Update: Global March to Jerusalem, Futile!

In my earlier post about the ‘March to Jerusalem,’ I mentioned that the Lord declared the march FUTILE. If  you read the news across the net, the march seems to go as planned and intended. (Links to the news are provided at the end of this article). But again, the Lord reiterated His message that it will come to naught and gave me the following words to confirm it:

Zechariah 12:1-3

A Prophecy, the word of Adonai concerning Israel– here is the message from Adonai, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundation of the earth and formed the spirit inside human beings:

“I will make Yerushalayim a cup that will stagger the surrounding peoples. Even Y’huda will be caught up in the siege against Yerushalayim. When that day comes, I will make Yerushalayim a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who try to lift it will hurt themselves, and all the earth’s nations will be massed against her.” 

When I heard this message from the Lord, “It is futile, the march is futile,” I asked Him to confirm it with His word from the Scriptures. When I opened my Bible, my eyes immediately saw Psalm 33:10 which says: “Adonai brings to nothing the plans of nations, He foils the plans of the peoples.

The global march on March 30 is not the first time.  Quoting Arutz Sheva’s news on February 24, 2012, it says in part that:

“An attempt is being made by the BDS movement to have a ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ on March 30, to coincide with the so-called “Palestinian Land Day,” in a repeat of the failed Naqba Day attempt last year.”


The failure of the Naqba Day was not a coincidence. The ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ will meet the same fate for it is an act of rebellion, not against the nation of Israel, but against the Sovereign God who owns Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. The words in Zechariah 12 quoted above which says “When that day comes…” may not necessarily point to the planned ‘Global March’ on March 30 as there may yet be many attempts of similar activities and the prophesied gathering of nations to invade Jerusalem still lies in the near future; the message, however, is a reminder that the Lord intends to do what He has determined to do for Israel and Jerusalem; and it is a warning to those who are planning to go against His expressed will and purpose.

God’s plan and purpose for Israel are spelled throughout the Scriptures. The following are just a few of the many words He made about Israel:

Isaiah 60:1-3; 10-12; 15-16

Arise, shine (Yerushalayim), for your light has come, the glory of Adonai has risen over you. For although darkness covers the earth and thick darkness the peoples; on you Adonai will rise; over you will be seen His glory. Nations will go toward your light and kings toward your shining splendor.

Foreigners will rebuild your walls, their kings will be at your service; for in my anger I struck you, but in my mercy I pity you. Your gates will always be open, they will not be shut day or night, so that people can bring you the wealth of nations, with their kings led in procession. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you will perish; yes, those nations will be utterly destroyed.

The glory  of L’vanon will come to you, cypresses together with elm trees and larches, to beautify the site of my sanctuary– I will glorify the place where I stand. The children of your oppressors will come and bow low before you, all who despised you will fall at your feet, calling you the city of Adonai, Tziyon of the Holy One of Isra’el.

In the past you were abandoned and hated, so that no one would even pass through you; but now I will make you the pride of the ages, a joy for many generations. You will drink the milk of nations, you will nurse at royal breasts and know that I, Adonai, am your Savior, your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Ya’akov.

Joel 3:1-2; 14-16

“For then, at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Y’huda and Yerushalayim, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Y’hoshafat (Adonai judges). I will enter into judgment there for my people, my heritage Isra’el, whom they scattered among the nations; then they divided my land.

Such enormous crowds in the Valley of Decision! for the day of Adonai is upon us in the Valley of Decision! The sun and moon have grown black, and the stars have stopped shining. Adonai will roar from Tziyon, He will thunder from Yerushalayim, the sky and the earth will shake.

But Adonai will be a refuge for His people, a stronghold for the people of Isra’el. “You will know that I am Adonai, your God, living on Tziyon my holy mountain.”

Then Yerushalayim will be holy, and foreigners will pass through her no more.

For all the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, hear what the Lord says in Isaiah 62:6-7,

“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Yerushalayim; they will never fall silent, neither by day nor by night. You who call on Adonai, give yourselves no rest; and give Him no rest till he restores Yerushalayim and makes it a praise on earth.”


With Love in Yeshua HaMashiach,



Note: The recent news on the ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ can be found in these links:

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