America’s Judgment is Imminent: Another Vision

Two days ago as I was interceding for America, the Holy Spirit gave me these words in Isaiah 13:19-22:

The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, a paint...

The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, a painting by John Martin (painter), died 1854, thus 100 years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

19 Thus Bavel, that jewel of kingdoms,
the pride and glory of the Kasdim,
will be like S’dom and ‘Amora
when overthrown by God.
20 It will never again be inhabited,
never lived in through all generations.
Arabs will not pitch tents there
nor shepherds bring their flocks.
21 But wildcats will lie there,
their houses will be full of owls,
ostriches will live there,
and wild goats will dance there.
22 Jackals will howl in their palaces
and wild dogs in their temples of delight.
Its time is close at hand,
its days will not last long.

Yesterday I heard my father hummed “God Bless America again. Most often when I would hear that song audibly or in the spirit, the Lord would give me a message about America. I made mention of this song in some articles I wrote about the nation.  The song also preceded the vision I had of an oblivious man hit by a train which I wrote here, A Prophetic Vision: America’s Destruction is at Hand!; so when I heard that song yesterday, I asked God what could be the message this time?

Last night as I was in bed praying, my spiritual eyes caught the American flag untidily spread in the middle of the road. When the vision came into focus, I was struck as it was actually a woman dressed or covered in American Flag sprawling on not just any road but a railroad track. I gasped at the thought that she was there to be run over by the coming train.

The message to me is clear. The judgment due for America is imminent. The song of blessing has become a song of curse as the Lord uses it to announce a dire message for the nation who once was so blessed and now is cursed as she rebelled and rejected the One who blessed her and made her great above all the nations of the earth in this generation.

The message in this vision is consistent with the earlier vision that the Father gave me around two weeks ago, specifically in the early morning of June 11. I woke up to hear, “This is America… approval for the final verdict!” As I heard that, I saw the defiant reaction of the people. I could feel the tension as I saw the anger in their faces. They were stubborn and would not budge despite the announcement for the approval of the final verdict.

On the evening of May 25, the Lord laid heavily upon my heart to intercede for America because He has removed the hedge of protection over the nation. As I prayed, this was His message to me:

“America’s walls have fallen as she has given herself over to the powers of the enemy in continued wickedness.  She has no more shame. She doesn’t blush at her perversion and violence. Through her blind leaders she continues to turn upside down what is right, calling evil good and good evil  and multitudes are following. The enemy laughs at her ignorance that while she exerts herself in pride she actually gives the devil more power to destroy her. Watch and do not wonder when you see and hear increasing news of disasters, accidents and violence for I have removed My protection from her. My protection now is only for those who are truly mine. Everyone is vulnerable and the devil has no mercy. Only when the person comes to Me will he/she be safe. Pray, pray for My people in America that they will remain steadfast in Me. Pray that they will not be swept away by the evil that is spreading like wildfires across the nation. Pray for their loved ones to heed the call and come to Me for hardships and difficulties will only increase until the final hour. Pray that people will listen and come to Me for time is running short.”

For the discerning, the words of the Lord are trustworthy. But for the wicked, these words do not mean anything. As I saw in the vision, those gripped with darkness in their hearts will not heed but will continue to defy the Living God and His message. How else will the righteous and holy God deal with a nation who daily clamors for total freedom from Him and His moral laws to follow sensuality and lust? It is sad to see the nation that once was spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the nations including my own, now fighting God in every way possible by turning away from righteousness and setting the trend for all forms of wickedness.

How long will God’s patience hold back His judgment? Truly He is a merciful God, slow to anger and abounding in love that He still spreads His arms for those who will listen and return to Him. God has repeatedly warned the nation over the years but soon the warnings will end and the final judgment comes. May those who have ears to hear, hear now and repent.

Love in Yeshua.


