles! (See Phil 4:4-9)

    I see what God sees that you are in deep battles from satatn… I ENCOURAGE you to look up to sky where He is, He is still with you and for you always! I will pray for you to be strong and be courage…. Remember of Job… he refused to give up and trust Him with all of his heart while 3 guys criticized him, while one guy was between Job and 3 guys, he was listened and defended Job rebuking them something like that, I cannot remember it all, I have short term memory… My dad said to remember of Job, before he passed away… I realized God used him to speak out to encourage me about Job. It was in 1998… Now I understand clearly what Job was about and his suffers… you know what I mean… Smile…

    Now, you never failed or misled another… I perceived what you did and had to with leading by Holy Spirit. You did what I did the same… many despite and hate to hear His Truths through us! They hate Him before us…. You have to keep going on the path He directs you.

    I love you my sister! So do God does to you wholly! Remember Rejoice in Him All the Times!

    Blessing and Agape, Andrew

  3. Cynthia, as we have already noted the similar trials we have endured for our faith and the prophetic call on our lives, I pray that you accept the encouragement that – though I know you do not rejoice that I am going through similar trials – but know that there is a Sister who very much understands the battle you have described. I am about to embark on the last leg of a two week journey of road travels born of my Grandma’s stroke, then passing, while my Dad was in the hospital in the next State. I am physically and emotionally worn out, and haven’t stayed in the Word or in prayer like I usually do … but have sensed the Lord “telling me” to enjoy the time with family. Yet, I have struggled over a family situation in which I had previously offended a family member whom I came face to face with via my Grandma’s ordeal, by my comment to her post to MY facebook that is theologically the American churchianity – Laodicean beliefs that I am called to speak about. I tried during this family tragedy to step toward this person, but to no avail – she is very hardhearted toward me. That breaks my heart and it makes me want to stop “losing” people to this ministry of prophetic warning… but I know that to not warn is the most unloving thing I can do. As I was praying, contemplating the timing of my Gma’s passing (after having wanted to come out to see her for her 90th in May, but not being given provision), I have been given, as I have been around my extended family, a peace about the seeds of warning and truth I have sown into them for years… and a release from my responsibility for their decisions in these last days before the Lord comes. This is the same release I finally was given over the matters that have led to my children’s choices to join their Dad’s divorce and attacks on me and accusations of my beliefs being cultic. But, yes, the flesh wants to say “if only I had not preached the Word” then they would all still love me – but the Lord warned us clearly that the Gospel brings division. The bottom line for me is that the peace (with God) that passes understanding is worth pursuing – because it is a pursuit of HIM. And absolutely nothing – no human relationship, nor any material item or life activity – can bring the deep satisfaction that knowing Him and, even, the fellowship of His suffering, brings to the soul. Press on, Sister. The high calling we have to look forward to is that moment when our Lord says “well done, good and faithful servant”. Hallelujah & Maranatha!

