America’s Petals are Falling; Her Beauty is Fading as She is Drenched with the Blood of Abortion

Psalms 9: 13 (12)

For the avenger of blood remembers them, He does not ignore the cry of the afflicted (CJB).

As I have written in my earlier post, the Lord revealed that America’s gravest and greatest sin is abortion. Since the vision and the revelation on May 30, my perception of the subject has been radically changed. Every time I intercede for America, the horrible scenes of abortion keep playing in my mind and the Lord constantly remind me of His disgust over the crime of the nation. What America and the world call ABORTION is to the Lord ‘MURDER.’ America is doing mass murder, genocide of her own children whom God created in His image. The Father is outraged of this evil against the little ones whom the Lord Yeshua said that to such belong the Kingdom of God.

Mark 10:13-14

People were bringing children to Him so that He might touch them, but the talmidim (disciples) rebuked those people. However, when Yeshua saw it, He became indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to Me, don’t stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

The Lord reiterated His message on abortion in the early morning of June 9, when He woke me up with this message: “The petals of America are falling.” I saw likewise a vision of  Hal Lindsey.” I know who Hal Lindsey is for I used to watch his show before. But I wondered what was his connection with the message? Before going out of bed to check on Hal Lindsey’s site, I prayed what He meant of the message. In the course of my intercession, the Lord said that, “Just as the petals of a flower are falling when its dying, America’s petals are falling as she is likewise dying. Further He said, “Her beauty is fading because she is drenched with the blood of abortion.”

After praying awhile, I went to check on Hal Lindsey’s website. As the Spirit led, I clicked on the United States category, and what popped up as the top story that moment caught my attention:

” House passes DHS bill with antiabortion rider.

The Holy Spirit gave me a nudge that what I found is indeed the message- Abortion. The story is a news feed from Fox News, and here’s the excerpt:

WASHINGTON –  A Homeland Security spending bill approved by the GOP-led House on Thursday includes a provision to bar Immigration and Customs Enforcement from providing abortions for illegal immigrant detainees.

The measure, proposed by Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., would block ICE from using agency funding to provide abortion services for detainees except in the case of rape, incest or if there life of the mother would be endangered.

The provision was attached to a $46 billion Homeland Security spending bill approved on a party-line 234-182 vote. It has little chance of surviving in the Democratic-controlled Senate. (Emphasis added).

Read more:

When I took a break from writing this article a little while later, I was searching for a particular email I sent to a friend months ago, but what I opened accidentally, or by His will, is the one with a link to this story on January 9, 2012 from ‘The Christian Post,’ of “a pregnant 14-year old girl in Texas who won a temporary restraining order against her parents who were attempting to force her into undergoing an abortion.” The story is found here:

My heart was pounding with the very obvious double confirmation on the message of the Lord- that abortion is ever before Him; that He is constantly watching every scene and His indignation is ever mounting. If the Lord did not ignore Abel’s blood crying out to Him for justice (Gen.4: 10), what more the silent voices of the 60 million innocents killed since 1973 when the US Supreme Court handed its landmark decision on Roe v. Wade? Abortion has been a hot issue in America until today, especially when election is just around the corner. However, despite the many discussions and legislation, nothing has come close to totally banning the act and criminalizing its practice. The killing, thus, continues freely.

As I continued with my intercession that morning of June 9, the Lord gave me His word below:

Matthew 3:12

His winnowing fork is in His hand, and He will clear His threshing floor, gathering His wheat  into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire (CJB).

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. “I will visit the Church and shake her with violent shaking to separate those are truly Mine from those who are not. I will wake up the believers before pouring out My wrath upon the land. I will cause my children to arise and speak up boldly against all the wickedness in the land; I will pour out my grace through men and women who hear Me, to call forth people to repentance while there is time. Those who will hear and repent will be saved but those who harden their hearts will certainly perish!”

There is very little time left for Beautiful America. Soon all her beauty will be stripped off because of her many sins. The collective sins of the nation weigh heavily upon her. God is calling for people to straighten up by giving their hearts to Him in repentance. Be not partakers of America’s sins and her consequent judgment. Get rid, dear Americans and all people in the land, the sting of sin and death by coming to the Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Know that the blood of those killed in abortion is overflowing in abundance and is crying out to God for justice.  Soon the Lord will require the nation to account for all the blood freely shed on the land as the Lord declared:

“I will certainly demand an accounting for the blood of your lives; I will demand it from every animal and from every human being. I will demand from every human being an accounting for the life of his fellow human being. Whoever sheds human blood, by a human being will his own blood be shed; for God made human beings in His image (Gen. 9:5-6).

The word of the Lord is clear. For every child aborted, America will make an account for his/her blood before the Sovereign God.  And just as Cain was cursed from the ground as it opened its mouth to receive the blood of Abel, America is cursed from the ground as it has drunk the blood of the innocent children aborted mercilessly by the thousands everyday. Repent Americans while you can. Repent in sackcloth and ashes! Wail for your children whom you killed. Repent of your guilt before God’s wrath falls upon you in full force. Listen to the prophecies and to the voice of the prophets who continually warn you of God’s impending judgment because of your sins. God is merciful and just. In His mercy He will forgive and save, but in His righteousness He will execute justice and avenge the blood of the oppressed.