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42 thoughts on “America’s Judgment is Imminent: Another Vision

  1. Yes it is True America have forgotten God .God is warning ,and the signs are to be seen ,but the people are ignorant to see them.We have only to Pray for this people to repent they sins. And to wake up

    • Thank you, Mercy, for confirming the message. Yes, we need to continue to pray for people to repent with the little time left. God can still draw them until the last minute.

      God bless…

  2. I have a kindred Spirit with you. These words are true. There is no time left. The dismantling is occurring now…very systematically. The reserve currency status of the dollar will ultimately be removed. This will shake our economy like no other time period and America will not be a world power or leader. She has fallen victim and He will not stop the plan against America that will disable its ability to stop or compromise New World Order. America was in the way. She has been a part/victim of great planning to remove her. Christianity is the target. Letting every immorality out of the closets in exchange for placing true Christianity into the closet was always a must. The true Christian Character of our Nation is its strength. The world leaders know this and they know adulteration of the truth brings about destruction because its in 2Peter. The devil is using the Word of God as a tool of witchcraft. He knows a house divided within will fall. He started the division of America inside the church first. The People only ultimately followed the churches lead. While John Wesley is considered a great godly man…he created limits and divisions with denominationalism that spread like fires through the church. Our great Nation has more churches than any place on earth but we are divided. Walls of docrine and religion that have no origin in God set the pace and standard for the rest of the country. Now we sit back and say how can this happen?

    The WORD is good for reproof and Doctrine. Those words are in RED. No one was ever given Authorship to change Gods own Architecture. These were the purple robe and golden sash leaders of their day. This division was sewn into the purity of Snow White truth. These black threads of contamination have caused us to be taught wrongly over many years. Discipleship taught so many different ways by men who were never disciples themselves. It they were…they would all teach intimacy with the only ONE that matters. He alone would be the students All in All but we have become more like the dirt than the breath. We look to the side for things we have made. We look at better hospitals, better doctors, better medicines, better cures, better ways. We seek ourselves not realizing its the Breath, not the dirt that holds all things together. Peter didnt look to the right for a life jacket or to the left for a life boat. His gaze was fixed upon Jesus. He didnt think He could walk on water but He knew Jesus can and he knew Gods love for him would hold him up and it did. Yes..he looked away for a nano second and Im glad he did. What a perfect example of what happens but how quickly his eyes returned to the One he had hope in. Jesus if only we your children in these United States would not look away. If only our eyes would stay fixed upon you.

    “Do not allow your heads to be turned or your path to be bent.”

    Great calamity is coming but Jesus said: I know MY Children and they know ME, and they know MY VOICE. These will be given wings and rise up as eagles. The greatest feats will occur in the most difficult times. Do not look away! It is time!

    • Hi brw01,

      Thank you for the confirmation, and above all, for the profound truth you shared. I so agree with you. Intimacy with the Lord should have been the center of all teachings for He is actually the heart of the Gospel. How we truly need to fix our eyes on Him as He alone is able to keep us from falling away…


  3. Dear Cynthia,
    It is imperitive that each believer listen very carefully to the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is crucial that each deal quickly with anything that is gripping at your heart. Just like Lot’s wife who looked back, each believer must count the cost of pure obedience to KING YAHSHUA at this time! Matthew 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” I write that, because having gone through a deeply personal experience lately, I can testify that we cannot hang onto anything or anyone we love. A couple weeks ago when I asked the LORD where we are at, HE told me Isaiah 5:9 In mine ears said the LORD of hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair, without inhabitant.” then a few days later, after much prayer, I received an email from a brother about another matter, but in capital letters he said, NO TIME.

    • Sorry, something messed up on the comment section…I also wanted to add that it was placed on my heart that my blog (the LORD’s really), Testify, that I was to shut it down! That no more could be said. However, FATHER YAHWEY holds time in HIS hands, and just as HE set Peter free from prison and warned believers in the book of Acts of coming faimon, HE will provide, but you believer GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER!!

