Pray for the Other Sons of Abraham

The vision I had on April 12 and my recent dream of young terrorists prompted me to write what I believe is the Lord’s message for God’s children to pray for them, reach out to them when opportunity knocks.

When I saw the news on April 15 of the bombing in Boston, I remembered that I saw a bomb sometime earlier but could not recall exactly the vision. A few days later as I was scanning my notes, I saw what I have written about the vision, surprised that I had it just 3 days before the Boston incident. I wrote on April 12:

I woke up with this very strong thought (auditory vision?) that someone (a terrorist) went home and aborted his mission to bomb some place. Then his father was telling him to do another mission ‘again.’ At this thought I saw the blinking red light of the bomb. But the young man said, “Father, that’s not what I came home for,” refusing to do another act of terror.

On May 24 I had this dream:

A terrorist was very angry with my brother. I could see the utter hatred in his eyes as he tried to attack him. I stood in his way and tried to pacify him, explaining to him that he misunderstood my brother; that my brother never meant any harm as he wrongly believed. I went on talking some sense into his head, convincing him that he is deceived into believing that my brother hated and wanted to harm him; that it was only his perception for in truth, my dear brother was not in any way thinking of attacking him.

My words convicted and convinced him. To my amazement, the change in his countenance was very obvious. From the monstrous look of hatred to that of pure innocence was manifested not only in his eyes but in his ways. I watched in wonder the transformation and realized how young he actually was as I saw and heard him talk as if he only knew for the first time the feeling of being safe and accepted. He didn’t only look happy, but he looked like a little child so amused of the little wonder he discovered that he could not stop talking and laughing about it.

My brother in this dream represents the believers, my brothers in Christ. The message of the dream is very clear. The young terrorist believe with certainty that Christians are enemies that he should attack at every opportunity based on wrong perception that the latter wanted to harm him. The ideology that terrorists are induced with cause them to feel unsafe in the presence of people who do not share their belief. They feel isolated and in a deeper sense, are insecure in spite of the monstrous image they project. This insecurity is common even among non-violent Muslims. I saw this in my unexpected encounter with 3 teenage Arab girls in the Old City in Jerusalem in 2011.

I was busy taking pictures in the Old City when these young girls posed in front of me. They were enjoying themselves. One of them took a picture with me up close then the two others joined us. They gave me their emails and asked if I could please add them as friends on Facebook. As if coming to her senses, one of the girls apologized that they’re Arabs. I assured them that it was alright.

The above dreams about the young terrorists reveal the condition of the hearts of many of them. The first dream showed that the young terrorist aborted his mission and went home. But the father told him to do another mission. Could it be that most young terrorists actually don’t want to harm anyone but have no choice? What if the Tsarnaev brothers didn’t actually want to bomb the Boston Marathon but could not run from those who control them? We may not know the truth about the Boston bombing, but I believe that it was possible. There were instances that terrorists aborted their missions when they realized that it wasn’t right to bomb innocent people.

As for the second terrorist, his story is an example of those who turned their backs on terrorism as they turned to Christ. Here are some of those:

Confessions of a Trained Islamic Terrorist

Story of 3 Former Islamic Terrorists

Muslims even terrorists are descendants of Abraham. God has not forgotten them and He wants to bring them into His kingdom just like anyone. As God’s children who know the ‘Truth’ let us intervene in the lives of these people. Let us intercede and pray for them for there are countless innocent ones who are indoctrinated daily to become what they wouldn’t want to be if they know the ‘Truth’ and have the choice. If the Lord gave us this prophetic message, then we can rest assured that He will answer our prayers to bring as many Muslims out of the bondage of hatred and terrorism. The harvest is ripe, let us do our part. We may not come face to face with them but God can supernaturally draw these people unto Him as we lift them up in prayers. Let us pray that the love of the Father will overflow to remove the hatred and insecurity in their hearts. Let us also pray for those who are in the ministry of reaching out to these other sons of Abraham.

John 10:16 (CJB)

Also I have other sheep which are not from this pen; I need to bring them, and they will hear my voice; and there will be one flock, one shepherd.