  4. You gave a beautiful testimony. I so struggle with the call on my life the situation I am in and the horrible circumstances spiritual onslaughts and wounds from myself my family and those in the house of God. You bring me hope. In the last post you told me not to be afraid to post the discerning will know so fearfully yet once again I will post. within the confines of time and constraints of the Body of Christ and those of his world indeed even spiritual foes. I see many testifying to being shown things. Many seem right on and parts and pieces to what A.A.allen saw. God has a patteren of not only showing things to come but quite possibly using prophets to not only warn but pronounce. In Stanley frodshams prophecy 1965 A prophet and traveling companion to smith wigglsworth (free on web) which I threw away so many times each time many godly brothers and sisters brought it back before me until I finally sad o.k. Lord and have carried it for years. The statement is made how shall I judge the world if I have not judged my own house. Why do I mention this well as judgement increases both upon the world and the church. A bride must come forth consisting of a remnant of people. Judgement and order are coming to the church. I would post what I saw in 2011 have been preparing for and fighting to stay alive to attempt to fulfill Gods course for me. Submitted for your discernment. This may be one of the most glorious and fearful times to live in. Paul said judgement begins in the house of God. What is a church without spot or blemish likely a remnant of all professing. unfortunately I have been in the wilderness awhile the rev was 2011 around 2012 I heard it’s time so this may well have to do with the next several years. The first part It is written we are not to grieve quench or grieve the Holy Spirit. This is what I saw and heard. I heard again much of the next generation has been neglected My people do not understand them many shall not enter into the next move. After a period of time As I was driving down the road three times as I passed three different churches on the highway I saw one in the with with the whitest of hair I could not see His face I was overwhelmed by the greif and mourning and I watched although driving down the road time stopped for a brief moment I saw deep weeping and an unexplainable amount of huge streams of tears such mourning almost greif stricken. I dropped the passenger in the car off and went to seeking God. Very clearly I heard Scott for every house of a hundred there are 100 gifts. ( I remember thinking God gives gifts severally as He wills and all may prophecy it’s written not that many ministers allow it or give training concerning it but it’s written) I also heard ten churches of a 100 can accomplish what a church of a thousand can possibly more as they may give sacrificially as the would probably know each other in the smaller churches. I went back to pick up my passenger from the store I walked in and lost my peace I went back out to the car and sat there and prayed in tongues after a long while my passenger comes out and says you wouldn’t believe what happened. Short version someone was led to the kingdom and helped concerning the loss of their child. There are 5 ministries as gifts to the Body they are numbered by God. I do not believe they are to apply any authority apart from Gods direction but all where called to be supported by the Body and to equip and mature biblical disciples. On a large measure it is going undone but since the Lord is coming for a people without Spot or blemish. The next part came later in the year this was it. I have no words to express the mercy of God, although called to ministry I am still a work in progress. During the month of October 2011 for a period of around several MONTHS I would have a series of dreams And visions. I really struggled as to publicly present what I saw. God loves every single one of His children and always desires mercy He is so worthy of praise. I will present what I saw that day., and ask that you prayerfully judge it. I was driving down I-75 one day and had a vision it was a large church surrounded by mist made of what appeared to be marble. So I asked what is this Lord a cell in the body? No. the following week for some reason I asked driving down the road at a strong unction Lord what do you think of denominations. Very shortly after that I heard the tower of babel, I must confess I knew about it but decided to go home and read the story. Because of the world unity and focus of man God had chosen to mix their languages and divide them. I then realized that satan could not outdo God so through the pride of man he sought to imitate Him. Denominations came forth. I began to seek God for scriptural confirmation as to the meaning of this. And this is what I found. 1 Corinthians 1:1 through 31 1 Corinthians 11:18 through 19 1 Corinthians 3:1 through 3:31 Again as I was driving down the road I felt impressed what do you think about denominations? I heard the rebellion of Korah. I again went to my bible to seek understanding. This will be a short summary. Isaiah 9:6 Jesus said John 14:17 thru john 14:21 and john 14:26 john 16:13 john 9:31 john 10:16 we are those sheep. Hebrews 3:7 thru Hebrews 3:15 as in the rebellion .Numbers 12:1 we see an argument between church leadership. God addresses Miriam although she must have heard from God He addresses her rebellion in defense of His Prophet Moses and tells Miriam before she is judged rebellion with Numbers 12:6 establishing His authority is His choice and under His care. Now the book of Jude gives warning concerning Balaam and the rebellion . And that the end says Jude 1:22 and 1:23 the Greek word echo means they disjoined themselves. Jude 1:4 they had received the grace of God. They corrupted themselves some may still be saved. Israel where Gods chosen people. Mathew 22:5 thru 22:14 Hebrews 2:1 thru 2:6 Hebrews 12:25 thru 12:29 Having learned all this I would be asleep one night and see a very large city made of the same material as the church in the vision. Everything was emanating light. I stood at a great distance it seemed as if this city covered every square inch of a table It was surrounded by utter darkness, Before you know it I am being flown into the city as I approach I am rounding a corner and am even with the second or third story of the building the streets are made of the same type as the buildings two men where in a hurry and had a cart loaded down with provision they where full of joy and rounding the corner at a high rate of speed and purpose almost drunken with joy and zeal. I knew that to continue down that path would put them in utter darkness. And yet they where happy and in a hurry to do exactly that the only thing I could say was fools. I was suddenly back where I started looking at the city and heard look up. As I looked above the city there was utter darkness, I then looked at the sides of the city it had covered the table there was no room to build out In any direction I heard looking up into the darkness I heard myself say well Lord if we are going to build we will have to build up but up there is principalities and powers we will just have to deal with them.The next several days I was overwhelmed by what I had seen and heard. I sought God for several weeks on this. For a week straight I was led to Isaiah 6 I had developed internal bleeding no insurance forgave the docter not knowing extent of damage no insurance I lay on the floor for a week first several days fighting for a miracle. No insurance no money no Christians to help. This was it I would not trouble my family they had done so much for me. by evening I would be rolling around screaming and moaning in tears and pain bleeding. after the first several days my plea was not for healing but death daily until one day I woke up not bleeding with considerably less pain. For almost a little over a half a day all I could do was scream Holy Holy Holy and praise God. He eventually answered my plea for death which I still try not to ask for with this response. This is not just about you get to those people. Which is an entirely different testimony.part of this was to me telling me to move I continue on but funny thing about being in the wilderness for years I would hear three things many times .I have a remnant ,never put the gifts before the giver and don’t ever put the ministry before the master almost monthly for several years like a drill sargent. The last part of Isaiah some translations read a remnant will be left .I sought the Lord again. Why did I say fools I wrestled with this for around two month s. Isaiah 5:18 thru 5:21 would seem to be the answer even then I was unsure again I was having dreams and vision of a book after several months as I slept the book was open and this is what I saw ONE CHURCH ONE SPIRIT ONE BAPTISIM. Three line the message of the remnant seems to be pretty common today but if you study out the doctrine of the remnant great Judgment always came with it. I believe it was Mariah Woodworth Etter who made every move of God because she had not become wise in her own eyes ignore every other fivefold office and leaned to the arm of the flesh to build Gods kingdom for Him. I have a tape someone brought me several years ago as I struggled as God was apparently teaching me some of those hard things paul taught that have eternal reprucussions many do not speak about at this period of time. it gave me enough encouragement to move forward in learning in a Godly fear and understanding many like the Lamb but ignore the Lion and just as many disciples turned back on Jesus it will happen again. Many claiming God is no respecter of persons and yet ignoring Jesus response to Peters question what of this man Lord? He was givien an assignment unto death as well as Paul which clearly reveals aspect of the Father and the Son. anyway Kenneth Hagin tape 1988 I really don’t know if he hit the ground or the pulpit you just hear a thud and he began to prophecy revival will not come through denominations for they will go right on doing what they have always done God will bless those with a heart for him in a measure but I will not be able to let rest my blessing upon it because they have their plan and their own own agenda. God will raise up a new army and they will follow me and be obedient to my Spirit of one heart and one accord. 1 Peter 4:17 thru 4:18 Luke 13:24 thru 13:28 Mathew 7:21 thru 7:22 I Remember our greatest reward is to Know Him intimately. This is eternal life that I may know Him as Paul states and that we may Know Him as Jesus stated. I believe many are using life abundantly in a way that sometimes denies Gods will and promotes covetesnous. A dangerous deception can result from this. If I may comment some instructions in the bible have been ignored so long. I truly do not believe many even having read them consider them disrespectful to God and sinful in His sight. Sadly as we aproach the end of time God has a scriptural patteren of coming to a point He will not wink at things any longer but dispatch His servents to warn one last time before severe and possibly eternal judgement comes. So final conclusion is this the end no Smith wigglsworth hugged a young lester summral as He left England and described the last two major moves of God there was a third that surpases both put together which if I am headed the right direction brings me to the other prophecy I kept throwing away but intercessors at random would bring back into my life. Tommy Hicks the end time vision. This is the best I can present at the time I hope you all have considered it worthy of reading be blessed Scott

