A Message for America- A.A. Allen’s Vision & Don McLean’s American Pie Connection

When the shofar is blown in the city, don’t the people tremble? Can disaster befall a city without Adonai’s having done it? Adonai, God does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:6-7, Complete Jewish Bible).

On January 26, 2012 I woke up to the voice of my Mom-in-law calling me “Day!” (pronounced “die”). She was fast asleep, so I must have been dreaming. Then I recalled that I was reading Carlos’* article on Don McLean’s ‘ prophetic song, The American Pie’ found in this link:


While pondering on the dream, I remembered that the title of the article I saw was not about the ‘American Pie’ but the ‘Astounding Panoramic Vision of A.A. Allen’ which Carlos has also written an extensive exposition here:


Here’s what happened as I related to Carlos in an email that very same early morning, as the Lord prompted me so strongly to tell him.

“I was fully awake, remembering I was dreaming of your post on Don McLean’s ‘American Pie.’ I could not remember any detail but the thought was clear. I checked the time and it’s 1:57am. I closed my eyes supposed to sleep again when suddenly it dawned on me that I saw in the dream instead the title “A.A.A. Allen’s Vision” though I knew it was about Don McLean. Then I was startled with the very strong thought and opened my eyes again, that Don McLean and A.A.Allens’ Vision go together. I felt the urge to check the time again, and the clock said 2:10am. For the first time I could not help but get up and record what I believe is a very important message. Then when I checked the time as I sat down to write, it’s 2:13am. 

 I went back to bed purposely to sleep. Instead of falling asleep, the thought kept going. I was talking to the Lord between trying to fall asleep. As I was drifting back to sleep, I heard again ‘Don McLean!’ as if the Lord didn’t want me to sleep. I asked Him if He wanted me to post a comment on your article on this, but He said “Carlos must give the message.” When I was wondering what message, I heard in my mind not me but Don McLean singing from this line, “…the music dies… so bye bye Miss American Pie…” I decided I now got the message so I went to sleep. But again the Lord woke me up urging me to send the message to you. Oh I’m tired. I asked Him to just give me another hour for anyway, I’m getting up at 4:30. But every time I drifted back, I heard Don McLean singing those same lines of the American Pie over and over. At least 3 times I begged of the Lord to just let me sleep a little while because my head is aching. God is persistent. When I drifted back to sleep, He strongly woke me up, my eyes wide opened with this “The Astounding A.A. Allen’s Vision”, with the image of the Statue of Liberty on the ground, broken as depicted in your article. 

 I could not resist God anymore, so I got up. But before I opened my laptop I asked Him to confirm the message with His Word. I got my Bible and asked Him to let me open to the verse that would confirm the message and its urgency. I shivered because what I saw immediately as I opened my Bible is this: LAMENTATIONS in bold letters, and the first 2 verses which the Complete Jewish Bible says:

“How lonely lies the city that once thronged with people! Once great among the nations, now she is like a widow! Once princess among provinces, she has become a vassal.

 Bitterly she weeps at night, tears running down her cheeks. Not one of all her lovers is there to comfort her. Her friends have all betrayed her; they have become her enemies.”

There you are, brother dear. I never felt being pushed strongly before. Yesterday/last night I was asking God if the ‘Don McLean and American Pie’ dreams which I had 2 times days ago, had any relevance to the time now. I was simply considering if I needed to post the dreams as  comment on your article on this. Never did I imagine the confirmation to be this strong and urgent.”

There it is, the Lord is saying that the vision and the song speak of the same event- the destruction of the great American nation. Following the sleepless night and after I sent my children off to school that morning, I went back to bed. Again, the Lord said that the message had to go out. Later that afternoon when I took a nap, again I heard in my ears Don McLean singing over and over the chorus of the ‘American Pie’ beginning from the same line “the music dies..”

I am not very familiar with the lyrics of the song that I was surprised to see that the phrase is actually ‘the music died’ while I kept hearing ‘the music dies.’ I believe this is making an emphasis of the time which America is in right now;  The Lord wants to let America know that her music is dying and fading shortly. There is little time left before all music finally comes to end.  This profound encounter with the Lord regarding America’s demise as depicted in the vision of A.A. Allen and its connection with the prophetic song “American Pie” by Don McLean, is a very strong confirmation of earlier dreams below.