John 17:20-23 (CJB)

 “I pray not only for these, but also for those who will trust in me because of their word, that they may all be one. Just as you, Father, are united with me and I with you, I pray that they may be united with us, so that the world may believe that you sent me. The glory which you have given to me, I have given to them; so that they may be one, just as we are one — I united with them and you with me, so that they may be completely one, and the world thus realize that you sent me, and that you have loved them just as you have loved me.

Love in Yeshua,



27 thoughts on “Pray for the Other Sons of Abraham

  1. When my ex declared war on me (while we were still married – to cover up for the pornography addiction to which he had sold his soul, our marriage, and our family), he did so by promoting hatred and fear in my children. Fear of my human weakness (I gave in to depression and attempted suicide – and he teaches condemnation of my soul to my children for that); and hatred for my bold faith in Christ (he has told my kids that my grace-faith – that saved me out of the suicide – & grace (vs. rules) based church I have since attended is a cult). My children have been radicalized in this hate and fear – to a point that a local sheriff said they remind him of “guards at a military compound”. They have acted as terrorists – as weapons used in the divorce proceedings to do inconceivable harm to my heart and to relationships with my family from whom they are also alienated, in spreading of lies into the community, and in direct attacks on me, such as my youngest Son’s response two weeks ago to my text: “Happy Birthday, I love you, Mom.” He responded “f*(# off”; and, “I hate you because you are a “b*#@(“. But I understand that they, and their earthly Father (and all participating in the evil of the lies, schemes, and teachings), are caught in bondage to the father of lies, the author of darkness, and the accuser of the saints: as are all terrorists. They do not understand the amazing grace of a God who loves unconditionally, who loves so much that He gave His perfect Son to die for me, for them – for ALL fall short of the glory of God.

    Your May 24 dream seems to affirm the vision God gave me in church the day after I received the hurtful response from my Son. That this, my younger Son, is like the Prodigal, the younger son of the two in this story, when he caught a vision of who God really is, he left the pigstye of his contempt and returned to the only source of love he had ever known. This too, will happen with my Son one day… he will look back and see the twelve years of the Father’s goodness shown to him through a mother who had prayed in faith for his conception and loved him and taught him of Christ … this is the call to ALL the Sons of Abraham – to look back to see how good God was to Abraham toward both of his sons and all of their children. May we never, ever act as the elder brother in that story: for he is the most to be pitied for he was surrounded every day by this great goodness of God and did not recognize or appreciate it, and therefore failed to remove the log in his own eye toward the brother’s “brush” with being human. In this elder brother, I see my ex (a former pastor), his religious family, and other Christians who have judged/condemned me for my time in the pigstye of despair. And I can’t stand it when I hear of Christians with this judgmental attitude toward the other sons of Abraham: even the ones who give in to the bondage of being used as a terrorist. We are to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us. I see no exceptions to this command.

    “Thank you, Father, for the vision of these Sons of Abraham – including my own Son (and his siblings! and even their Father) – running home to you. Thank you, Father, that when they come; though they may smell of the pigstye of the world in which they wallowed, You will put a robe on their back, a ring on their finger, throw a welcoming party – and supernaturally clean the stench from within the pores of their hearts and souls! Guard our hearts from the damaging blindness of religious pride, that we may participate joyfully in the return to the sheepfold of these, our Brothers! Hallelujah!

    • Hi Debra,

      You have painted a clear picture of the situation through your personal accounts and the famous story of ‘The Prodigal Son.’ Truly, the Father loves unconditionally that when one prodigal son returns, He won’t even confront him about what he did to his life and how he wasted his inheritance. In this case, He wouldn’t ask these sons of Abraham about their works of terrorism and how much hatred they spewed on people. He simply embraces them, in fact, runs to meet them as He sees them coming. What a wonderful thing to behold! And this is true of all sinners who repent and come to the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.

      God bless and thank you for the great reminder too of not acting like the elder brother in the story.

      In His love,


      • Thank you for your encouragement, Cynthia.
        I don’t have a word to answer re the Shiloh Camp – I have seen nothing that would indicate that this Christian ministry experienced a “supernatural” deliverence from the second round of storms – but I think we are often called to pray and affect in the spiritual things that we don’t know about in the natural (And we are not to be spiritual “sensationalists” anyway.). I have the same urgency to ask for prayer for both Focus on the Family and the Charis Bible College ministries in Colorado Springs where the wildfires are blazing. Please stand against the enemy with me; that no weapon formed against these Christian ministries will prosper in that which the enemy intends. Praise God that He works ALL things for the good of those who love Him. Praise be to our Lord, Jesus Christ for His grace and love!