      • Deirdre,

        As the Father’s instruction is personal to each one of us, I believe He has His reason for letting you shut the blog down. As for me, He still has much for me to do on this blog, though I already know that these warning messages for America will soon come to an end. I am not just sure when, but I am obeying Him one step at a time. I have the feeling though that since you are in the midst of Babylon/America, and since you have already prepared spiritually for what is coming, you may now focus on your loved ones, yes, your house, to get it in order.

        God bless…

    • Hi Deirdre,

      Thank you for sharing what the Father revealed to you. I believe that He speaks to us individually and so indeed, it is imperative to seek Him earnestly and hear what He has to say in this critical hour.

      The Lord also gave me the same message in Matth. 10:37 weeks ago when I was faced with some personal issues too. Yes, I made the decision to obey God fully regardless of the cost, even if that means losing the people I hold dear in my heart. But God is faithful, when we give them up to Him, He takes care of them for us and sure will not forget them for our sake when the day of trouble comes. Take the lesson from Lot and his family. God remembered Lot because of Abraham; and the angels who took Lot from out of Sodom asked Lot for other family members.

      Genesis 19:12-14; 29
      12 The men said to Lot, “Do you have any people here besides yourself? Whomever you have in the city — son-in-law, your sons, your daughters — bring them out of this place; 13 because we are going to destroy it. Adonai has become aware of the great outcry against them, and Adonai has sent us to destroy it.” 14 Lot went out and spoke with his sons-in-law, who had married his daughters, and said, “Get up and leave this place, because Adonai is going to destroy the city.” But his sons-in-law didn’t take him seriously.

      29 But when God destroyed the cities of the plain, he remembered Avraham and sent Lot out, away from the destruction, when he overthrew the cities in which Lot lived.

      We can trust that God will give them last minute chance for our sake. Let us, thus, pray that they won’t refuse as the sons-in-law did and perished when the Lord overthrew the Cities of the Plain.

      Love and blessings,

      • Tears welled up in my heart and eyes as I read this post. I have prayed for my children since before they were born! They are all three ensnared by the treachery of their wolf in sheep’s clothing ex-pastor biological father. Even my step-children from my marriage to a believer are caught into the scheming web of the ex-spouse, a man used by the enemy to try to destroy me. My eldest is apparently deeply ensnared in a military based cultic association that “looks good” on the outside, but within is full of rituals of death and violence. As I read the following about the firefighters who died in Arizone: “As a last-ditch effort at survival, Hotshot crew members are trained to dig into the ground and cover themselves with the tent-like shelter made of fire-resistant material, Fraijo said. The hope in that desperate situation is that the fire will burn over them and they will survive”building the shields of their expertise” …… I thought about the contrast of mankind depending on the expertise, wisdom, or shields of man vs. the protection of Psalm 91 which I pray over my family. The eldest son is listed as a “fireman” in his branch and tends to be self-reliant in his attitudes about God, life, etc.. I will not fear. I will walk by faith. I trust in the Lord, for He is good all the time. Oh, Father, I thank you for your plans to rescue these our children. And, yes, may they respond when the moment comes as surely as it will.