On January 16, just a little over midnight I was awakened with Don McLean’s name. Dazed and confused, I could not recall who Don McLean was. Still wondering about the name, I involuntarily sang the ‘American Pie’ chorus in my mind, thus, I remembered. I asked “What about him?” Then I panicked as a strong thought hit me- that America is coming close to her end!

On January 22 I woke up to the chorus of ‘American Pie’ and simultaneously I saw fire somewhere. I saw structures and trees razed by fire.

Going back to the vision and the song, the urgency of that moment when the Lord would not let me sleep till I emailed Carlos was not merely so he would know immediately. It was rather His way of making us understand of the urgency of the hour for America. The grace period is closing for the great American nation. The words “overdue” and “grace period is long extended” were the last two messages among others, for America, that the Lord gave me in trickles from around 10:30 pm of Feb. 28 till dawn of Feb. 29.

There is good news, however, for the Americans especially the believers, the ‘True Church.’ Last Sunday, April 8, around 5:00am, I heard the Lord said, “I am releasing 15,000 people to pour out my grace.” While pondering what He meant, I heard again, “I will release 25,000 more so that they can be freed from the judgment in the land.” 

I panicked at the thought and pleaded with the Lord that that was such a small number if He meant those who will escape. Praise God, as I prayed later that day, He made clear that those are the ones who will respond to His call to pour out His grace, to sound the alarm, to call for those who are asleep. That was the number of men and women who will arise to speak up before that dreadful day comes upon the land, to bring as many people as possible out to safety in His arms. The word of the Lord on March 28 which says, “They will arise whom the Lord has chosen,” has become more relevant with this assurance. Truly, the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love (Psalm 145:8 NIV).  He is yet extending His arms in mercy to embrace those who will listen and come to Him in humble repentance. He prefers to save than punish; prefers to give life than death. But the grace period is ending very soon… please heed.

I am thankful to my dear sister Jessica who sent me this confirming video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVaVBHusa6k&list=UUJpxoRoemhS_FgSRXw30zrg&index=2&feature=plcp which says, “The Watchmen’s Collective Call for April 2012.” The Lord is faithful. As He has determined it, we must expect to see more coming out to speak up, share the revelations they receive from the Lord about America’s fate. We must pray for people to respond, repent and turn to God while there is yet time, no matter how short. A simple testimony may lead one to repent and a minute of repentance means safety in the Lord and eternity with Him.

After watching the video I went to my room and prayed as the burden in my heart has mounted heavily. While praying fervently, tears flowing easily, I saw the Lord Yeshua weeping… yes, He’s weeping for America. I could not say anything more, I just cried silently with the Lord.

Psalm 31:23-24

Love the Lord, all His saints! The Lord preserves the faithful, but the proud He pays back  in full. Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

Psalms 33:13-15; 18 (NIV)

From heaven the Lord looks down on all mankind; from His dwelling place He watches all who live on earth- He who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.

But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

Psalm 53:2 (NIV)

God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.

Isaiah 59:1-2 (NIV)

Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear to dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from God; your sins have hidden His face from you.

Psalm 24:1-5 (NIV)

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it; for He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters. Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false. He will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God his savior.

To my American friends, to my countrymen, the Filipinos in America, and everyone else who love the Lord, be of good courage. Continue to live and walk in His love and share the Gospel; warn your families, friends and neighbors that the Lord’s judgment is falling soon. Remember it’s not by might nor by power but by His Spirit says the Lord, our God.

If you have similar revelations, please feel free to share. Perhaps you are one of those whom the Lord has touched to speak up.  Our collective voice will certainly make a difference.

Blessings and Love in Yeshua,


*Carlos has been blogging since 2010 that America is Babylon as revealed to him by the Lord.