  2. i am sorry but Muslims are not sons of Abraham. There is no accurate lineage between Mohammad and Ishmael. There is no comparison of Islam and Judeo-Christian beliefs, values or morals.

    • Hi Patrick,

      While it may be true that Mohammad did not come from the line of Ishmael, please note that he is not the only other son of Abraham. The patriarch had many more sons from his second wife after Sarah, whose name was Keturah.

      Gen. 25:1-5 (CJB)

      “Avraham took another wife, whose name was K’turah. She vore him Zimra, Yokshan, Medan, Midyan, Yishbak, and Shuach. Yokshan fathered Sh’va and D’dan. The sons of D’dan were Ashurim, L’tushim and L’umim. The sons of Midyan were Eifah, Efer, Hanokh, Avida and Elda’ah. All these were descendants of K’turah.

      Avraham gave everything he owned to Yitz’chak (Isaac). But to the sons of the concubines he made grants while he was still living and sent them off to the east, to the land of Kedem, away from Yitz’chak his son.”

      James Goll in his book ‘Praying for Israel’s Destiny says,’ “…One of the sons of Keturah was Midian, the Father of the Midianites. Some of the descendants of Keturah went to what was called Persia. Other were, apparently, scattered into Assyria.”

      Not to be forgotten also are the children of Esau (Edom). These many sons of Abraham are the neighbors of today’s Israel including the Palestinians. Mohammad could come from any one of them.

      I agree that there is no comparison between Islam and Judeo-Christian beliefs, values and morals. But I am convinced that the God of Abraham wants his other blood descendants to come out of such satanic religion. The compassionate Father wants to set them free from its bondage. Those of us who know the Truth then must cooperate with Him by upholding them in prayer. Others who are called into ministering to these people directly must do so by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We cannot minister to them on our own or we too will fall into the wrong belief of promoting “Chrislam.”



  3. thank you for the post. but many of us who are aware of gov. lies and betrayal to this country, have questioned if these men were set up and if it was gov. betrayal, and not these men. trusting in what we are told on tv and any other form by gov. is not to be trusted today, and many know this… only Jesus knows the truth about this and anything else the gov. tells us. there were to many odd things that didn’t make sence about the boston deal. people need to be careful making snap judgements, and especially when the gov. tells us anything…

    • Hi Edna,

      You observation is correct. The government cannot be trusted with their statements, and even the media that disseminates them. In these days of lies and deception, discernment is highly necessary. We won’t have it without the Holy Spirit helping us. It is, thus, imperative to get close to God, fear Him with a holy fear, and live uprightly through the life that He gave us in Christ Jesus. God shares His secret counsel with the upright (Prov. 3:32).

      Thank for coming to the blog and sharing your thoughts. God bless.


  4. I had a dream 12/23/2010. In the dream I saw a desert and in the desert I saw a woman who had covered herself with a blanket to protecting herself from the sun’s heat. I also saw a bush and I could make out a person in the bush but I could not see who it was. I heard a voice in the dream describing for me as in a narrative what I was seeing. The next thing I saw was an angel of the Lord appear and then I saw the woman, who turned out to be Hagar, uncover her head because she perceived that she wasn’t alone. The angel spoke kindly to her and then pointed with his hand to a place in the desert and I then saw a gusher of water come out of the desert sand. Remember, Hagar thought that she and her child were going to die. The next part of the dream I was thinking about the Tucson Refugee Ministry and that they are ministering to a great many of Hagar’s children who have come to Tucson, a desert, seeking refuge.