  4. Yesterday, I read of the DOMA decision affecting Proposition 8. Then, I noticed that a tropical storm headed toward California was updated to a hurricane, and is named “Cosme” – which has it’s roots in Cosmos. You can see from the link:, this name is significant connection to the idea of “to order and array (for battle)”. I mentioned this to my husband and to the two of our 11 children we currently have with us under our literal roof (all of whom we believe for the protection of Psalm 91 over). I said, verbatim, “when a Nation steps out from underneath the umbrella of God’s protection, it becomes a target for all the destruction that the curse of the Fall inflicts.” I recalled also that the week just before the U.S. signed on against Israel, that hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.During that time, the Sunday school song “don’t build your house on sandy land” came to me over and over. It is hard to explain God’s righteous justice (His ways are higher than ours); I have myself grappled with the instruction to “do justly and love mercy” through my trial in which injusticeand corruption seemed to reign in the storm that exposed the adulterating spouse and in which my children were stolen through treacherous lies and false allegations perpetrated by “Christians” – none less than wolves in sheep’s clothing… and two women named “Sandy” were involved in that. A storm I was given a dream of eight years before it happened. I spent a long time today interceding for the West Coast – appealing to the mercy of our loving Abba Daddy to spare the remnant in this Country who will repent – especially those in the highways and byways – the destitute to whom the invitation to the wedding supper in the last days is sent after the “righteous” have rejected so great a salvation. I am also appealing to His justice, that those who are destined to wax more evil will be thwarted in their schemes to take advantage of these storms. This is the exact prayer He has lead me to pray concerning those who are teaching/leading/influencing my own children – maybe some will repent; those who will not, I ask for their immediate removal from my children’s lives. I am aware of a website that connects Christian parents of military children and therein warned that we should be careful about what we post about our children to protect them from the new interpretations of “proselytizing” in the U.S. military. I am deeply saddened that youthful lives that were volunteered as noble sacrifice to defend freedom are now being used as a military force against Israel – and possibly as the instrument to bring about the sword toward Christians in America as well. May it not be so! I pray especially for the righteous caught in this trap, and stand on Psalm 91 that God will deliver us all from the snare. I also have been given a warning of the extreme economic hardship we are about to go through. The secular world is full of economic signals .. and Jesus said they are wiser about mammon than we are. The beginning of August seems to be an important “date”. I am not stating this as a prediction – but as a warning to those who “see the evil, and [would] hide themselves from it”. I have studied Proverbs 31 for clues of how to get my house in order and be that wife and Bride of Christ who is “not afraid of the snow for her household”. This led me to the realization that “Snowden” might be a clue … that knowledge of the exposure of the darkness of the government’s access and use of my citizen communications may be a protection. And Deirdre, I too sense a Word to shut down my digital “voice” … and I read a passage just this a.m. – and then saw your post, that seem to be my two witnesses to confirm it: Amos 5:13
    “Therefore at such a time the prudent person keeps silent, for it is an evil time.” This may be be, then, my last posting on here. I have also been asking the Lord continuously since November to show me “what I am supposed to do” practically speaking in these last days – He has given Word to “hupomeno” – an instruction to the soul to not fear, to keep eyes focused on Him, to let love, power, and sound mind lead me. I have been also asking for wisdom for the body – instructions for me/my household to prepare for the times. I reason over the “wisdom” of the world to hide in a bunker, cave, mountain… but why would I hide in a bunker when Revelation 6 says clearly that this is the very “plan” of those who think they can hide from the wrath of the Lord and I am a child of the Light – not to be hidden. No. I believe the instructions are to be found in the message of the prophets of old and all visions and prophecies must be tested by them, or we will be deceived. Zecharia 10:8. The highway and byway seems to be the Word. Ministering to as many as we can along the way. We need to ask for wisdom to disscern God’s path for each one of us. Perhaps, dear ones, “next year in YESHUAH’s Jerusalem” … however long that may be. With blessings, prayers, and the Love of the Lord to you … Be strong and courageous – for the battle is the Lords!

    • Dear Debra, You are a warrior woman! Amen! Harken unto the voice of KING YAHSHUA!!
      I didn’t shut my blog down out of fear of nsa and all that. No. I had always had this sense that the blog would be for ‘a time’. When I asked the LORD ‘where are we’ (my family and this nation) HE said, “Isaiah 5:9”.
      There will be absolutely NO WHERE to hide oneself except in KING YAHSHUA. And even if HE allows one to go through immense pain, HE has promised to never leave nor forsake. HE will provide the grace and strength to endure till the end!
      Each one must harken unto to HIS voice for their life and purposes. For our family, HE has told us to let all go. And yes we too have this sense of the chain stoking breath of this nation, as we minister to those who will listen!
      YAHWEY bless you and yours!

    • Hi Debra,

      Once again, thank you for such great words of wisdom and encouragement. I am amazed just how omnipotent our Father is for giving us similar revelations when I am thousands of miles away from you for literally I live on the other side of this planet. Your comment reveals so much of what I have also heard or seen from Him.