12 thoughts on “A Message for America- A.A. Allen’s Vision & Don McLean’s American Pie Connection

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  2. Hello Cynthia. I found you tonight through Carlos’ website. I have read his site msny times. I felt drawn to his page tonight and knew as soon as I saw your comment, I had to go to your site. Once I read your post, I knew I had to write you. I write a blog too and earlier tonight, God laid on my heart to call for revival and repentance. I also have dreams and this is the first time I am sharing this in a public setting. 3/27/12 – the only clear memory of this dream are the words “Isaiah 17” in huge letters over and over. In my dream I didn’t read it, but saw the scripture “address” several times.  In the dream and initial waking moments, I was afraid to read it.  I could not get it out of my head so when I was fully awake, I read it. I did not realize until I began to read the chapter that this is about about the destruction of Damascus/Syria and parts of Israel. 
    Be strong and courageous in the Lord. Do not fear.
    Blessings to you dear Sister,

  3. Hi Tracy,

    I’m really glad to hear that you received the burden to call for revival and repentance. Last year in February the Lord twice gave me a dream about the condition of the Church and how He wants to restore her as the glorious bride. Now it is happening. I keep hearing and seeing Christians getting serious with their relationship with the Lord and truly hungering for revival. Truly God is moving in amazing ways.
    Thank you for sharing your dream too. You’re right about Isaiah 17. I’m amazed how God whispers to us what’s coming up. A few nights ago Ezekiel 38 flashed so strongly in my mind while I was about to fall asleep. Then last night while praying, Zechariah 12 likewise came strongly. I have read those chapters many times yet when I read again as the Spirit prompted me, I could not help but wonder how fast and soon those events are indeed coming to pass? As a watchman I feel both apprehension and excitement- apprehension because I know that so many people do not believe and consequently they will be destroyed; excitement because I know that we will soon meet our Messiah.
    Please feel free to email me whatever the Lord reveals to you. God bless you dear Sister Tracy and thank you for the encouragement. To God be the glory!

    Love in Yeshua,


    • Hi Mercy,

      You are welcome. Thank you also for reading. I truly praise God for sending people to read His message through this blog. May you visit again next time as there are yet messages that the Lord wants sent out.

      Blessings in Yeshua,

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    • Yes, brother, strong confirmation indeed. And by the way, going back to the visions above, I noticed that the second time I heard of the “American Pie” chorus coupled with the vision of fire was on January 22! What a coincidence that the date is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade! Or I believe, no coincidence at all but affirmation of the seriousness of the message?


  5. The Cup and the Sword

    The Cup represents dread and anguish.
    Jesus only had one prayer turned down. He was in the garden just before the Romans came for Him. He asked the Father : if there is any other Way…then take this Cup from Me. He already knew the answer was no. Jesus knew He must drink from that Cup. His question was not for Himself… It was for us. Since the Father granted every other prayer that Jesus had asked…then this no from the Father represents that there was/is NO OTHER WAY. This no serves to represent what Jesus had already said: I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. NO MAN commith unto the Father except by ME!

    The reason A A Allen saw a Cup with a Sword is because it is a Cup from God Almighty and we will drink it just as Jesus did and there will be no prayer that changes that. America has made this choice, not God. There are too many churches, too many pastors and too teachers in this land for something like this to happen but look at it. It has happened! This land is full of Idolotry. The greatest Idol has emerged. One that looks like satan himself. He once had a position where he resided above the Throne of God. But rather than become more like GOD, he became more like himself. He became his own Own Idol. Who are the greatest Idols? The greatest Idol is you. America’s people want more for me, me, me. They are full of poison with appetites for lust and all kinds of sin and now they have exchanged the Truth for a Lie. They have let everything immoral out of the closet and what are they putting back in the closet? Christianity. They don’t want a final Authority. They want whatever they want and they want it without recourse. They call it FREEDOM of choice. Of course it is. However, freedom of choice can lead to bondage and destruction. God doesn’t control you no more than He did the devil. All beings are free to make their own choices. Life and Death are before you. You get to choose your own direction. That is what America’s majority has now done. However…this is a death choice…not a life choice. Yes…you can call it freedom, but isn’t that the freedom that caused 1/3 of the angels and satan to fall from Heaven? Yes…it is…and they did. So what do you think A A Allen was seeing?

    America will drink from this Cup and the Sword of the Spirit of the Most High God will be revealed against her but those who wait upon The Lord will not be harmed. They will rise up on wings as Eagles. During the greatest calamity, the greatest feats will also occur.

    Those who are free in Christ are FREE indeed!


    • Hi Know One,

      Thank you for this very insightful comment. I agree that the greatest idol today is oneself and that is the most difficult one to conquer. The only way to topple down such idol is to nail it to the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sad truth, however, the majority never wants any pain.

      God bless and thank you for coming to the blog.


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