Love in Yeshua,


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8 thoughts on “America’s Petals are Falling; Her Beauty is Fading as She is Drenched with the Blood of Abortion

  1. Dear Cynthia,

    God laid this on my heart recently and I think it needs to be shouted from the rooftops: “Rise up Children of God and fight the battle I have called you to.” This is not a physical battle, but a spiritual battle. It is time to find out what God put each of us here to do for Him and do it. Those do not wake up to this call will not be saved.

    There is a song by the Newsboys called God is Not Dead and these lyrics from the song play over and over in my mind:
    Let heaven roar and fire fall
    Come shake the ground
    With the sounds of revival

    Yes sister, God is going to shake America and He is telling His children to wake up and to not be upset by what will happen. Cling to Him and Him only. We are to stay in the Word. Stay in the Word. If God is calling any of you reading this to repent, now is the hour – there may not be a tomorrow. If God is calling any of you to prepare to take care of your family and loved ones, now is the hour. Do not delay.
    James 4:13-17
    Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit.” Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Instead, you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that.” But as it is, you boast in your arrogance; all such boasting is evil. Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.


  2. Amen, Tracy! God’s people should really look up now and listen. The Lord is speaking but how many are actually listening? It’s time to put off our own agenda and start seeking Him earnestly for His will. We are entering the hard times yet it seems that most people are still dreaming of the greener pastures here on earth. For God’s people, this should not be the case for we are not of this world though we are in it. We are not permanent residents of this present world system because the Lord created us for specific purposes- His purposes. That’s what we must seek to know and do.

    Blessings in Yeshua,


  3. Americans spend a whooping $41B a year ( just to take care of their pet animals, an equivalent of 2 1/2 years of combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Philippines! They care for their animals than their unborn babies! Why don’t they use this annual budget to run foster homes?

    God is really Great and All-knowing! Just imagine if Mary was an American? God the Father, in his unparalleled wisdom, knows he will end up in one of these ‘Planned Parenthood’ clinics somewhere, and the grand plan of salvation would have been jeopardized.

    In fact the American government officially supports and funds the killing of these living but unborn american citizens. In 2010, $317M was appropriated for the poor Americans who wanted to kill their unborn babies but have no access to health insurance. This year 2012, the federal budget for this was increased to $327M for killing their unborn citizens! This amount is even too small because this does not account the federal money used for abortion through the Medicare and other accredited health insurance providers.

    The US wants to save the living souls who are victims of war in other parts of the world while at the same time they are busy killing their helpless citizens in their mother’s womb using federal money, all in the name of ‘planned pregnancy’. Where is the moral logic America?

    Sis. Cynthia, memories of our university days come to my mind again, I can recall those tracts that I regularly received before from Melody Green of the Last Days Ministries ( which included those about this abortion issue in the US like these ones:


    We are not out to condemn America for their great sins, but I posted I pray these articles might remind them that God loves their unborn citizens just as God still loves every living American today – that God has a great plan for America, an awesome purpose and glorious destiny prepared for them – only if they return to God in all sincerity and humility and surrender their lives and serve God again and make Him the LORD of their lives.

    America was supposed to be a light-bearer to the nations. And they did so for decades before. But what has become of them as the light-bearer to the nations is but all darkness and criminality.

    When are you going to turn back to your first love America? The time is now, and this might be your one last chance. Heed the call of God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – who loves you so much that He offered His Son to be crucified in a very humiliating and shameful manner outside the city of Jerusalem in your stead, that you might gain life, freedom and liberty before God.

    When Francis Scott Key wrote that poem, he never envisioned ‘The land of the free and the home of the brave’ to mean the land of the free from unwanted babies and the home of the brave who kill those unwanted babies!

    Think about these things America!

  4. Hi Totie,

    Thank you for the great comment and for sharing those stories above. May the readers take to heart the message of the Lord. To read or see just one case of abortion is very sickening, how much more does God feel as He sees every one of those?

    “Father, I pray, please forgive them for they know not what they do. Please give them the chance to repent…”

    In His Love,

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  6. Shalom,

    To all the women who read my blog, this poem was written for all the un-born children who never saw the light. Yahweh had me write this and I was not sure why. Then as I started to write the Holy Spirit told me why. Please understand that I do not judge anyone for I too am a sinner. Here is HIS message. Yahweh wants you to know that there is ALWAYS hope. HIS message was very clear. For I so loved the world I gave my only begotten Son. Ask for MY forgiveness, Repent and seek ME,Know that you are LOVED.

    I felt the probe invade my secret place,
    my little heart began to race.

    I cried to you, you did not hear,
    my silent scream filled with fear.

    I tried so hard to win the fight,
    my body fought with all it’s might.

    I know this was not God’s will,
    my limbs grew stiff my body still.

    I know you did not feel my pain,
    my life is over gone in vain.

    I went to heaven to be with Yahshua today,
    my tears and pain HE took away.

    • Dear Cassie,

      Thank you so much for sharing this poem. I can almost feel the pain as I recall the visions I had of these innocent children killed helplessly from the womb. The Lord said this is the thing that constantly tears his heart apart as He sees their struggle and hears their silent cry. As I am writing this, I feel such pain again as I first heard the message from the Lord.

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