  5. Oh, I cried when I read this. The tears filled my eyes, as I so know what this is like. I too hear these words, “TELL THEM! TELL THEM!” Over and over they echo through my heart and mind. I meditate on Romans 6, by way of chapter 5, taking separate verses, and confessing them out loud in order to keep the body(of sin, the flesh) under me. I meditate on faith scriptures, but not long ago, I missed an opportunity to tell. I repented. Yet, I felt miserable.Humbled and broken, I asked the Lord, What’s it going to take, Lord, for me to obey instantly and every time? What’s it going to take?” My thought was that I must be weak in faith, so I determined to confess faith scriptures. God spoke out in answer to this, though I hadn’t asked. “You don’t have a problem with faith, Paula. Don’t lose your confidence.” My confidence. hmmm-mm. I wasn’t certain what He meant by confidence, until some research on this word and it’s meaning caused me to realise that most times in the Word confidence means boldness, or being bold. Bingo! That’s what He meant. Be bold. Take risks. I then began confessing “The righteous are as bold as a lion”. Since then I’ve discovered still further that I am not bold in myself just like I’m not anything and cannot do anything in myself. It is IN Christ Jesus, through Him that I am bold, for without Him I can do nothing. I pray the prayer of the believers found in Acts 4 for myself. Always I pray the Ephesians prayers, and I pray that He grants unto me according to His riches in glory the power to be made mighty through His Spirit in my inner man. These prayers are answered.

    Hang onto that joy, Cynthia, no matter how much your heart aches. No demon or man can steal it from you. Tap into it in troubled times ,and continue to tap in. The joy of the Lord is your strength, my friend.

    May the shalom of our Savior fill your heart this day and every day. Amen! Hallelu-JAH!
    Yours, Pauli x

  6. Wow, Cynthia… Just this week I went through this!!! I shared what I saw in a dream and the person was offended and became defensive and now it is awkward. I too have struggled, wondering if my dream was prophetic at all or if I misunderstood my dream… But I realize it is now out of my hand and the Lord Himself will make all things good. He can handle it.

  7. Cynthia:

    This reflects the dear sister you are. Your heart, loving, keenly feels these things. As does God’s heart.

    I am no expert in this area, but I encourage you to stay close to Jesus and followw His call as you have been. Many will not take your words well, and are unwise. For God speaks through you. I don’t claim you or anyone but Jesus is perfect, least of all me.

    But God, the great I AM, will bring you through this and at the proper time bring you home to fully be with Him.

    For now, remember that while your joy and sorrow are your own, and no one can share them with you, There are brothers, sisters and [holy] angels to walk alongside you and minister to you.

    Others are far better here than I. But I pray this small note still is a help, however small.

    God bless you,

    -Gordon Wood

  8. To my dear brothers and sisters who responded to this post with great encouragement, my heartfelt thanks to you all; Thank you for understanding and sharing your own experiences. Thank you for the added inputs too.

    In fairness with the friend I refer to in this article, I want to make it clear that this is not about something he has done wrong; rather, it is about something going on without him being aware that may impair his ministry and calling if left unchecked. I thank the Father that in His awesome omniscience and omnipotence revealed the matter to me albeit in the most difficult way.

    Blessings everyone,


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