      By the way, I believe that you heard the Father correctly as Deirdre also did about keeping quiet now and focus on getting your house in order for the days ahead are going to get rough for America. The Lord actually woke me up around 3:45 a.m. today to pray for you and your family as there will be no delay anymore, things will get worse and I, as one not directly affected (at least not immediately), by what is happening soon in your nation, have to pray for all of God’s faithful ones, the remnants in America. So I prayed for each one of you as the Lord God led.

      Peace and love in Yeshua,

      • Thank you, Cynthia for awakening and praying for me. May God bless you with abundant restoration. I may be giving a copy of your post to my husband. Please pray for me in this, as there has been a scoffing/mocking spirit and a “I don’t want to hear any more” attitude in him seeming right at this time when we most need to be diligently seeking the Lord’s direction. I have told the Lord I will follow no matter what – no matter who will go with me. The enemy knows all too well that the deceptions and abandonment of the ex-spouse (pastor) are places in me where I have been vulnerable … but I know that I must not get entangled in the affairs of this world regardless of even a spouse’s acceptance/rejection of commandments about these days. Even today, my spouse told me that “all hell broke loose at work”, something which distracted him from being able to make a phone call to our step-son about something we believe is the Lord’s “next step” for this young man. I appreciate your prayers, and I am believing that, at least for now, I need to remain connected to this website, as I very much need the encouragement and affirmation of those who will be amongst those who seek to know and obey the will of the Father no matter what.

  5. Dear Cynthia,
    I am presently copying a lot of the Testify blog, so I can down load it on to a flash drive. While doing this, I came across a blog I posted on Sept 1, 2012 entitled “As To The Time We Are In, FATHER Keeps Bringing Gordon to ISAIAH 5”. I had forgottten about that!! Now I am really at attention!!


  6. Never has the Church in America been so asleep,so without any salt or light.
    Don’t just turn off the TV ,destroy it before it destroys your soul

  7. Deirdre,
    I am trying to find your blog to read the words the Lord has given you in the past. Your name and style seem very familiar, so i may be following you and not putting it together. If you could post it, I would appreciate it. I so desire to stay in God’ s plan.

    • Hi,
      I apologize. I had to turn the blog off after the prompting of the Holy Spirit. HIS Words are the most important! I pray you are blessed after reading the Bible. HIS Spirit will lead you! Amen!