    Remember Hagar and her son were cast away because Ishmael was not to be a co-inheritor of the promise with Isaac.However, Peter says in
    Acts, “For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all
    those afar off, as many as the Lord our God shall call”.
    (Act 2:39 MKJV)

    Also, the water in my dream is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and I believe that a revival is coming to the children of Hagar who dwell in desert places.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thank you for sharing your amazing dream of seeing Hagar and the angel. The message is quite obvious as it was given in the dream. The revival or salvation of the descendants of Abraham is actually happening now. Many are coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and receiving Him as their Savior. Most of these people get to meet Him supernaturally. I met a few of them when I was in college and also in Manila. When I was in Jerusalem in 2011, an Algerian Pastor gave testimony during the Sukkot Feast that in Algeria, many Muslims are encountering and accepting the Lord every single day. He is one of them. They are, however, in great persecution and their lives are always in danger. We, therefore, should not only pray for the salvation of these people, but also for their protection and perseverance in the midst of persecution.

      God bless…


      • Hi Cynthia,

        I attended a Baptist Church that started a Church in a Muslim country on the west coast of Africa. The muslims are being saved through the witnessing of these Church members. The Muslims in the city the Church is located in do not bother the Christians, though I am sure, prayer is offered for their protection.

  5. Please pray for protection – there are predictions of another super-sized storm headed along the same trajectory as the Moore storm this afternoon. Per the post about the Moore storm last week, I did an internet search that included “Moore” and “Shiloh” – because the Lord had led me to read about Shiloh that day. The search led me to an inner-city Christian camp … IN THE HEART OF OKLAHOMA CITY! I didn’t know what it meant then. Yesterday a.m., I awoke with the Lord’s prompting for me to pray Psalm 91. I do this regularly anyway, but, I told my husband that I felt it was a prompting to keep us safe from the predicted storms. What I personally experienced of yesterday’s storms was the broadest, brightest rainbow I have ever seen! Last night I commented on how that we “may never know” what we were protected from, then we went to bed, and his Mom called concerned because she had read a post by a relative of a tornado that had apparently “skipped” us and hit near them last evening. Having just received a very serious weather update on FB posted by a meteorologist who says the indicators are “off the charts” for what is brewing this afternoon …I feel compelled to pray, and to ask you to do the same, for this Camp Shiloh. The protection of Psalm 91 is for those who love the Lord. I proclaim in the name of Jesus that no weapon formed against this Gospel ministry to children and youth will prosper in that which the Enemy has intended!

    • Hi Debra,

      My reply is late but I prayed indeed.

      Your testimony of God’s protection is a living proof of His promise that even in the midst of disasters and calamities, “Those who trust in Adonai will not be shaken.”

      I continually for you, all of the brethren in America as I know that more troubles are coming to your nation. But again, I am confident that as He protected you from the tornadoes, He will keep you from all other harms yet to come. And as the Lord led you to pray Psalms 91, He will give you specific instructions when necessary in the days to come.

      Keep watching and praying and walking in the narrow path.



  6. Cynthia:

    Thank you for your faithful testimony of your dreams.

    They [terrorists] too are made in the image of God and are to be loved, not to be hated. Some of us may be called to testify to them face-to-face. Some of these may sacrifice their lives in doing so as part of the Church of Smyrna, and will partake of the first resurrection Rev 20? 21?:4-8

    We are ALL called to pray, to love our enemies. Their sins (any sin) are, however, to be utterly hated and abhorred.

    I will indeed pray. There is a time to defend, but always a time to pray.

    God bless you!
    -Gordon Wood

  7. I have done a lot of street witnessing over the years to people of different faiths. I witnessed to at least four Islamists.

    One was a black man who was a ‘Christian’ and then converted to Islam because he said that that was the original religion of his people. He was full of pride and I was unable to share the gospel with him.

    There were two Arabs sitting at a bus stop. I stopped and witnessed to them. They were polite, allowed me to share the gospel with them. They kind of smiled at me. They said something but I couldn’t hear them for they spoke softly. I think they heard the message some but they made no indication they wanted Jesus.

    Then one day I was street witnessing to people at the mall while waiting for my friend to meet me there so we could have lunch together. I had shared the gospel with a number of folks and prayed for them. There was some kind of spiritual battle going on while I was doing that. I became tired and decided to sit down on a bench to rest while I was waiting for my friend. An Arab man sat down next to me. I started to talk to him. He told me that he was from an Arab state [Lebanon (sp?) I think], was in the US to get a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Univ of Houston, had a job at the mall, and was on his lunch break. He said that he was an agnostic until recently. He said he look at different religions and decided to embrace Islam though he really wasn’t that much into it. I told him that I was a Christian. I witnessed to him. His response was that he felt like all religions were the same. I shared with him the elements that all religions share in common such as they all require that you live righteoulsy, obey the commands of the god of their religion, that their god gives blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience, that their god gives forgiveness when asked, that their god requires fasting and prayer, and giving of ‘tithes and offerings’. Then I told him what separates Christianity from all the other religions of the world. In all the other religions of the world it is all about how good you have to be for its god to accept and love you but in Christianity that is not so. It is all about how good God is. I explained about sin and how it separates us from God and how we can never be good enough for Him. He shared that he believed that education is the answer to the sin problem. I told him that that was not so and people will choose to sin because that is their nature and that it takes God to set them free. I told him that God loved the sinner and gave Jesus His Son to die for our sins so we could be forgiven and can come into a personal relationship with Him. We don’t have to be good (clean up our act) for the Christian God to accept us and to show us His love. We are accepted by Him if we believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead, accept what Jesus did for us, turn to Him in prayer, ask for forgiveness, and invite Jesus into your heart. That he heard. He said that he needed to go back to work. I got up from the bench and turn to face him. I asked him if I could pray for him. He got up off the bench, put his face into mine, and said, “Yes, please do.” I prayed for him. Afterwards he said “I will see you again.” I don’t know what he meant by that. I didn’t know if I would see him again because circumstances would have prohibited that unless I was at the mall again while he was on his lunch break which was somewhat unlikely. I have not seen him since. This encounter with him happened in 1999. I hope it was a prophetic uttering that he will be saved and I’ll see him in heaven one day.

    • Share the gospel with people of all ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds because you never know who God will move on for salvation.

    • Hi Pat,

      Thank you for sharing your very encouraging experience with witnessing for Jesus. I believe that the Lord blessed the seed (Word) you planted in the heart of the man and caused it to grow and bear fruit. You may one day be greeted in heaven by this man. Great testimony.

      Blessings in Yeshua,


  8. yeah share with all, all need the Lord Jesus.
    Isn’t islam or catholic or voodoo or buddist ..religions a symptom of a larger problem=unbelief.
    So the pulpit guys who say islam will destroy the country miss the larger problem, unbelief will, and islam is accepted and growing because the country/people have left Christ and is ripe for any and all of the various evil teachings and practices. ..because of unbelief the country is already ruined, what we see is the “bringing into the light of day” what is already done underneath in the heart, and islam is just 1 outworking or what is already done in peoples hearts, a turning from God and Christ.

    Like many have said and I’ll add to it I’ve shared the gospel with muslims and non muslims and they seemed the same to me, thus my thought that it’s just an outworking or symptom of a larger heart issue, unbelief. 1 guy lives by the law and attempts to self make himself better, while another thinks he’s fine in and of himself and see’s no need to be born again while another hates Christ and shouts how he loves his sins..if they all really believed Christs words they’d run to Him but instead they don’t believe the Lord Jesus.

    When we hear the pulpit guys yell about islam remember muslims are no different then any outside of Christ, ensnared by the world the flesh and the devil, taken captive by the devil at his bidding. The apostasia will come, and already is to lesser degree, many who were near to the kingdom of God opt to walk away from even being near, not all will go to islam, some will go new age or wiccan, others into love of pleasure more then God, some will go into the interfaith religion or eastern religions or..all outward signs of inward unbelief. So I guess don’t let the pulpit guy cause fear, but instead love even more, as the issue is unbelief and blinded by the prince of this world they are and need help(and so were we once and needed help). I keep up on sharia law inroads, yet am not really concerned..seems the worse the nations become the more I see and do extract myself from it, a stranger in the land. Sharia would have christians be silent, but so would gays, and lets not have sharia(and we shouldn’t) but have a nation that lives apart from Christ? For that I consider the country is already fallen.

    but where sin abounded grace abounded all the more and as the world waxes worse and sin abounds the love of many will grow cold, but God’s love doesn’t grow ours doesn’t have to either if we go further into Him.
    May your fellowship with the Lord be full.

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