  8. As I sat down I knda felt prompted to log on I say that reverently.several things spoke to me
    1.They were stubborn Samuel 15:23 and would not budge despite the announcement for the approval of the final verdict Mathew 25 some are foolish virgins.- Many scriptural truths concering God jugement chasteing call purpose and even foundational doctorines and warnings are largly not understood or being done away with heresies and deception rampant. This creates a problem we are not under the law but grace and mans days shall be 120 years when the branch is tender a generation shall not pass before the Son of man comes. Knowing that knowledge will increase and with that comes accountability it may be the seven thunders sealed up are messages fearful to the and wonderful to those who are not we know the angels are going to separate those things that can be shaken from those that cannot and in a great house are many vechiles some of use and honour some not. they had a choice to make the tree good or bad and prepare to be a vechile of use)
    For the discerning, the words of the Lord are trustworthy. But for the wicked, these words do not mean anything. As I saw in the vision, those gripped with darkness in their hearts will not heed but will continue to defy the Living God and His message. How else will the righteous and holy God deal with a nation who daily clamors for total freedom from Him and His moral laws to follow sensuality and lust? It is sad to see the nation that once was spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the nations including my own, now fighting God in every way possible by turning away from righteousness and setting the trend for all forms of wickedness.2.( I just posted this it seemed a little out of place there this is part of it. By DISCIPLES WICKED – Exd 9:27- can be unbelievers apart from God 2Ch 7:14 Neh 9:35 can be Gods own people using their freewill to Mal 3:18 –not serve. new testament support God Form of religion Denying power of worship creatore over creater demas refuse call and purpose of God those deceived and deceiving others not understanding the hard things paul taught.before jesus comes Mat 13:49 this is the shaking in Hebrews judes warning .in the context of Ezekiel three we see Ezekiel 3 :18- 22 )
    a woman dressed or covered in American Flag sprawling on not just any road but a railroad track. I gasped at the thought that she was there to be run over by the coming train. 3, To me would be the American church system professing to be the bride. Judgement begins in the house of God there is a governmental aspect largly ignored first formost law of the Holy Spirit second God placed an order of offices 1st 2nd third it is not being followed forst Corinthian service is almost non existent many don’t care disciples by biblical standards are few and far between and second Corinthians has been largly ignored. less than two years a go I kept seeing a book dreams open visions sought God for probably months as I was driving down the road I just crossed the train tracks that book appeared clearly and btight . on the pages where written ONE LORD ONE SPIRIT ONE CHURCH EPH 4 it is quite likely there will come a shaking in our nation but as I understand it the American church is the one on the tracks it will be hit to the point it will be obliterated the only pieces left will be those that begin to line up as a scriptural church and disciples and a fivefold governmental system. Twice in the last several years out of my mouth came pastors are not supposed to be running the church apostles and prophets are one minister scoffed and laughed and joked with the pastor on the pulpit the other turned pale white and admitted God dealt with Him for fivr years to get into a standing Apostles network and He didn’t He did shortly after, That being said discerning the body and submitting one to another as unto the Lord in the Fear of the Lord at the direction of the Lord is almost non existent. It is not about who’s greater it is about unity and the governmental order God meant for the true church. Jesus will have a bride without spot or blemish therefor violating entire chapters of the bible and acting like there is no sin rebellion or damage being done both to this nation Gods people and those they where to be equipped to touch may not be tolerated much longer. Again sorry so long these are the only portions of your post that seemed to prompt me.perhaps duality of truths and unfolding revelatory stream I would have to reread all three be blessed if nothing bears witness feel free to deleat it won’t offend me at all. And yes I am still alive barely but every once in awhile for a lack of a better way to say it God just hits me with hope.

    • Hello Scott,

      Praise God, you’re well and fine and I am happy to hear from you again. I hope you read my note for you too, on Bro. Carlos’ blog.

      Thank you for sharing your God-given thoughts. I am grateful to the Father that in spite of your disability, you remain strong in spirit and steadfast in your walk with Him. Your faith is actually a living testimony of God’s goodness.

      Be blessed, brother, and don’t give up for great is the reward that awaits you in Christ…


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  10. Deirdre… Absolute agreement that we cannot hide anywhere but in the Lord, AND, that He will give us the endurance through whatever suffering we may endure. What I see, though, is that there are still souls who need the message of the Gospel and the method of giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name does not seem to be altered in extreme times. It is the kindness of the Lord that leads men to repentance. So, I am asking the Father for the knowledge of where/how to operate the kind of physical relief service that will provide opportunity to encourage believers and to preach the Gospel in these last days. We Americans are not used to suffering … much like the wealthy converts of the church in Smyrna. We are not used to the conditions of war that people for centuries in other Countries have learned to survive in – we are used to hollering about our “rights” and thinking that is good enough to keep enjoying them. Truly, the rich and indifferent church of Laodicea is a church of lambs being led to the slaughter (I speak in agreement with Marcel’s comment about TV and the church). Am not sure that I’m being called to be silent in the digital world – I want to be prudent. I am sure that the time to pray for the turning back of judgement has passed… as with the prophets of old who warned the leadership and saw the nation exhaust all warnings until all was left to do was to go weeping with them into the exile, judgment, sword, famine, pestilence that comes to a nation that forsakes God .. I am asking now for the wisdom of how to prepare myself, my family, and my neighbors for what is to come. Not a popular “feel good, everything will be “ok” message… one for which I am very well aware the prophets of old lost their lives. Be strong and courageous! Our God is an Awesome God!

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  12. I was on here earlier today, and when I went on my way to do the errands that I had on my list of “to do’s”, I felt a strong need to pray, but not a specific about who or what. Then the Lord spoke to me to read the book of Esther. As I did so, the first chapter seemed to be a picture of American churchianity, revelling in the long days of feasting of the culture; which is the situation in which Queen Vashti refused the order of King Ahausurus (probably spelled wrong – sorry!). This seems to be a historical record of what is to become soon of the Laodicean church – in all her pride and riches and position, Vashti was replaced with a humble virgin. The fate of Haman, I believe is a Word to me that parallels the prayer the Lord gave me recently for those who have participated in the wrongdoing against me concerning my children: to pray that those whose hearts might repent will; and to pray for the immediate removal from the lives of my children of those whose hearts are set against the Lord. Just this past weekend, one of those persons – a former “friend” who spurned the gospel invitation his former wife and that I gave him before he sided with the ex-spouse and the treacherous lot (and has “adopted” my youngest Son into his den enabling the contempt of court orders for visitation with me) – this man acquired and showed off yet another new vehicle. Though I refused to look on him nor give him any regard (as was Mordecai’s response toward Haman’s pride), It was a hard “pill to swallow” when it seems this man who has lived a life of lying, stealing, adulterating, wife-theiving, child-molesting, and extorter of the affection/loyalty of my own child has “prospered”. But Haman also had ascended to a position of seeming prosperty – and built his own gallows. I have already had to protect myself legally from the effects of this Haman – a false acuser – in my life… and when I did so, the Lord then also took me to the book of Esther. I believe the example of the Jews, to defend ourselves is for us today – except to focus on our spiritual weapons – and to avoid seeking the worldly plunder/spoil of the warfare (this is emphasized twice in Esther). It is a Word to the Esther-believers in America. So. I ask you to pray for me even as Esther asked “her people” to pray for her. It is up to God to bring about His justice in this treacherous and dangerous situation of mine; but assuredly, I believe this has something to do with my prayers for my children’s return and protection in these days of edicts of destruction – and to do with Word I received two years ago that they “are on their way back from captivity.” If I perish, I perish. But not without first seeking the favor of the King of Kings on behalf of my children! Thank you for your prayers!

  13. There will be no escape for Babylon America, only escape for individuals in the power of the Holy Spirit. Don’t cry for her, as stated in the article, her foundations are fallen, Jeremiah saw all of this and left his message for us to read. As witnesses to that truth, we are by believing all truth, actually bringing the words to life. Arise shine, our light has come, the darkness is on the earth, light your candles!

    • Hi James,

      You are correct, America is Babylon and therefore, her fate is sealed but not many people understand or even believe it. I am coming up with an article about how America is Babylon in the simplest explanation as the Father revealed to me earlier this year.

      Thanks for the excellent comment. May you come again next time.


  14. Cynthia–(and brothers & sisters),
    I am awake and have been hungrily reading the Word for the past 12 days. I confess a Laodician existence since the first love faded (which happened to correspond with a marital betrayal in 2002). I am seeking to know IASHUA again.
    In Scriptures, IASHUA calls for His people to FLEE! several times. I keep getting the impression that American believers are to flee to the wilderness of the Promised Land, but have read Christian commentary suggesting merely to flee “anywhere else” or one writer suggested to Latin American countries that have no abortion and no muslim population. I want to obey the command to flee and am feeling pretty overwhelmed.
    The church community in my small town/rural area is not awake.
    Blessings of IAUA and IASHUA,

    • Sue, I have also been asking the Lord consistently about what does it mean to “flee the wilderness”. There is a great deal of conflict in me about the desire to stand to the end in the work I do that is opening up more opportunities to serve the literal population of people in my area who live “in the highways and byways” – the last group invited to the wedding supper before the groom comes back for His bride. This desire is conflicted with a growing desire each time I read the Word, and a recently opened possibilty, for me to go to Israel – where I feel I would like to stay. To do the later feels like I would be abandoning my children to the alienating evil of that which came about from my own having been betrayed in marriage – and to whatever the fate that is to come (already coming) to America; and my current spouse has fairly recently “stopped listening” to prophetic warnings – sort of sticking his head in the sand, as are many American Christians. I have posted before of how many of the current and historical world events that align with prophecies of Israel and the end times have date and situational parallels to dreams, visions, and incidences in my personal life. Yesterday was another of such days – and besides receiving the post by Cynthia of another dream on that date – I recieved a book on the current Middle East conflict and read it completelylast night – finding additional dates/situations that correlate with my own life and enforcing two biblical themes that are emerging as my “answer” to the question about fleeing: 1. my fate can be predicted by Israel’s fate. She is yet to be attacked again and will have to fight alone (abandoned) (Psalm 83 & Ezekiel 38 war) and will have to flee her home;but in the interim, she prepares to protect herself and her people – even as the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 acts to protect her household; 2. my intervention will be God-orchestrated and my fortunes (my children) will be returned/restored from their captivity, including a supernaturally driven gathering of all of God’s treasured ones to Jerusalem – whether literal or of the kingdom, I don’t know at this time. I am praying that the distance my husband is putting between us now is not the abandonment – or is the extent of the abandonment – he is a believer and I truly love him and know that Yehua loves him as well. I ask God to give me patience for all my brothers and sisters whose resolve or insight is not as keenly impelled as is mine. As for being alone – I don’t believe this is literal – I believe that there is a strong remnant of believers who are fighting the good fight of the spiritual warfare and will continue to do so to the end; I believe this is indicative of being cutoff from each other through technology. Protecting myself and my family has involved obtaining extra supplies specifically to have as “the cup of cold water” to spread the gospel to others when the collapse of the economy comes to pass; As for God-orchestrated intervention … that is the blessed hope that we all are looking for… and praying for the souls of our loved ones that they might be a part of that glorious day is certainly an “answer” that we have all been commissioned with in response to the question “what do I do”. Then, if being gathered to Israel is ultimately the plan, I think that following pathways that God seems to be opening up for me to do that in the natural – and trusting His timing and His provision for getting “us all” there – is the practical application of the “peace that passes understanding” that is growing in me despite what American and world events might otherwise overwhelm me with. I stand, repeatedly, on God’s promise in James that if I ask Him for wisdom, believing that I will recieve, that I will recieve in His timing in a manner that will produce the fuit of the Spirit, not fear. He will do the same for you, Sue, with whatever your part is in this wonderful story of a God who so loves this world that He gave His only begotten Son, that we might not perish. Blessings to you!

      • Debra,
        Thank you so much for the exhortation and sharing your experiences. The fear and sadness was cleansed from my soul yesterday and into this morning and the Holy Spirit definitely prayed the pain in my heart on my behalf, which cleared a way for clarity and peace. It was exactly the word that you have given me: I believe, now trust and stand/walk/wait in faith. His Word is definitely a balm to my soul!!! (and my intellect since that is what always gets me in trouble!!!). It was especially helpful reading Paul’s epistle regarding the Gnostics, not to mention Psalms and Daniel!! Oh how I love the Word!!!

    • The church community in general is not awake, they have become the “wilderness”, this is the “wilderness” you should flee~ just my thoughts on the opening day of Feast of Tabernacles.

    • Hi Sue,

      Praise God for such hunger to read His Word and seek Him. I can relate well. The difference perhaps is that while your Laodicean experience happened in conjunction with the marital betrayal, mine ended because of it. Yes, it was when I realized what my husband has gotten himself into that I began to cry unto the Father and sought Him again with all my heart. My marriage is not healed but I am and still growing by His grace.

      As to fleeing America/Babylon, I believe that the Lord will speak to lead each one individually.

      Sorry for the late answer. God bless you, sister.

      Love in Yeshua,

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